Old timers check in! We pretend it is 1998!


Just like most of you guys, I was introduced into the world of gaming by my dad back in 2001, he used to travel a lot to the US, so every time he got a chance, he brought with him used games, so me and my brother could play on the computer and gamecube, I remember preferring to spend hours playing AoE with its expansion, pure countless hours of fun, then, one day, he came back with AoE 2, I was just so happy, and even more countless hours were spent playing on the campaigns. Then he got me AoM extended edition, just as good as the previous ones. Truly, the AoE series is one of the best out there, ill never forget the godly job made by ensemble studios, and the modders who kept the hole experience fresh even after 20 years. I cannot wait to play this masterpiece.


Windows 95, 60mhz Pentium with a 14.4k modem. Under the minimum requirements but I was able to play Age of Empires demo with a friend from ICQ. Got a new computer shortly after so I could play the full version.


Back in the day I was too young to experince it like that, but I’m so excited right now for the remake.


I bet that beast had at least 64mb of ram. Oh man was it a beast to have at the time. Only $2,000 what a steal!


Remember to watch out for Y2K, guys!


old timer checking in here… My wife never played AoE but can still sing the under attack sound since she heard my son and I playing regularly through the early hours of the morning via our make shift LAN… 10Mbit router and over heated PCs!


Pepperoni pizza… that’ all I’m saying!


I couldn’t speak or write, yet i could press buttons on the keyboard to move the screen. And move the mouse to select and attack. Apparently my dad had to place the buildings for me :smiley:


First computer game I played. My dad showed me how to play, and made me play games with just allies, no killing. For awhile, until I found the diplomacy setting.


I used to have a friend come round for a whole weekend with his family PC and we’d just be in my room for the weekend solid playing this game. I remember something about no attacks for 1 hour and then we’d just catapult each others walls for about 6 hours straight lol


I remember installing this of the windows disk, also the demo for the expansion from the 98SE disk. Shortly after bought the full game and played through all campaigns (since my internet connection was limited in those days haven’t played this online). Later also got AOE 2 with expansion and AOE3 with all expansions. I enjoy playing AOE2HD now, but I still have a soft spot for AOE 1. Can’t wait for this to be released. :smiley:


That’s a nice set up you got there.


Age of Empires has a taste of childhood, bring us back the games of strategy, but now, in real time and multiplayer! Awesome!


Irish Sniper checking in for Cho War 3v3 ! HMU on discord https://discord.gg/mDrfKK


The discs


i remember arranging my buildings like the AI did to make some nice “cities”… I read all the comments before me and I had such a nice nostalgic feeling…


Ah yes, my first real game on my Pentium 166Mhz with 32MB RAM, 640x480. A Christmas present I was not really enthousiastic about, until I started playing. Now 20 years later I am super hyped for this while still all this time being a fan. I have all discs at home, but also the remasters in Steam


It was really hard to buy a real licensed game In Russia back then. But I did it! It was one of the first in my collection. Then I’ve decided to be a game developer )


Old timer reporting for duty!


Ah :smile: This was the first game I ever played. I remember when i wanted to play with someone else we needed to take an old utp-cable from the printer, and then we needed to hang the cable from the pc in the attic out of the window, and then and then connect it to the other pc thru another window on a lower floor. Good old times