Opinion on "The Golden League" Grand final?

I wanna know people’s opinion on EGCTV’s big tournament

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Overall it was a good show. Let’s hope to see the Red Bull Wololo with a new DLC. Let’s hope.


It’s a 1v1 tournament so I would find it too boring to watch unfortunately XD

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Sheep bug issue aside, overall I think it went well and ML deserved the win. Problems outside of your control can always pop up and being able to move past those issues is another part of playing and winning tournaments


Overall i liked the tournament. The team did good. I enjoied the casters as well.

Before Aoe 4 i watched Sc2 tournaments so it took a bit to acomodate to longer times.

One thing is that i live in Europe so the last rounds go over 12 at night. This is mostly the only slight problem i had with the tournament. Especially on Sundays.

I definetly would like to see Japanese in the next iteration if not closer on Red bull.

And ofcourse Congrats to Marine Lord. Beasty too. He played good as well.


This tournament had become my point of reference during the weekends, after dinner or after some football event I regularly watched some games or how things were going. It can be said that it had become my favorite sport after football.
I have seen some great matches, others less so but I had a lot of fun. I was cheering for Viper and Beastqt, but MarineLord won. Honor to him, he played really well throughout the tournament.
Now we hope dev add new content before the next tournament, I think we need it!
A big GG to the commentators who made the vision even more interesting!


HAHA the second place is crying he’s second because of a sheep bug?

Half the civs have 1 win condition and nothing else?
Landmards that weren’t used at all, absolutely zero times by anyone in the entire tournament?
Massing single units to win games, casters pointing out the various balance issues as they happen in the games. I bet the developers didn’t pay any attention to this tournament because if they did they would be ashamed of the state of the game at this point in time. You have units that have homing bombs… HOMING ■■■■■■■ BOMBS against pointy sticks.

But still watched every game, expected the final to go to 8-9 games but not possible with the balance issues that are so blatant. Feel like MarineLord definitely exploited the matchups to win. THE SHEEP was the MVP of this tourney to be honest.

most impactful statement: He lost to bugs and balance.


Tbh, AoE4 is kind of boring as an eSport. It is slow paced. With certain civs you automatically know what to expect. Water maps in general are boring. Armies don’t really clash in a big fight but instead are often two blops shrinking, lacking dynamic visuals. In SC2 and even in AoE2 if you army gets caught offguard it can be obliterated in a matter of seconds. Here I feel like we get to see 5 longbows chased by 1 royal knight for 2 minutes. Or horsemen raids which take 3 minutes to kill 10 villager. Everything is slow. Sound design is great though.

On top of that there are glaring civ balance issues. Without the civ pick rules of golden league, I am certain we wouldn’t have seen HRE, Chinese or Abbasid at all. There are still numerous bugs. And it just feels kind of silly to pump so much money into tournaments for a strategy game where you can’t customize your hotkeys fully.

Literally the only reason this game is still alive, is because of the community and the pros (which couldn’t make it big in their respective strategy games (except Viper)) and now cash as much price money in as they can in AoE4 until they innevitabely are going to leave too unless the devs wake up REAL fast.

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He lost one game to a bug, which again, happens even in the biggest esports in the world. Why they didnt replay the game I don’t know, but that’s a tourny issue not a dev issue.

Other than that, ML just played better. He didn’t win because he “exploited” balance issues. Playing strong civs and knowing counters is called “being good” not “exploiting balance”

ffs you’re dull.

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Yes, counters to homing bombs?
please have the balls to at least accept the reality. the guy himself said lost to a bug. I didn’t say it.

Ok i get your point other games have bugs. Yes but they don’t have bugs known for months, still in the tournament, do they?

Hey one man’s exploit is another man’s win condition. Just saying polish the game up first.

and about the dull comment, I 'd say you just didn’t care to actually read my post, go back and read again.
I am not saying anything here that the casters didn’t themselves say in this tournament. Like i said i watched them all. So either have something to add or keep the personal comments to yourself.

  • Beasty does cheese: bees on “king of the hill” .
    beasty’s fans: what an strat
  • beasty losing 5-1.
    beasty’s fans: He lost to bugs and balance

ofc Sc2 player will never understand what draft is.
Same start, same draft, same options. score 5-1, they shout BUG ABUSE (no)

this forum has been hitting rock bottom further and further.


yup the deny of this game is filled with bugs and exploit is incredible


I think most people agree that holding the sacred site until 25 seconds were left was a pretty intense match. Could have been with mangonels or whatever, he still lost.

Now the thing with the bug was that it ruined his tempo, and that would tilt most people. If the bug didn’t happen it could have made a difference or maybe not, we will never know. MarineLord played amazing and deserved to win but that doesn’t mean the bug thing should be overlooked or passed as “just excuses because he lost”.

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i play the game a lot but that doesn’t mean there aren’t issues with it and that I can’t say anything about them cuz i play the game. the only deny happening here are people who think everything is A ok. BUT if you going to put this game forward at the eSports level and start to ask people from SC2, warcraft etc to come play then at the least put forth a game that stands with these other games.

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Beasty could have won the KOTH game (boiling oil ripped a whole bunch of his population near the very end) and the delhi vs rus (he didnt notice the lancers raid in the berries), so just a few little mistakes can mean losing the finals when marine lord is playing so good, he is in deed the one to beat .

I think beasty didnt play at his 100%.
Sad news viper will be focusing more in aoe2 for now on, but, so nice to see new young blood wam-puppy coming to the top!


The visuals are a huge problem for me when trying to watch games. The game is soft and blurry to start with, by default, and 1080p compressed footage massively more so than playing in-game at 1440p. It’s just really unpleasant to watch such a soft blurry image. The ability to have a lower camera angle would make it look much more dramatic. The casting overlays still need some work to give the viewer better information. Being able to make the minimap a bit bigger would enhance the game for me, both when playing and when watching other people’s games.

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it was great, i don’t understand why it only had around 8k viewers. Great casting and great gameplay, aoe4 is really fun to watch


Well I know Beasty had 2k on his stream, and idk about ML but I assume he had viewers as well. If they made it so you couldnt stream it yourself it’d drive up those numbers.

They had 15k on peak in semi finals (viper) and 12k on the Final. This because Pesti allowed casters to stream the event themselves.
Grubbi and Beasty had both over 1k for example.

Because there is no pause in the game. When Beasty encountered the bug, he need to make a decision immediately. That’s the reason why this is so bad.