Ongoing multiplayer lobby creation issue

Game Version: Definitive edition

  • Build: Up to date
  • Platform: Steam


Creating a multiplayer lobby has gotten worse again. For a while there you’d create a lobby, it would actually create and people would join. Now it’s almost impossible. I will sit in a lobby for hours with no one joining. I have to keep re-creating for almost an hour until it finally really creates and people can see it. Games that do show up fill up so fast because not enough lobby’s can be created for the people waiting to play.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Go in to multiplayer
  2. Create lobby
  3. Watch as no one joins for hours
  4. Have friend look in lobby to confirm yours isn’t showing up

I got the same problem. I’m with a friend and we are terrible for ranked so first we need some practise in the custom games but we have no chance of anyone joining my games or my friends… The patch you did was really needed and great. But there are 2 things we find it difficult.
1st The mini map is hard to understand for new people should be more visible.
2nd The posibility of having people to join my games, they can’t see them in the lobby.

Yes we have exactly the same problem, we create a lobby and people can join normally. Then after about 1 minute, nobody can join the lobby. If my friend quit and try to go back the lobby disapeared.
Did somebody found a way to fix this problem ?

this bug kills multiplayer, we hardly can get games going, please restart the servers !

its a bug after server update… lobbies are not visible for many players. MS already knows this but not taking action so far :frowning:

This is utterly rediculous. I have not been able to host a game for weeks now because of this issue nor join games.

Guy only host in USA WEST server. This is working normally and all can see it.


Every player that I have spoken to is encountering the same problem:

When they host a game, other players are not able to see their hosted room.

The exception to this is occasionally when the server US West is selected. Please be aware though, that even with US West this is an occurring issue.

Hosting with other servers leads to players from different regions being unable to view the hosted game. Inviting players on friends lists also does not work.

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I’ve read elsewhere that in AOE 2, players only see 10-15% of the lobbies hosted. It seems that since AOE: DE and AOE2:DE are hosted on one server, our lobbies are being “hidden” almost. In a game like AOE2:DE where there is a plethora of lobbies already, I’m sure it’s not that big an issue especially with a working match making system.

Our match making system already doesn’t work. This has further increased the alienation that our community feels and many have already left to move on to other games that can at least be played.

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lot of emotions from you bro. I hope they fix it asap.

Todey 11-4-2020 we cannot create lobby fot MP game… why… i cannot find… i do not find this funny, this is the only moment in the day i can escape from my wife so ik can play beautiful game aoe

15 april, last patch did change nothing on this severe bug. People hardly can get online games going

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servers are still buggy, games are not showing properly sometimes.

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Steam or not, it isn’t working
We spend hours to have a game filled completely… very annnoying

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SERvers on AOE1 DE are not working we are not given a chance to enjoy the game do Something

Yes, as today, July, 07, servers are still buggy, games are not showing properly sometimes.

I noticied it usually happens when servers are more stressed, like in weekends. Probably because aoe1 and aoe2 DE share same servers, so aoe2 number of players stress the servers a lot.

So i think its related to servers but not only that. I have checked aoe 1 DE and aoe 2 DE at same time when it happens, lobby browser works much better in aoe 2 DE, it loads faster and barely miss any hosted games in the list. That said i think its server related but also game related.

Many players are getting stuck on “Fletching game lobbies…” message.
Many times it get stuck on this message and we have to go back and reopen multiplayer or even close the game.
Many times it shows no rooms at all, even tho we know there are games been hosted.
Other times it shows parcial hosted rooms.
Gotta fix it asap.