Original buff to turks

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So, I’ve been thinking about how to buff the Turks, and i came accross of what are the turks: Gold and explosions. As long as you have gold, you can dominate. On the other hand, they’re, without any doubt, the worst civ for trashwars. I think it’s the idea of the civ. So, how to buff it to help them survive trash wars, but at the other time not take away that part of the civ, because, let’s face it, they’ll never will get halbs, neiter elite skirms.

So, what to give them? The concept it’s give them “semi trash” UU. One unit that cost almost no gold, and cover the, for me, big weakness of turks: archers.:

Recruit with explosive (imperial age unit)
Cost 40F 10 G
Recruit: Barracs / gunpowder warehouse

40 life, faster that a petard, with less damage (15) and much more less bonus agains buildings. Speed 1.2 (shotel warrior). A petard with a shield, 3 pierce armor. blast Radius 0.6 bonus agains archers and trash training time 28s

Basically, a petard for killing group of units, and not so effective agains buildigns (+200 agains wall and gate, + 100 agains buildings + 50 agains castles and siege weapons). + 10 agains archers/skirms/pikes

Could cost no gold, and be a worse version of the one describe

Explosive cart (imperial age unit)
Recruit: Siege workshop / gunpowder warehouse
80F 30G

Attack 25 melee. blast radious 0.5. speed 1.2 - 75HP - 2pierce armor
(+900 agains wall and gate, + 500 agains buildings, + 100 agains castles + 60 siege weapons)

A faster, more expensive petard, with more HP.

Other option could be the special buildings.

gunpowder warehouse (available in castle age)
175 W

A building where you can recruit Petards, and recruits with explosive/ explosives carts. (these become available in imperial age) Could be a shared bonus for the team, like the imperial skirm, although only turks would get the special units (everyone else gets to recruits petards).

Bomb (available in castle age)

basically, a building vils can build. they leave a bomb that explodes when someone passing by (friend or foe). same stats of the recruit with explosive.

I think this is a very original idea, and could make turks of one a kind. What do you think? Obvioulsy, I wouldn’t be logical to give ALL of the options, but I think they deserve one of the units, and maybe, one of the buildings


I actually like the “Recruit with explosive” idea very much. Just like they have a stronger hand cannoneer as a unique unit, they could also have a stronger petard as one. They should be available at the siege workshop probably, as a unique unit never before. Probably the stats should be changed a bit to make it more balanced, but I like the main idea a lot.


Thanks dude. Yeah, maybe it could be available at the siege shop, altough i thought it d more ad a counter unit and not that much of a siege unit (since tuenks have great cannons) that’s why i put those stats, but yeah, as you, I think the unit has potential but need some polish.

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Hey, I just updated the post with some other options I came across. Please give me your feedback :slight_smile:

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Hot and juicy, thank you for asking. How are you?

It has that going for it, for sure. Practically, I have a hard time seeing how either of these would be used in a real game. Depending on the stats of the units in question, I see them as either situationally strong, or just never used. With a 0.6 blast radius, it seems like the suicide bomber would be easily countered by staggered formation, and with 40 hp could easily be microed down by any ranged unit (or just killed by 1 halb or hussar, which don’t cost gold). While the idea of a land-demo ship is interesting, balancing it would be a beast.
So why make a new unit? Why not double the blast radius of the Turkish petard, give it an anti-unit bonus, or increase its bonus against buildings?

The bomb/mine is interesting, but seems quite gimmicky, and is perhaps more amenable to the scenario editor than to normal gameplay.

I’d prefer small buffs to existing units - perhaps the petard changes I mentioned, perhaps increasing Turks Demo Ship radius, or giving the Elite Janissary 1 more attack.

fine, thanks man :slight_smile:

Yes, it need a lot more of balance. Maybe give them more blast radious and more HP, and make it more expensive. It’s an idea that need work

Yeah, maybe the idea about buffing the petard would do; but I think they need something more versatile, both in creation and use. Castles are not so comun in trash wars, when a lot of things has been already demolished. Being able to recruit it in a regular militar building would make it less situational.

Ok unpopular opinion right here: a FU Turk skirm looks decent when compared to Burmese, Franks and Celts ES. The true reason it is weak is because not having ES will disadvantadge you in Castle age, where everyone else besides Burmese have FU skirm (Thumb ring is almost useless on skirms) The good news is that your gold bonus will help you with your crossbow, knight and mangonel production. And don’t forget you will have access to 100 HP cav archers. They are so tanky versus archers that they beat Mangudai and Magyar HCA! And last but not least, BC that can outsnipe longbows!

Elite Janissary already have 22 attack! That’s MONSTRUOUS! (the same as FU Elite Shotel Warrior, FU Leitis and FU Lithuanian Paladin ) And they get 1 more range (Indians are a gunpowder civ for being able to pay for that) So if these strong points aren’t enough to make the Janissary more used I don’t think 1 attack will be enough. It could have a potential as a “mass it in Castle age, unleash in Imp” unit but not only does it cost 5 more gold than HC but it gets a hefty +15 food cost, wich is a huge downside for use in Castle age. I think that if the food cost was to be lowered, Jan would be more used. You could use them in castle age (basically it would be like getting HC 1 age earlier) then once you hit imp you switch to HC and if the situation calls for it (ie.the enemy doesn’t do much infantry) you buy the Elite upgrade (wich isn’t that expensive but could use a discount if required) and start using janissaries again.

A FU turk skirm trades better against an FU (generic) Arbalest, than a FU Frank skirm. (in Imp)


That’s interesting. Maybe people avoid using them because they’re not elite but they still can do something to support hussars in post imp. I’ve done it several times.

I wouldn’t touch janissaries, they’re super good in some situations, like castle pushing in arena.

Did someone tested this about skirmishers? How do you know? Anyway, evem if their skirms are not that bad, I think they could use some buff.

And yeah, CA and cannons couters archers, but cost tons of gold. I’m just trying to give them a “low budgets” option

I think @Player965976697 already tested it. And yes, spending tons of gold on everything (except LC) is the Turk’s gimmick, and you also have to remember that CA and BBC have many purposes unlike skirms.

only 2 less than freaking War Elephant without upgrades.

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So, just to know: do you thing turks need and buff? I always saw then as a limited civ


Welp, they are the best among the slow civs (1000* better than say Portuguese or Goths) Saracen getting better archers give them some competition and that’s all. On another note I tested Turks skirms against FU generic crossbows and it looks like they did as good as Burmese, and Franks/Celts.

Nice to know. Well, I guess that put them in the middle of the list. I should test it in a game.

However I’m pretty much sure even Burmese crossbows would rekt them in Castle so don’t do that in a MP game you wanna win.

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Then, they could use other archer counter 11

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Also Turks skirm will be worse against CA since they don’t get the anti CA bonus ES get (however CA against turk is already a bad idea) And I know it’s almost never avalaible but Turk genitour are god tier.

Yes. Berbers are lovely allies when you play turks

Personally, I highly believe Turks do need Elite Skirms and Pikes. But that’s subjective

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