Nurf Persians in NOMAD

I think they deserve a small nerf. They are way stronger than every other civ for the reason they can add a fishing ship at the beginning of the game. Having the mayans and chinese nerf in the sense, I believe the Persians should aswell. My idea is for them to receive the 50 wood and food after there towncenter is built, will still make them strong, but not OP strong.

What do you guys think? Isn’t it a fair option?


By Nurf I mean nerf, lol.

I’m just think it’s not good for the game when one civ has a clear advantage over the others in a certain map. I don’t want to be playing with or against persians every game.

Malians can also do a fishing boat, just saying.

Welp, Persian have always been able to do that. Only thing that changed is the 5% speed boost to TCs and docks, but that change was made to bring them on part with other civs in the first place.

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I think, the Persians must have advantage at Dark and Feudal age, as the History. So ,having a bonus at Nomad map is good. The Persians Zoroastrians were annihilated by the Muslim Arabs after 650 AD, as the Byzantines. Now nearly only Arabs( 99 %) lived at Iran ( Persia).

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Problem is, if you start nerfing them like that in a specific map, that means Nomad will be again a Mayan fest or Aztecs… or perhaps a civ that does well on mixed maps.

Eitherway, all you’re doing is just swapping one amazing civ to another one, we’ll just get more maps with same civs being the best. According to this:

Ethnic groups List of ethnicities[hide]

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Read that for Religon of Iran now. Islam- 99,4%

Read here for “” Muslim conquest of Persia"" in the article- RELIGION.

After the Muslim conquest of Persia, Zoroastrians were made to pay an extra tax called [jizya], failing which they were either killed, enslaved or imprisoned. Those paying jizya were subjected to insults and humiliation by the tax collectors. Zoroastrians who were captured as slaves in wars were given their freedom if they converted to Islam.

lol, wut??? The majority of Iranians are ethnically related to Persians followed by Azeri Turks and Kurds followed by other indigenous minorities. There is probably far more people who are ethnically related to mongols than there are people ethnically related to Arabs in today’s Iran.

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That they were all forced to become Muslims, I get it. But they are still in majority of the Persian ethnicity, and Arabs are only a minority there. I hope you understand that being Muslim and being Arab are two different things right?

Exactly. Sounds like the original commenter doesn’t know the history and the culture of the region very well. By his logic all Bosnians, Turks, Indonesians and Malaysians are also Arabs…

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So, It was not Racism. It was the Islam and Muslims who conquered Persia…

Now, Present days, It is funny to see how somebody from Islamic country try to enter other country and he say"" Please. Give me all your money. I am refugee, migrant"".
The muslims think they may use some lie, deception to conquer countries, now… In stead of using yatagans, as at 650 AD-1500 AD.
We tell them- “” You may spend some money and flee back"". It is fun to see on TV, some Elephants and Monkeys who flee through Asia and Africa. But it is NOT fun to see how these animals flee through our city, country or steal my Business, Job and money…

Welp, I never wrote that

Indeed, but what you first said is that all Persian were replaced by Arabs (that would be ethnic cleansing) while what happened is that Persian people were forcefully converted, which is quite different.

Oh yeah, he does this to avoid his whole family getting bombed or maybe even because he isn’t Muslim (unlike what you blame him for) and is persecuted. What a monster, he dares to try and have a better life. Also, I can guarantee you that the arab muslim people who live in muslim countries and are rich (ie.Saoudi for instance) won’t ever feel like migrating at all. Weird, uh?

Literally no one, ever.

Step 1- have harsh living conditions in your country so that people leave
Step 2 your people leave
Step 3 they go in tons of different countries to make sure they will remain a minority and never colonize anything
Step 4 they got all the illegal unpaid jobs!
Step 5 conquer dah wurld

Nah but seriously, you really believe this bs?

Didn’t know that “elephant” is a racist comparison now 11. I’m really curious of the backstory behind this one.

I won’t even flag your post so that everyone get to see how dumb what you says is (and get to understand why all your posts are biased)

I would even go further to say that the Arabs were an ethnic minority in the arabo-muslim empire of the early middle ages. Persians, Berbers, Iberians, and multiple smaller ethnicities that lived under islamic rule. And even then, conversions were not forced in mass, but rather progressive and the Arab rulers preferred cooperating with the local populace rather than going full inquisition mode.

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