Once again: pls change the damn Inca team bonus /?/

This was said many times. But since it is still not fixed, I am bringing it up again.
Devs, pls give the Inca another team bonus, the faster farm creation is a disaster and everybody knows it is the worst team bonus in the game. I hope the gamers here would support this topic and offer solutions. My previous topic some months ago did not lead to a single idea winning the contest for a new inca bonus. So let’s hope now the people reach some conclusion and the devs might notice. After many discussions about the Byzantines and the mega expensive elite UU tech and so on , we saw there are real results, i.e. the food price was reduced and Logistica’s price was reduced as well. So let me hope that the Inca team bonus would be change, too


Farms cost -10 wood and are built 50% faster

Hi, @Vengeance01987. Honestly, I’ve never thought about team bonuses. The obvious issue is that they apply to many players and it could easily be an overpower feature in team games.
I will take it very cautiously and only suggest the following bonus: -50% cheaper houses. It saves wood and it strengths the early walling. Teams will have a motivation to play Incas, especially for booming.
This is what should be the driver behind a team bonus - does it make it a viable option or not.

That is not bad but a team bonus might be nice in 1v1, as well, for example the aztec relics bonus or the celtic bonus, they work nicely in 1v1

We already have to bear with a TB that makes palissade half the cost and another one that boosts their HP, pls don’t make walling even easier.


To me, after changing team bonus we can add farms built instantly bonus to Incas. I have two ideas for team bonus;
-Llama team bonus, if it’s OP make it has 75 food but making it nerfs Incas. I don’t know value of a sheep because I didn’t played as Incas a lot.
-Something about outposts costs like no stone or %50 cheaper.

Id rather say, make it -36 wood. Otherwise, teutons have to actually pay for their farms and thats just not fair. Also, make them built instantly. And buff the food to infinite, like the malay fishtraps.

Then inca teambonus will finally be good. Well, it will be OP, but hell, lets just buff stuff!


11, while we’re at it let’s have a free slinger appear from each farm created and everytime it’s reseeded too. Plant warriors

But yeah, it would help my teutons further, which is why I suggested it cause it would be useful for me as a teammate. The amount saved can be adjusted to -5 wood if 10 is too much.

Make it -8 wood but make Teutonic farms cost 44 wood again.

That would be doable, I would take the nerf kindly.

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Buff to inca team bonus doesn’t serve any gameplay or historical purpose. Therefore, it’s an unnecessary change for the sake of change. Several teambonuses are barely noticeable. Ethiopians have +3 LOS on towers and outposts. Magyars have +2 LOS on archer line (which they usually don’t even use). Turks have +25% faster produced gunpowder unit (basically only bombard cannon). And I’ve never heard any complaints about those, which proves to me, that having a bad team bonus is in no way a problem, it’s just about memes. But if devs buff Inca bonus to something strong, the community will find something else to joke about and will demand buffs to Malay team bonus or something.

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How about adding farms having twice the HP to the bonus? Not super impactful either, but together with the faster building this will make it more difficult to snipe farms during raiding.

I mean Incas are not a terrible civ, they don’t need a strong buff. This would be a very situational but occasionally nice addition.

And while we are at it, giving useless boni an actual place in the game lets please extend the magyar villagers kill Wolfs in one hit to all magyar units. That would give the bonus an actual role for drushs, where encountering a wolf can easily make your drush conpletely useless.

These are changes that will hardly affect balancing but changing the bonus from forgetting its even there to “well it could be useful if x happens”


I agree with changing the team bonus, because:

  • Incas are bad in TGs
  • The bonus can be seen as negative, since it can ■■■■ your team’s farm timings before horse collar, which is poor design

I would suggest to replace the bonus with something that doesn’t buff Incas 1v1. Not necessarily need a strong buff, just change it so at least it does not have drawbacks.

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Apply the farm build time bonus to mill technologies as well. This would solve the Horse collar timing issue.


I don’t think they need anything about that, farms build 100% faster is not OP and not a problem at all

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you just don’t understand, people playing this game choose their favorite CIVs, and if a civilization has some disadvantages, even if it is generally good, it is very depressing, I think developers should improve this kind of thing if the players want it

I think this Team bonus has already become a meme so I would not ruin it just added to this reduction in the size of the mill to 1x1 this can be explained by the developed Inca warehouse economy, and just look at how cool the farms built around such a mill look,and you also know that the residents only collect food from the left side of the farm, how about you fix it by making the village Incas collect food only from the nearest 1x1 square to the mill :smile:

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One thing being wrong doesn’t justify another thing being wrong…

“turks are weak so it’s ok Koreans are weak too”

Inca aren’t exactly wiping the board with matches,so although they aren’t useless they actually have a little room to be buffed or at least have their useless TB fixed…

But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t fix all the other broken or useless bonuses, units or techs. But it’s too much to have to refer to absolutely everything wrong each time someone wants to draw attention to something that should be changed…

Magyar TB is actually useful as a TEAM (emphasis on team) bonus. And can still be used by the civ themselves sometimes.

The incan one is 99.99% useless


Like the portuguese one

A 1x1 farm would be a very good bonus, and it doesn’t benefit khmer