One Year Since Release, Disconnect Bug STILL Affects AoE2: DE

The infamous disconnect within the first few minutes of the game issue is STILL affecting this game. AoE2: DE was released last September, and nearly a year later, this issue remains unsolved, which seems completely ridiculous for how game breaking it is. It makes a complete mockery of the ranked system, since you can easily spend 1 or 2 hours in a long team game fighting hard to win and rank up, then the very next game is an auto-loss because one or more people disconnect due to this bug and the rest of your team "gg"s then leaves…

Fixing this bug should be THE number 1 priority for the programming team. To put things in perspective, I played the original AoE2 A LOT when it came out in 1999, and back then people were still using dial-up modems to play multiplayer games (you literally couldn’t make calls and go on the internet at the same time, you had to pick one or the other). Since then I have played many, many different genres of games online over the years, and I have NEVER experienced a disconnecting issue like the one in AoE2: DE, not even with dial-up modems…

This needs to be fixed ABOVE all other things for which you have the resource to potentially fix such a bug i.e. continuing monthly themed updates is fine since I doubt the art department have the skills to fix programming issues etc., but if ANYONE can fix this on your development team, they should ALL be trying to fix it.

Most games have the problem of having all the bells and whistles but being a TERRIBLE game underneath the hood. You are lucky in that you have an AMAZING core game, but you need to get the BASICS right!!! Don’t let it be ruined by bad netcode…


AoE2 DE came out Mid November last year, not September. that’s about 6 and a half months, not nearly a year.

bugs are being worked on and fixed with every patch that comes out.


Well mid November until now is over the 6.5 months you say, and that is STILL way too long for a game to come out in 2020 and have such issues. I would sympathise if it was a small indie developer who self-publish, but the developers are backed by xbox game studios.

Maybe some bugs are being worked out, but the most notorious and game affecting one is still not fixed. Can you think of any other multiplayer online game which is even semi-competitive or aspirationally competitive that has an issue like this???


many games have bugs for months after release period. even competitive ones.

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Honestly I have not seen any progress. Here is a list of issues that have plagued the game since launch:

  1. Pathing. This is HUGE. Villagers stopping while working, melee units not attacking are just a couple of examples of this. Units not attacking should itself be considered game breaking.
  2. Disconnects. 5 minute disconnects. And disconnects after 5 minutes as well. Makes team games unplayable.
  3. Lobbies getting bugged randomly (e.g., game doesnt start even when clicking start game).
  4. Lobbies not appearing in lobby browser.
  5. Cannot exit clans.
  6. Trade carts getting stuck at markets.

Its a much larger list but all of these are just out of the top of my head. What does get fixed in the monthly updates are bugs that were introduced by an update itself! (e.g., the Malay bug).

Not trying to bash on the game, but just stating the reality of the situation. And that reality is currently not good at all.


WC3 Refunded is such a miserable excuse of what once was a great game it doesn’t even deserve the right to be considered a game, much less of an example for netcode.


WC3 Reforged still has the original game to fall back on which everyone is still playing just fine AND was/is fully supported by Blizzard to be played on Battle Net all the way up to today. There is no equivalent for the original AoE2 (Ensemble doesn’t even exist anymore).

Additionally, putting AoE2:DE in the same camp as WC3 Reforged doesn’t make AoE2:DE seem OK, it makes it seem terrible when you put it in the same class as that ABOMINATION (which AoE2: DE is definitely not). WC3 Reforged is one of the worst games ever made. WC3 Reforged has been reviewed by over 30,000 users and has an average rating of 0.6, which I believe is the record lowest on metacritic…(

Again, I played the original WC3 when it first came out, and it was a great game. WC3 Reforged however is like Da Vinci urinating on the Mona Lisa and then wiping himself with it…

Are you implying that because WC3 Reforged, i.e. one of the worst games ever made, has bugs after its release makes it OK for AoE2: DE to have bugs too???

Obviously many games have bugs after their release, but the point is that this disconnect one is SO BAD and has gone on for SO LONG that it makes the game unplayable and makes you wonder what the â– â– â– â–  the developers are actually working on.

