Once i unassigned predetermined hotkeys and reasign predetermined hotkeys manually, doesnt work anymore

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i changed fidn barracks to letter A: it worked
i changed back to ctrl - a: save keybindings button never appeared, and it deostn work with ctrl-a despite being binded to ctrl-a

same with consulate hotkey, and please check if it happens on all buildings on definitive iu hotkeys

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Thank you for the report! I’ve added this to another task being tracked internally. We’ll see if we can reproduce it internally or if we need additional information.

To clarify: does the keybind correct itself, or can it be rebound, after re-launching the game? Let me know what you find and I will pass the information along to our team.

Thanks again!

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if i change the deafalt ctrl-A on barracs or stable or artillery, to A for example its works inmediately, but if i reassigned ctrl A it works only until i relauch game.