Organ gun extra bullets hit but deal no damage

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  • GAME BUILD #: New DLC Patch, but bug was in game ever since DE released, i teseted this before around a year ago and had hopped the new patches gunpoweder fix would have helped
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

:arrow_forward: ISSUE EXPERIENCED

The Organ gun shots 5 bullets. When a gunpoweder bullet hits something a small cloud is displayed. Oftentimes the extra bullets of organ gun deal no damage instead of the 2 thez are supposed to even thoight it can be clearly witnessed that the bullet hit.

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Randomly per shot somewhere between 0-3 most of the times its 1 bullet of the 5 that hit but deals no damage.

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  1. Go into scneario editor a place a elite organ gun, set civ to post imp and portugese
  2. but down a couple of outposts without armor, for example a post imp byzantie
  3. put the organ gun on stand ground and shot the outpost one after another. closelz watch the 5 bullets, see if anz one missed (in that case they fly on), if they hit they produce a small cloud. Count the clouds.
    THe damage on the outpost is somewhere between 20+4x2 depending on bullets hit.
  4. Witness many cases were all 5 or 4 bullets hit but the damage is less then 28 or 26.

:arrow_forward: EXPECTED RESULT

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Bullets that a displayed to hit by trajectory and hit cloud shoud do damage. Compare this to the Handcannon that doesnt has this problem, it is only for the organ gun extra bullets. This problem was not in HD.

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Organ gun extra bullets are doing damage the last time I tested them. The main bullet deals the advertised 16/20 damage and the 4 secondary bullets are dealing 2 damage each. The secondary bullets however only have 75% accuracy. So 25% of the times they don’t deal any damage. The same behaviour is seen with other units with secondary projectiles like Chu-Ko Nu and Hul’che Javeliners. This behaviour has been discussed in this forum post.

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Hey thanks for linking me, I hope the issue gets fixed soon. I wanted to talk about the patch notes for the latest hotfix… It says the hotfix fixed a problem where secondary projectiles were prevenetd from dealing any damage in certain circumstances… so did they adress my problem or is that another one? I’m currently unable to play the game because for some reason steam won’t let me log in anymore, so could you maybe test it and come back to me? I could finally start modding again. This bug was breaking many things I wanted to do, so you would really help me there.

The organ gun extra projectiles still don’t do any damage 25% of the times in the new patch. This interaction doesn’t seem to be fixed for now. I don’t know what problem the patch notes are referring to.

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Yeah I could get my steam to work today and tested it and can confirm that. But I’m happy to announce a moderator has linked one of my 2 threads about the issue and said it needs some further investigation, so we might hear something about it in the near future.