Onagers and mamelukes, both units are overpowered

both units have no counter.

remove attack ground
lower blast radius

reduce dmg

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those units counter.

Onager: every cav of this game, bombard canon, and redemption + block printing monks

Mameluks: FU arbalest and most uu archer of this game. camel line,


Onagers are easily countered by BBCs or cavalry. Mamelukes are easily countered by pikes.


The best counter of all: dont let your enemy reach a mass of two of the most gold needing units in the game


nothing counters if u equal unit in numbers.

show me 60 mameluks vs 60 generic unit

upload ur video, prove it can beat mamelukes

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That’s an impractical test. Mamelukes are so expensive that you’re basically never going to have equal numbers.


No proof video. I rest my case :slight_smile:

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Sounds like you only play team games and/or prison maps. Civ balance is mainly based on 1v1 Arabia, where it’s extremely difficult to get to a critical mass of fully upgraded Elite Mamelukes with Zealotry, mainly because you need so much stone to make enough castles to keep up with enemy production. Arbalest outrange them by +2. And Cav Archers outrange them by +1. Basically you’re being too passive and waiting too late to attack the Saracen player.


What’s wrong with you??? Are you trying to make sense with a logical answer??? Shame on you…

(:rofl::joy::rofl: Yes, it was Sarcasm)


Nah, pikes get demolished by Memelukes. You need Arbalest, camels or camel archers.


the good thing is nobody can deliver a video of proof :smiling_face:

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You should stop using only MikeEmpires videos to form opinions.


Halberdier + Onager counters Mamelukes pretty hard. Yes, Mamelukes can kite Halberdiers, but that is extremely micro intensive while you can in most cases simply patrol your halbs into them while you raid from elsewhere. The Saracen player looks away for a second and your Onagers will have flattened them.

@OP do you have a video proof of the units having no counters? Burden of proof lies on the accuser (in this case, your accusation of them having no counters). So, no video even though you’ve made 6 spam posts? Shame.


Stop being such a smug piece of… work. Again ill say this so your self important brain can understand. If enemy doesn’t get gold then enemy cant afford the 5100 gold for 60 mams amd 8100 for onagers. Have you ever heard of rushing?

You should try it. Gitgud

Oh wait you made a similar spam post about khmer needing bombards back. Your troll is elaborate


Siege Onager for 20 char?


This is true if the Saracen player is only making Mamelukes but they will usually have a meat shield like pikes, skirm or champions in front. They also get BBC to snipe Onagers. Or their own Onagers which do more damage with the unique tech.

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If the Saracen player is making Mamelukes, especially in 1v1 they’re very likely not going to have resources long enough to facilitate those. Because after all, Mamelukes are more of a teamgame unit, so you’ll have your teammate covering those bases. Skirmishers will get flattened by your Onagers anyway.

But this was not the question, as the question was ‘what counters Mameluke’, not Mameluke + other units!

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The propblem arises when the pop limit is met.
When both player’s pop is maxed out they have an equal amount of military units.
This means that there needs to be an equally strong unit to counter mamelukes, otherwise the saracen army will always win in an equal number of units.
Since there isn’t a unit that can defeat mamelukes in equal numbers (beside siege onagers - which is another broken unit), the game is unbalanced.
Mamelukes in great numbers just shred anything. Add Siege onagers to it and many civilizations have no answer to it.
Unfortunately, most people don’t have the experience playing the end game.
I on the other hand had hundrets of matches with DM ressources and maxed out pop. In that scenario it perfectly shows the unit strength in relation to population count.
A mameluke and a skirmisher both units cost each 1 pop. If u want to counter strong units with numbers, the skirmisher should be 1/3 of the mameluke’s pop to make up for the mameluke’s superior stats. But their pop is identical which means, as soon as both players reach the pop limit the opposing player isn’t able to counter the saracen player by just outnumbering him with his weaker units. The stronger unit army will win every battle and push forward till nothing of the opposing army is left.
This results in players always choosing the same handfull of civilizations that have either mamelukes or siege onagers since both units overperform.

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Kinda seems like you are doing the same thing.


I just need a castle to counter an army made only by Mamelukes.