October Pre Update!

Well… how about we give they the best musketeer in the whole game so people never do other units? :horse:


It is almost tradition to not announce changes to the Aztec. It’s like the guy in charge of balancing them doesn’t talk to the guy that creates the patch notes haha


Which civ are you facing problems with against India? Which civ has no anti-infantry/anti-goon unit in age 2?

All of them except india and dutch?

any civ that has a weak FF.


bruh, yumi, xbow, jungle bowmem, abus gun, otontin slingers, strelets, state militia?

so which civ specifically? i can try to give some pointers while playing against india.

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geralmente contra india eu uso musks com xbows

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Most of them require a huge wood investment, india will always trade you better with food + gold. Also Abus is like 2 pop slots LOL.

Out of all you mentioned, only yumi stand a chance.

To beat india you must go fortress as soon as possible, you cannot beat them in age 2.
The house nerf is clearly aimed at their early game. We shall see if it makes it live.

Thanks, I don’t need any pointers. I know how to beat india, I also recognize their better match ups, so I know when it is an uphill battle against them.


not if you deny food gathering. India cannot remain in base forever.

i am neutral about house nerf. I am only saying gurkha zamb are not OP.

Thats all fine and good but it doesnt say anything about fixing the issue where i cant use the 3 dlc civs. I bought both dlcs when they were first available and they were unlocked. Yesterday i got on and all 3 dlc civs were locked. I tried uninstalling and reinstall game and both dlcs, made sure im logged into my microsoft account i used to buy them, and still locked. Im on the microsoft store and i can access my 2 dlcs on age of empires 2 DE just fine. So its not me its microsoft end

Have you found any other shadow changes not officially mentioned?

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What about a Haussa nerf?? Their eco in treaty is insane: 99vils plus 20 cows that are gathering 2 res at a time plus tons of archers cutting wood. Also they have units as the magaudi guardian with 79 ranged attack AND 81 melee attack costing 1 POP slot and 200 influence.


idk that still doesn’t sound as strong as china eco for treaty, the cows are worth half an unupgraded vil and they have no factory so they will need a source of lategame wood. I have found the maigadi way to hard to mass since they only train from palaces, also slower then normal units and just get shot to pieces by a skirm + cannon comp.

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Seriously, they need ALLOOOTTTTT of it. I’ve been struggling to find a reason why there is no change to Indian late game. And instead I always find reasons to improve lategame for them, especially the need for a long range siege unit or something.

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I think this is fine in this regard. I think the siege elephant improves a point of alacanse each time it is improved and they are also more versatile than mortars. They also have access to monitors and elephants with flails.


People tend to see siege ele as sucha versatile great siege unit. But instead its not. Its the shortest ranged most pop culv+mortar there is. Which culv/mortar in the game have a 28-30 range anyways ? And now even the natives, have the Mortars. That makes India the only civ with no mortars.
Also a lack of anti mass heavy infantry is also an issue to some extent.

It is true, it is not as good as mortar, but it also attacks artillery and they are much stronger.

Maybe the problem is the second thing you say that they can’t kill heavy infantry en masse. Perhaps the alliance with the Ottomans should give them access to falconets or cannons on horseback in castles.

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they are not good against mass artillery either. nor they can reach a protected mortar, that can keep hitting the barracks/stable/walls.

there are alot of mini late game changes needed.

I have propose this in other post, I think that ottoman consulate (indian in general) need a lategame bonus as china and japan have. I have thought about the possibility to build a foundry with a limited arsenal of artillery. At least one to kill mass infantry.


IDK how they do that, but there are alot of late game improvements needed.

  • Being the lowest ranged civ of the game game is automatically a great disadvantage.
  • Its basically a free ticket for enemy to keep pushing with outranging units. (Port Mortars/mortars/culvs in general)
  • And add no mass anti Heavy Infantry. (So enemy can just mass cheap musks/doppel box/hatamotos etc to keep pushing)
  • And a lower pop limit. (Highlights the inefficiencies: Weaker Skirm/103 vills/ high pop Elephants)

Everything just smoothly works against the Indian Lategame n Treaty.
Some random Ideas:
Mortars/etc at ports ally.
Introduce Dutch ally.
Export costing Infinite Foundry wagon or something from otto ally.
Improve siege ele range to 34 ATLEAST in age5


Welp it seems that the 2 WP start is a bug, the dream is dead once again

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