Old Multiplayer features

Will they come again? I am talking about icons, ranks, an option to chat ingame (only thing now is steam? I think?), viewing the Home cities of the other players, medals, chatroom, browsing lobbies while in a lobby, friend list, block list… Basically everything ESO has. Why are those features stripped in the first place?


I totally agree, the multiplayer of the old version was 100% perfect. I’ve never seen such a clean multiplayer system in another game.

I can’t believe they changed it for that…


A LOT of players are super annoyed about this too…

I went into full detail on exactly this in: (feel free to add your own thoughts here too!)


All we wanted was elo without the out of sync issues. Nobody asked for quick search, and I only play it so I can play ranked games.

I am from the old game i just lost 2 games because people quit by nothing… is really anoying we Need ranks, invite friends from the game and not Xbox, and Cuarón game rated

The old eso only problem has been fixed and that was the “failed to join” issue. I simply do not know why they changed, like, everything? Its always been so simple, make an visual upgrade for old eso and voilá! It already has everything we need, easy view to friend list, avatars, whispers, be able to see players’s civs and decks…


Can u even believe, u can’t text a friend, u can’t invite him, u dont even see if he’s online ? x)

What the friend system for lol