Ottoman Great Bombard needs a nerf in team game

It can be trained for free from MIA. In team game where everyone can boom, once they got 7 great bombards in the field pretty much no one can touch them. It’s even worse than Chinese CT Bombard pre-nerf. Forget that 900 gold cost, in late game with trade everyone has 20K gold floating.

TLDR: GB is better than springs cost and pop wise when fighting eachother. This should not happen because it will break the counter system.

Update: Once again this thread is about balancing GB for team game. Anyone discussing GB in 1v1 won’t be taken seriously.


You want Ottomans more being trash?


They’ve never been trash to begin with. You want them to be game breaking?

Now number talk.

Springalds are supposed to counter Great Bombard by design right?


One GB costs 3x springalds. There health is 350 and 125 respectively. Now Springald deals 70 damage to GB while GB deals 190 dmg to springs. Bummer! It takes 5 springs to 1 hit GB, while only 1 GB is required to 1 hit springalds. Cost wise, a GB is only 3x more expensive than Springalds. Pop wise, 4 springs would equal 3 GB. So equal resources as well as equal pop GB would win in both scenarios.

How is this allowed to happen that the unit destroys its own counter?

On top of that GB also counters infantry, building and everything. But hey that’s not game breaking at all.

Nerf the GB hard, it’s unfun and unfair to play against this unit.

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Springalds outrange GBs and presumably setup and tear down faster. So you’re always getting the first shot off.
They also fire faster. So even if your micro isn’t on point, you’re trading 500 resources for 1500.
GBs are also their only powerful unit in the late game.


Its only 1 range difference, the GB will still land 1 shot 1 kill before the spring can pack up move away. Even if you could pull that off, your springs still can’t beat GB pop wise and resource wise.

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You cant play with gb. They are useless unit. You want this.unit more useless.


Only useless to people who doesn’t know how to play. It OP as hell otherwise. This unit is culverin, mangonel and bombard all in one and it’s too cheap for its uses.

No body uses them as they are useless and expensive. I think you dont play the game well.


I just proved it counters springalds. You haven’t proved anything. Come on, back up your own claim?

I say what I see, I understand that you only want this unit trash. You go on this way. May be some one hears you.


This is one of those 4v4 team game issues and not an issue at all in 1v1 where GB are fairly rare so I wouldn’t expect the devs to change anything. Not hating on 4v4, just stating facts. They have to choose a mode as the standard to balance around and as the map gets bigger, the game will favour late game strong unit spam.

Is that enough of a reason to start calling names?

This forum is becoming unusable.


I have recently discovered that this forum is full of ragequitters complaining every which way about everything…

Every hour is a new ottomans need buff
Then the next hour is ottomans need nerf lol

Some of you need to take a break!


Please don’t answer to the alt accounts, their posts is going to be deleted anyway. No need to bother.

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I’ve only started browsing the AoE IV quadrant of the forums several days ago, so I don’t know how prevalent this individual is, but I’m gathering that you’re right. Still, I have this almost compulsive need to at least attempt to figure out what makes this fella tick. According to the mass reports I keep seeing, I doubt I’ll get a response, but it’s fascinating to witness.

There’s really no need to nerf the Great Bombard (except that we could increase their pop cost by 1) because many kinds of military units can already destroy the Great Bombard somewhat quickly especially if the Great Bombard is in a vulnerable state (I.e., being alone).

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I also hate to answer to the alt accounts because these accounts are always trying to ruin everything and make debates and criticisms go insane, which is something that shouldn’t be acted upon.


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