Online Game Speed Bug

Game Version: 101.101.34397.0 4546676

Platform: Steam


When does it occur: Every time I play ranked or create an online Lobby and Play against friends or the KI

Since when: Jan 13 2020

Problem1: Game slows down and after a few seconds it catches up to the normal gametime by speeding the game up; happens throughout the whole game

(Problem2: Units react after 1-15 seconds and it is not a Ping Problem)

Reproduction Steps:

  1. click Multiplayer
  2. create Lobby
  3. add KI
  4. start the game
    (for me atleast)

a screenshot won’t help here and I know only one Problem i guess they might be connected


Happens to me too, but only because my internet is absurdly bad - 2mb, and WISP (wireless internet service provider).
I get massive package losses - used to range from 20% to 50%, back when i played CS GO. Half my time in my aoe2 ranked matches is spent catching up, the other half is me shouting at the router. Perhaps you too are suffering from package loss, as it barely affects ping - you said it’s not a pring problem.
I’d suggest pinging some distant servers through cmd, and checking the loss rate. If that’s the case, well lay down and cry, or get a better internet plan, one which uses optical fiber for data transmission (pro tip: it’s expensive in peripheral areas).


I am not too familiar with computers and that stuff so maybe I made a mistake. But i ran 3 tests to different servers and my IPv4 IP Address while I was ingame and experienced no package loss and the speed was still changing and it felt like i was lagging.
I do get another internet plan in the next week so maybe that will solve it.
Still, thanks for the answer.


Hi, I have the same issues:


I play 2v2 vs 1 Medium AI and 1 Medium AI (HD). Starting in Feudal, everything completely starts to bug out. Response time is getting worse and worse (like 10 secs and later 10 minutes), one AI stays in Dark Age.

This has all been going on since the hotfix came out a week ago. Before that, everything worked perfectly fine. Also, I’ve been playing on the lowest graphics settings at 1080p.

My specs:
Intel i7-8550U with Intel UHD Graphics 620

The only thing that has changed in between was the hotfix.
I also tried whether mods have an impact (they don’t).

Help would be really appreciated.

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Same here. I played with a friend using LAN and steam servers against 2 AI and at 15 minutes more or less it got laggy. We tried with different settings and always had the same issue. When we played 1 vs 1 without AI it was running fine. This happened since the last hotfix came out.

I see this happening from time to time but it must depend on the way the connection work/ how the game uses it, because my game who worked best was a huge 4v4 extreme AI, and all the spam going on wasn’t causing this to happen at all (I had a blue clock) while in games where I have a red clock I’m often forced to start this way.

I haven’t had any speed change problems until the currently last update (34793). The game always feels smooth so far. But since this last update I experienced speed changes that were quite significant:

  • In a 1 vs 1 game the game felt smooth, but every few minutes or so the game sped up, running at something like 3x speed for about half a second.
  • In a 4 vs 4 game the game felt smooth the whole game, except for the exact moment the first player resigned. The game hang for something like 40 seconds (mouse changed to animated loading circle that is typical for Windows when a program becomes unresponsive). Then suddenly the game continued on superspeed (5x or more speed I guess) for several seconds and after this the game continued normally.

Specs: Windows 10, Steam, patch 34793. CPU and RAM enough, bottleneck might be the GTX750 GPU which is running around 98% already when on the game home screen. Games have always felt smooth though, except for these recent speed changes.

Same here it worked before January and now it is like two weeks that does like that. It is unplayable and i’m pissed because it is a new game.

I was able to fix this by turning on V-sync I was getting 80+ fps but my monitor only handles 60 fps.


This happens to me also, really frustrating. Just want to play 1v1s to get better

Hey Muttie,

I am going to try it (cross fingers). Though, I have the feeling that it is something different because for sure I have the v-sync disabled but I would be surprised if the friends I play with disabled the v-sync as well.

So Mouttie was right! enabling the in-game vsync solved the issue for me and one of my friends. By the way you need to take into consideration that only one player is the cause of the issue. So you might enable it but you can still experience lags if the other player did not enable it.

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i did not believe it at first untill I tried it, weird bugs on de really lol.

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Turning on VSync solved the problem for me as well. Thanks :slight_smile: and I hope the same applies for the others too.

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Yes I can cautiously confirm, we both turned it on and it seemed to have solved the issue.

That’s really weird. Something broke “non-VSync” with the hotfix…

Vsync does not solve the issue, the delay persists even after. It might work for awhile but always goes back to lag and delay. Vsync is not a solution and we shouldn’t have to use it in the first place