Official stance on use of AutoHotkey in AOE2 DE

Are there any rules in tournaments or guidelines by official AOE regarding the use of Autohotkey scripts that creates some custom hotkeys ?
For example: clicking mouse side button selects all TCs and sends command to create 3 vils.

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Having several actions bound to a single hotkey/macro is pretty much considered cheating and is frowned upon in the competitive environment. It can also be abused to make monks ridiculously OP. While it’s not possible for the game to detect whether you use those, using this in ranked would pretty much bad manners.


I read the monk thing in aoezone while searching for my own answer…that does sound OP.
I added the vil script recently and only practiced it in single player. I’ll remove it if the official stance is a no to them.
But since aoe2 is very much in the esports realm with big tournaments and sponsors there should be an official rule about these things and some measures to prevent it. (Not that I suspect any top pro players to be using them)

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i use this autohotkey script

;; #NoTrayIcon
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what does it do?

it lets me use capslock as a hotkey without actually turning capslock on/off

Oh that’s actually a great idea

I started with swapping windowsKey and LeftCtrl. Soon I was thinking about how can I turn selected lumberjacks into efficient farmers haha.

I consider every auto hotkey script as cheating. If i know someone use it against me, then i will report that player for cheating. These kind of players should be banned.

The thing is there is no way for you or DE to know if someone is using autohotkey. A part of the post was to address this issue.

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I recently started using AutoHotkey because my mouse is busted so my mouse wheel button always double clicked, so I looked for a script to have a small delay before recognizing another mwb input.
Obviously this isn’t cheating as it makes my mwb function normally and doesn’t give me an unfair advantage, just saying there are legitimate reasons to use AHK that aren’t cheating.
The caps lock thing is genius btw, I’m going to use it.

I agree…i use it for disabling alt-F4, alt-Tab and some other simple stuff.
But DE can only detect if autohotkey is running or not…checking what those scripts are doing will be really complicated and an overkill project for DE to take up.
To prevent major misuse I think DE should detect autohotkey and prevent the user from playing multiplayer.

That would only result in people masking it by changing the process and program name (AHK is open source so it’s relatively easy) it’s near impossible to ban it, I think

Voobly had some measures to ban AHK users. Despite changing the process name there might be a way of detecting it.

That is the main issue. You cant really know. In the past some players are catched for using macros. They had some monk macros and things like that. I think it should be forbidden. But it is difficult to have a full proof system against this.

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I should have worded it differently…I meant DE doesnt do it but it certainly can since Voobly used to do it.
But I’m not sure about the process masking issue Julix pointed out.
If its the case that DE cant detect or there is a way of hiding it, then the whole issue becomes like the mangonel range mod / TC range mod. If you are not using those mods and your opponent is they will have an unfair advantage and in order for you to compete you have to use them.

I have no idea why a visual mod is compared to external tools that perform actions for you. I have no issues with visual mods at all. They are completely fine to me. So i have no idea why the TC range mod and things like that are an issue at all. Everyone is free to decised if they want to use these mods or not.

If you use an external tool that automate parts of the game, then that is something from a completely different level. These tools shouldnt be allowed. The use of these kind of tool is in my opinion just hacking the game.

The difficult part of hacking is how to spot hacking. The same is true for auto clickers. How to spot auto clickers?

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Let’s not turn this into yet another debate about the range mod… let’s stick to the topic at hand

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I’m both happy and sad to report that the lumberjack turning into efficient farmers with one button press can be done hahaha.

PS. This is for discussion purposes only. I’m not going to use it nor do I want anyone else developing similar scripts


If this is possible it definitely needs attention. Hopefully something can be done and makes me wonder what else the scripting can do.

If you get caught using this, you are probably the type of player looking to find all the possible shady edges they can. Whilst not quite maphack territory, I think it should be permaban IP haha before they find something worse.

I bet someone will check replays so watch out OP, if you are not a man of your word (after the toxic thread I am using the phrase only, you can identify as whatever you like), the reporting may start to flood in.

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