Ottmans great bombards nerf

They are way to strong and need a heavy. Need limt how many there allowed to use.they shoot way to fast and are strong vers units and buildings.

Yes, you want anybody play with Ottomans. We cant play Jans and now according to you also we cant play grand bombards. I think we should delete Ottomans in the game so problem solved. You will like it.,


I’m not sure I would put shooting too fast in their list of traits. They literally shoot the slowest out of any unit in the game excluding trebuchets. They are a bit strong now, but that is imo more an issue with the Ottoman landmark buff letting you get them too fast, as 1-2 great bombards aren’t really a huge deal.

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I am in favor of certain nerfs to the Great Bombard likely slightly reducing their movement speed. Meanwhile, Janissaries are going to need to be buffed so they are more usable in the long run. Some buffs that can be done are increasing the Janissary HP from 90/105 to 115/130 and increasing the range of the Elite Janissary from 3.5 to 4.

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You know what, I believe one of the best plan is replacing the Ottoman mangonel with the skin of great bombard, then give ottoman normal bombard in age4.
And, janissary has no need been trained in age3, just give ottoman normal handcannoneer which just looks like janissary in age4.

Many people don’t really care about the balance of the Solo, they just enjoy playing janissary and great bombard, so just satisfy them, most of problem will be gone.

By the way, it would be great to copy Ross’ Horse Archer to ottoman if possible. In this way, the complaints you hear about ottoman will be reduced by 90%.

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So it isnt just me. The Janissaries do feel kinda weak

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Though their base attack speed is of 7 sec the mehter put it at 6.15 sec and the siege crew vizir point (which imo is a must pick) at 4.95 sec so faster than a bombard (5.375 sec) and upgraded mangonnel (5.57 sec).

Having said that I still agree that the real problem is the imperial armory + imperial palace combo having a free one every 2.40 min is too good.

Main issue with Janissaries is they are pretty meh vs MAA. This is especially the case with English MAA because of the bonus armor. At the same time they are probably a bit too good vs cav, especially in castle age, it makes some matchups (mainly french and probably Ayyubids) pretty much unplayable vs Ottomans.

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The best option might be too slow down the MIA great bombard training time