Ongoing multiplayer lobby creation issue

Game Version: Definitive edition

  • Build: Up to date
  • Platform: Steam


Creating a multiplayer lobby has gotten worse again. For a while there you’d create a lobby, it would actually create and people would join. Now it’s almost impossible. I will sit in a lobby for hours with no one joining. I have to keep re-creating for almost an hour until it finally really creates and people can see it. Games that do show up fill up so fast because not enough lobby’s can be created for the people waiting to play.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Go in to multiplayer
  2. Create lobby
  3. Watch as no one joins for hours
  4. Have friend look in lobby to confirm yours isn’t showing up

I got the same problem. I’m with a friend and we are terrible for ranked so first we need some practise in the custom games but we have no chance of anyone joining my games or my friends… The patch you did was really needed and great. But there are 2 things we find it difficult.
1st The mini map is hard to understand for new people should be more visible.
2nd The posibility of having people to join my games, they can’t see them in the lobby.