Number of civs?

In the spirit of the discussion about civilizations and the upcoming gamescom, what is your opinion on the final (optimal) number of civilizations that AOE 4 should have?
Can you provide a list of additional civilizations (preferably without pictures)?

  • 8
  • 10
  • 11
  • 12
  • 13
  • 14
  • 15
  • 16
  • 17
  • 18
  • 19
  • 20/20+

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This is quite biased, consider I love making Civ designs.

but you can never have to many Civs. in my opinion.

Civ = Content.

You can never have enough Content.

Now when it comes to balancing, yes It can become problematic, but nothing to impossible.

For people who have it in their mind that it is impossible to balance infinite amount of Civ’s.

You are correct.
But perfect balance in itself is impossible to achieve, unless you sterilize everything leaving you with only a single option. Only then is it perfectly balance.

Will things become more or less balance?

That all depends on your perspective. With great assymetry, comes great challange, not just in balance but also integration. But again. nothing that isn’t any more challening than the usual when doing a project.

But AoE has a solid core fundation. As long as that is kept intact, any ideas and mechanics built upon that, should be able to be towed in line, and over time balanced out.

Yes, there will be Civ’s stronger vs some Civ’s naturally. we already have this in game.

But then it becomes a matter of Perspective, and how you interpret Game Balance.
In my opinion, what is most important for game balance is Enjoyment.

In the end, if I get great enjoyment out of it, I couldn’t care less if French were its hardcounter and it only has a 30% winrate against french. If the Civ is really fun to play, it outweighs its difficulties against the French.

Over time, they will find out things that make them so weak against this specific Civ, they will add things to help adjust it a bit.

So my Conclution.

You can never have to many Civs.

It what makes diversity, and Diversity is fun, its one of my top favourite things about games such as AoE2, Civilization, even Total War (before warhammer bleh)


that’s what I had in mind when I created the survey, it’s more about what the community wants than possibilities

I think 14 to 16 is more than enough, at least imo.
AoE3 DE was really fun to play at the start, a lot of the new content was good, but it was just too much. A lot of the new mechanics felt like powercreep and new units and civs were pretty much far improved versions of the old civs.
Hopefully if they add new civs to aoe4 they will use a similar formula to the current 8.

I voted 15 for the competitive scene. Out of there, for me as if you/they want 40 civilizations.

The best civ list I could possibly contribute to the community, is never given by my (or anyone’s) worthless personal whims / hype. It is given by rock-solid, steel-substantiated History, taken at time periods throughout AoE4 timespan.

So, here it is. Take a look at the ‘Rise and Fall’ civ time analysis and investigation and the final result and Ranking (it even has fitting epic music):

Final Ranking of the investigation (I’ve deleted the amazing flags):

Full-Timespan Most Important + Criteria-Set-Worthy Civs Not Yet in AoE4:

1- Turks / Ottoman Empire

2- Persians

3- Roman Empire / Byzantine Empire

4- Japanese

5- Empire of Mali

6- Inca Empire

7- Korea / Goryeo

8- Khmer

9- Kingdom of Spain

10- Ethiopia

11- Aztecs

12- Majapahit Empire

13- Magyars / Hungary

14- Chola Empire

15- Norse / Vikings

16- Dai Viet / Vietnamese

17- The Crusader States / Kingdom of Jerusalem


AoE4 Full-Timespan Civs Overall Criteria-Set-Importance Ranking (Launch 8 Civs vs Must-Have DLC Civs):

1- Chinese

2- Turks / Ottoman Empire

3- Caliphate (Arabs)

4- Persians

5- Byzantines / Roman Empire

6- French

7- HRE

8- Japanese

9- Mongols

10- Delhi Sultanate

11- Rus

12- English


If you’re interested in the best DLC themes as investigated from rock-solid history (the famous Topic that may have fully predicted Gamescom new civs 2 months before any hints):


We like your civ designs, I’ve adopted some of your ideas into my “best suggestions list”, and I generally agree with you, there’s never “too much content”.

However, in my opinion. yes you can have too many civs @Kameho3743 .

Even with 20 civs, not all of them are exactly in the same strength league actually, but their clashes are conceivable at least. If AoE has 100 civs, you’ll end up with

“Chinese vs Pong Poo” or “Ottoman Empire vs Nri”.

There’s a ridiculousness red line in a classic, history-based franchise.


I picked 16 just because it’s a nice multiple. It’s really difficult for me to pick only 8 new civs because it’ll leave out some good ones. But just because I like a challenge:

Vijayanagara/South India
I would really like Hungarians to take spot 8 but Ethiopia makes a good DLC combo with Mali so that’s my guess.

If there were 20 tho, we’d have a nice set of 4 themed DLCs with 3 civs each. Toss another civ in with Mali/Ethiopia and maybe add a European DLC.


I hate the increasing number of AoE2 civs, feels like they are only a cash grab, I just hope they dont do the same mistake with AoE4.

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number of civs does not matter.
everyone will pick French + English to play knights + arbalest. Cause other units trash.

An increase of 44 to 47 civs is different on so many levels from an increase of 8 to 11.

That. Is why we need AoE IV to be better than AoE II.

i would trade my soul for the japanese to be included in the next DLC just to have my fantasy of “knights vs samurai”. :grin: Dont Bash me guys ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

It was about aoe4. French + English - is dominating in low elo ladder.
And you know why? Cause with all ECO difference in aoe4, Cav + archers is the only option.

I’ve always had the fantasy of a Persian Assassin (Hasashin) vs NInja(Shinobi).

Basically Prince of Persia vs Naruto. lel.

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think 20 is to many, all civ have many details, for me the best num is like 16, 8+ civ, in the time, like 3 years

More than 20 would be fine,less than 20 would be very little, being that the civs of aoe 4 are not as asymmetrical as those of the 3…


I usually use cav more cannons, the infantry is very slow…

Yes, and then to do AoE 5 xd…

you are too toxic bro

play age3 if you like more

I do, only AoE 4 left me a little cold after spending all their campaigns, although I still consider that it is an excellent game and that it has a lot of potential ahead (eg. Mongols, repair bridges, buy mercenaries and cities with gold, etc etc etc)…