Ottoman Landmarks Arent Awesome and Well Built

I have watched trailer and I see that ottoman landmarks arent well designed and built. I am so disappointed. When I see other civs landmark I can see that they are awesome and well built but I cant find difference between ottoman landmarks and other buildings. Çifte minareli medrese is build wrongly isnt well designed. Tophane armory is good but it shouldnt have only 3 domes. I see that one building that I assume it is grand bazaar but I cant see any grant thing. It is like normal building. When I see malians landmarks, I see that they are awesome. Also I dont like devs some of landmark choices because Ottomans has so many great buildings that can be used as landmarks.Please devs give some love to Ottoman Landmarks.


I felt the same feeling. The Ottoman landmarks look disappointing, maybe worst of all civs. I hope this is just makeshift skin for Gamescom.

Please devs I wholeheartedly kindly appeal you to devote a little energy to improve the model.


The real Grand Bazaar:



The real Tophane great bombard foundry:

The great bombard armory is a much taller building than flat Landmark! It has symmetry and many repeat elements (roof), perfect to little effort, big gain in computer modeling.


(this one probably looks better turned over 90 degrees)

The real Imperial Council:


It is possible. Maybe that’s why they were stingy on pixels (building showcase video during Bert interview somehow had low resolution).

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Kilitbahir Castle is good but it is half according to the picture. İstanbul Observatory’s top may need good looking ball.


A lot of the landmarks from the other civs are simplified as well. In fact I would not be surprised if none of them are 1-1 recreations.

The landmarks look really nice to me and on par if not better than a lot of the landmarks in the game.


Simplified but awesome simplified models. Mongols, Rus, Hre, French, English. They are absolutly awesome.



Real Twin Minaret Madrasa:

Please devs I wholeheartedly humbly petition you to devote a little effort to improve the model. :pray: The stone in the walls and cone top of tower deserve better texture


Hahahhah, they simplified it too much and it happened to many civs, but not England. England’s landmarks are exceptionally bigger than most civilizations (except the Chinese). All other civs have much smaller landmarks and I have no idea why did that.


When I see Tophane armory, Its height isnt accurate for great bombard and other bombards because these bombarda cant be made in current height of land mark. Again I say this building should have one large dome and 5 small dome. And it has to have some white things.


Yes, they must still be beta images, most likely they will correct it for October…


I hope man. I love Age of 4 landmarks and music. Theye are so awesome. They are classic for me.When they are made at one time, later they cant be changed so easly.


Yes, they usually make the landmarks larger and more distinctive, of the other buildings…


They’re betas sure. I wish that was guarantee of correction, not. Better bring it to attention timely.

Exactly.The Ottoman Landmarks are so short or small, they look like normal buildings.

As you can see, Tophane great bombard foundry, Twin Minaret madrasa and Kilitbahir castle are so much taller than the model.

@developers One reason I love AoE4 much more than 2 and 3, is landmarks. Architecture, not only units, is core of Age. We do appreciate every detail you make.
There so much room to improve these Ottoman landmarks, we petition you to dedicate a little energy to it :pray:


iF U THINK THATS BAD then look at tower of victory OF DELHI.

Im not dissapointed about the landmarks tbh. Its too early to judge from…


I like the Tower of Victory with its sky-high minaret. This cool element is what “forces” the building a bit off scale (yes I agree it’s grossly off scale).

But it sure looks grander than these Otto beta landmark models. That’s the issue raised I think.

All English landmarks look HUGE, even though they’re smaller than Turkish ones in real life


As far as I can tell they look on par with all the other landmarks in the game already.


Yea I don’t know why that is so. But these Otto models are the smallest, most unimpressive, don’t look like a Lamdmark even! They need some URGENT effort


I’d rather see them personally in game where I can be more in controll of the camera angle.

From my impressions, is that Ottoman landmarks aren’t any particularly more or less spectacular to other Civilization landmarks. in my Opinion.
I absolute love the Castle landmark, and the Tophane Foundry.
Even the Grand bazaar i think is nice with the carpets donning the outside market.

IDK. I feel this is being way to nitpicky.

Nobody is crying about the Abbasid Landmark House of Wisdom, which i think is on par with the ottomans.
Its bigger yes, but abbasid only has a single landmark with slight changes with the wing addition.
By having only 1 landmark, they are also stripped from having any other potentially much greater looking unique buildings.
Yet nobody shed a tear for the abbasid.

These Ottoman Landmarks are far more detailed and looks better than Following landmarks in my opinion:

Deer stones

Steppe Redoubt

White Stupa

Khaganate Palace


House of Wisdom


Tower of Victory

Compound of the Defender

Dome of the Faith

Palace of the Sultan


Guild Hall


High trade house


Barbican of the Sun

Astronomical Clocktower