OP Civ Mod (Inspired by SOTL video)

I recently made a data mod inspired by the recent SOTL video which includes the civs in that video along with 7 others currently.
Here is the change log if you want to check it out: OP Civ Mod Change Log
Link to SOTL video: Let's build the most over-powered civs possible! [AoE2] - YouTube

Also, there is another mod called SOTL_OP_Custom_Civs by RatedFeather442 if you just want the three civs from the original video.

Edit: I have included the civs from SOTL’s “Let’s create more OP civs!” video.

Edit: The newest DE update made it so that I couldn’t update the mod, so I took it down and reuploaded it with the same name. If you were previously subscribed you will need to resubscribe.


Questiion, are there actually some civ bonusses hardcoded? Like slavs faster farming etc?
Would it be cheating to abuse hard-coded civ bonusses?
Like for example picking khmer as elephant civ, even without explicitly taking the khmer farming bonus it still might work the same.

I don’t think so. You can change the Slavs farmer work rate and farm work rate in the Advanced Genie Editor. Same with the Khmer and Mayan slower farming villagers.

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Nice, also the faster food generation of slavs farms?

Yes, that would be the farm work rate.

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I think I might have found one bonus that is hardcoded. Unless I am missing something, which could very well be the case, I think the Japanese higher HP and PA fishing ships are unable to be changed in Advanced Genie Editor. even though their work rate is able to be changed.

Edit: I did miss it, the effect is named Archers +20% attack for some reason

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the HP and PA is there. tech and effect 306
the name of tech is from something long ago

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You are right. Totally overlooked that lol.

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wait how do i download it

The mod is not currently being updated .

If you want to try those civs or make your own you can make them using this website: Civilization Builder