There is a different between bugs that make the game unplayable and bugs that don’t make much of a difference (e.g. missing textures etc.)…AoE2:DE has the former not the latter.

You’re missing the point. I love AoE2: DE as I’m sure most people who play it do too. The core game and the graphical/functional remaster is amazing. It’s just such a shame that this is all compeltely ruined by a bug that should have been sorted once and for all months ago…If I didn’t like AoE2 in the first place, I wouldn’t be complaining on an online forum, I would ask Valve for a refund because the game doesn’t work and just play something else. I’m not doing that, since I actually want to play this game.


This is also another completely ridiculous bug…You think that you only have a handful of idle villagers based on the idle villager icon etc., but actually theres like 20 literally stuck in one place not doing anything OR doing some weird dance that they can’t get out of…


actually no it doesn’t. blizzard forcibly updated everyone who wants to play wc3 to the reforged client.


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yeah that’s true, refunded not only is the garbage of humanity, it also destroyed the original WC3 because they straight up deleted the old netcode (that worked wonders) and made both games work with the refunded netcode, which is so bad they were having disconnects in the middle of a f@cking competition (to the point a guy was about to win the game twice because of his surprise strategy, but at the last moments of the game someone would disconnect, then they had to restart the match from 0, but then because the opponent got used to his strategy he adapted and managed to win the 3rd round, aka the other guy was straight up robbed from his win)
WC3 refunded is a complete joke in every possible way

I cant take this thread seriously. “One your since release and still not fixed” while game isnt out for a year. Yes, devs needs to fix issues. No excuses there. But this thread title is just bad.

5 minute disconnect was fixed though. People who needed to use VPN to play the game can now play the game without disconnecting(when not using VPN). If there is other disconnects it’s probably not related to same issue

I’m occasionally getting disconnects shortly after joining, but worse other people are still randomly disconnecting like every other game. The issue where people hang on the loading screen then the game starts and they instantly disconnect is still there, so are disconnects at about the 10 minute mark.

I wonder if there is a difference depending on what server the game connects you to when playing ranked, because I have checked the in game latency (there is an option to do so next to the in game time), and it varies between games from these amounts: 23ms, 109ms, and 203ms. However, the latency does not vary during the game i.e. a game with 109ms latency at the beginning stays at that during the entire game, never goes up or down.

Given that there are East US, West EU etc. servers which show up on unranked, the game must be switching between different servers every game to host all the people playing on it, which might be causing the disconnects if people are too far away from the server to end up having high latency???

Just a thought.

AoE2: DE was released in 2019. It’s 2020 now. Therefore it’s a year later. Also you said

when I said “one year” in the title, so how am I meant to take you seriously as well?

Regardless, given that the game is multiplayer focused, it’s ridiuclous that this bug still exists, even after monthly updates.

Imagine you had a car which would randomly stall, even after taking it to the mechanic every month for 6 months. That’s what it is.

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Yeah I don’t think saying that it’s OK for AoE2: DE to have an unfixed disconnect bug by using the analogy of WC3: Reforged which has disconnect bugs is good in any way. WC3 Reforged is appalling…

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by that logic, if it released in December the moment it hit January it was a year old.

great logic there buddy.

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If the game would be like you are saying all the big tournaments would have showed it, only few crashes and go back to previous patch have been the biggest issues, a player like hoang from vns where internet is bad has played 4k games and i can keep telling you players with thousands of games played, your problems as in any other game does represent a minority, the game is playable and the experience is better for the majority, stop blaming the game developers if you have a bad ISP. note that having +300 mb download speeds it doesn’t mean your internet is a good one.

mbl never had a drop on his home, when he moved to another house his internet issues began and he was blaming so hard on DE, now look at him with 2k games played, if he wouldn’t have used a vpn he would be blaming the game, if you need a vpn to play videogames then clearly your ISP is a terrible one with poor quality, simply as that.

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I am sorry but posts like yours just make me believe that you dont play multiplayer team games at all. Majority of the players play in unranked lobbies and if you did you would realize how widespread the problem is. Again, refrain from downplaying an issue just because you have not experienced it.

The issue highlighted in this thread is a major one and needs to be addressed urgently.

This is the core of what needs to be fixed ASAP. Look here, devs!

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