Ottoman fast industrial is beyond broke

Why can ottomans reach age IV in 15 mins? And then Revolution in 20 mins and instantly win? Why even play rush civs? Please stop matching these civs up against Africans and native civs… there is no point in playing. this is beyond broke.


Ah the good old zerg rush. But not checking on your opponents for 15 minutes is, fair to say, a l2p issue.


its just like in history :')


Ethiopia are one of the best civs to deal with this having access to a mortar in age 3.


Whatever the reason the Otts are obviously being played much differently than in the past. They can turtle decently and the problem is if you rush them they still have the super fast fortress. Inevitably following is the Saphi card so it not like they can’t cover both options depending how you react.

Like I said in another thread I haven’t been rushed by an ott player in weeks. The FF is obviously over powered in terms of speed and punch afterwards.

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what civ cant reach age 4 by 15 min lol


Not checking on them? They have 2 TCs and 2 Outposts in 10 mins… Sounds like you dont use rush civs

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you aren’t supposed to rush turtles, that’s literally the baseline of rts rock paper scissors. If you see all those expensive defenses, just keep aging yourself and use your tech. Ethiopia has lots of amazing shadowtech stuff age 4, use it. Stop slamming spammy cheap units into defenses and saying it about balance.

(For the record, the barbary revo is too strong currently because the bugged saloon tech)


I don’t play much currently but what makes this revolt so good? Never saw it much before.

the saloon tech, for whatever reason, gives the barbary swordsmen and the skirmishers the revo grants something like 60% stats buff iirc. Without this bug (bug? probably?) the revolution is quite poor


Thanks for the info, wondered why it was so popular all of a sudden.


cause they are outlaws so they give guard level techs (+50%) for the units.

Problem is that the units are already guard level (at base) so you get instant imp units

The change probably needs to be that the units have normal base stats, but the revolt grants the shadow tech stuff for free or something


a decent FI is considered 11-12 mins so if they are getting there by 15 thats considered slow

They even sent the 2 infinite wagon card, that is very slow.

The revolt is strong but that is the least of your problems, a timing by 7-8 mis would have meant you slowed down the FI tremendously

Not Ottoman FI, but Barbary revolution is broken.

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Ethiopia has desert riders which are very good siege units. Also Sebastopol mortars.

The timing of these strategies are all slowed down by at least 5 minutes. This is not the right timing for an Ottoman. It can easily arrive in 4 ages at 10 minutes and do rev 3/4 max 5 minutes later then it depends on the map.


Little confused why you think you can out-boom turtle civs? Would you suggest out-booming dutch as well? It’s pretty clear you have a biased/ lack of understanding of civs like ethos. 1) Ottomans aren’t a turtle civ they are a multifunctional civ that can rush, fast age, turtle, etc. If you allow them to turtle and build multiple TPs
(within 10 mins) as was the case in this situation you will lose badly because of their villager boom. A seasoned player would know this. 2) if your opponent is turtling and fast aging while you are using a rush civ than it’s in your best interest to rush… Few civs in the game can match Ottmans eco in fortress and industrial age. The Ethiopians definitely don’t have a prayer. In summation, I dont think you’re evaluation was accurate. Devs need to buff Ethiopians eco or increase the resistance to TP/ outpost fire or make fast industrial harder.

Fair but the point is you cant out boom Ethiopians if they turtle and you cant rush them. So in summation, a balance is needed. This isn’t just the case facing Ottomans as Ethiopian its pretty much any European civ. Dutch, Russians, Sweeds, etc will all outpace Ethopain eco in age 3. And they can FF fast while still holding off the slow rush of ethopians

nice little complaint again, but I’ve been playing since 2005 and know the game much better than you, i guarantee that much. Clearly if you cannot outboom ottoman you don’t actually know how to boom. If you don’t understand how tech builds work, thats on you. A fast industrial isn’t (usually) about eco, its about lightning fast ageups into large age 4 military shipments and leveraging shadowtech units. India and Japan are especially good at it, but for dutch the old 3 bank church card timing with 2 heavies, 30 guard muskets, 5 stradiots and a 17 ruyter followup shipment will easily conquer the otto turtle boom. If you want to stop a revolt you can’t just sit around and spam vills with no units, and you cant throw trashy gascenya into tower fire. Otto with 3 tcs isn’t really that much boom, its not a whole lot better than 1 normal tc boom and is inferior to a 2 tc boom with anyone else. If you see towers, stop throwing gascenya at them. But like most ethiopia players since release date, it seems you can’t do anything else except make a single unit and then rage when it doesnt win – even when the strategy your opponent does directly counters your spammy zerg rush.


ethiopian has plenty of eco options combined with their strong units and shadow tech mercs. Like especially against otto since the otto eco doesn’t actually generate a lot of resources, their advantage is that they don’t have to spend resources and therefore can do other things.

you can see this sample game for how the ethiopian eco can work lategame in a 1v1 situation

Like i am in agreement with dansil here that you don’t know how to boom, especially if you think you can’t outboom a turtle. Are you taking map control? Taking hunts? Denying their attempts at hunts ? Spamming tcs and vils

in addition, wat are you considering a rush here? when I say an attack by 7-8 mins thats not a rush anymore, thats a timing attack with like 20-30 units + and your goal is to disrupt their eco and infrastructure