Ottomans 1v1

I think the Ottomans as a civ is struggling at the moment (in top play) vs civs that are good at taking map control like japan, sweden and maybe USA. It seems Ottomans are missing something in this area.

If you have a look in this video it just seems they are just struggling in being agile (their raiding units are quite costly). If the Ottomans rush fails it just seems they struggle in mid to late game with map control. Their main chance to win is to try and mass jans and push the opponent’s main base. The problem is with civs like japan and sweden they can basically take the whole map with shrines and torps, the ottoman player cannot go around slowing taking out the Shrines and Torps with their jans because the opponent can rebuild them faster than they can take them down.

Now i am not a pro player so it would be nice to hear from top players what they think however it just feels like the Ottomans need some sort of cheaper/faster new Cav unit to help the civ to be a bit more agile (jans slow, abus slow, grenadier slow and hussars costly) as i feel they are quite poor in taking and holding map control so there should be a fast unit to prevent the opponent in doing so.

What are your thoughts?


Ottomans do struggle, I think the first video against Russia is a bad example however because haitch is like a top 5 player and April is like a top 50 player, Russia is also a civ that could use a small buff, for ottoman I would like maybe a small town center discount, like 400 wood rather than 500, that would let tc booming be viable for them you also said you would be interested in seeing top players opinions I think you should take a read at this thread made on the ESO forum How would you buff the Ottomans economically if you were the developer? - ESOCommunity

Ottomans need love. Devs should make little buf eco or add some units. I dont understand why Ottomans equals incas or other poweerless states.

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Well, there is no much pro-players here on the official forums. The pros generally are on the ESOC forum, not here.

But in my humble 1400 opinion: The problem with the Ottomans is the fact that they have few villagers because of the time that they need to be trained, and when their push runs out of power, their eco is just too bad to sustain production to their good, but expensive units.

To fix this, I would give they 5 villagers shipment on age 2 and 8 villagers shipment on age 3, so they have some way to catch up in eco if they fall too much behind.

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Ottomans are one of my main in 1v1, they seem very strong well timed, but it is not very versatile. I would say that the Janizaros are not very profitable, They are not what they were before, before they had more resistance and age better with the improvements, Now with the combo of Jenizaros and Obus Although it is very strong, it is difficult to have that macro without inconvenience to have a good mass of the combo without the other having more mass than you. The problem is that the jenizaros do not seem to be what they should be, to be the only infantry that you have it should have more grace, like that of the Swedes, that they pose 2, the jenizaros by themselves are not very good to play skirmish Almost always they lose this is because it does not have much damage, if they have a lot of resistance but they lack more damage I suggest that they lower the siege damage a little and slightly increase the projectile damage or the other would be that they were a little more expensive but have more projectile damage, also the other minor problem is that their real troops are hardly used (Husar and grenadier) The grenadiers are bad in this goal and the Husars do not seem to be the best option with Ottomans, I have a hard time encounters against Civs that can be mashed easily, Like the Incas, Sometimes I have saved myself using spahi well, but with Janizaros and Obus it costs a lot, For me the Ottomans need changes but not buff

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I think it should be kept as it is, because it is a very good bonus for free villagers, for which it must also have its bad consequences, It is also an incentive that the opponents of the Ottomans have, when they kill their villagers they will feel happy because they know that it will take time to recover them. But there is something that is uncomfortable that does not make much sense is that the improvements of the exclusive church have an uncomfortable research time for the value they have, They cost very little and their short-term benefit is the least that exists, The improvements that They make villagers create faster 50/125/300 should be 50% faster (Obviously the research time of the upgrade not that of the villagers). What are you going to wait 15 seconds for? The one that allows you to have more villagers capacity should be instantaneous, that would be a very small buff but it would help to optimize the Ottomans more.

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good points here… i mainly play ottomans since vanilla. and just started playing DE for about a month now… got to 1500 ELO by just playing ottomans and now i see they need some tweaking… @ 1450+ elo is basically you have to pay to perfection to win… while your opponent can afford to make mistake and still beat you. i think janisarries are bad atm they need some love in Age2 … like you said i dont mind they nerf their siege and get more bonuses in melee mode vs anything not just cav… maybe move the age3 buff card to age2 or makes abus 1 pop and trainable in barracks… or give another unit also trainable from barracks… ottomans are way to predictable and now with ■■■■■■ units and still ■■■■■■ eco you will mostly get destroyed by anybody that knows the game.

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ottomans need a fundamental change to how their mosque mechanics work. changing the vill production upgrade into a food cost that also ships villagers means making an investment in the mosque early gives an immediate boost and allows you the option of an eco focused strategy that isn’t strictly worse than every other option. there has to be a worthwhile reward for investing in the mosque early and building a strategy around it.

making the base vill cap into 40, and increasing further the cap by 20 per upgrade would go a long way to making their eco smoother. having a starter mosque wagon and losing 100 wood would also further make it easier to create a strategy based around it.

janissary and abus guns nerfs should be reverted as well. further abus guns need their costs increased to 200 from 150 and their ranged resistance and damage increased, especially vs light cavalry. making abus a more expensive but powerful unit plays well with a mosque/eco focused playstyle.

I agree , mosque upgrades NEEDS some tweaking … they also could re-design Palace Intrigue card… and make Nizam Fusilier trainable and available in colonial age. they are super fun with their sprint feature … maybe make that card allow to train them in mosque…


They could make mosque construction an age 2 card and increase the discount on mosque techs

I mean, Ottomans still will train villagers in a much slower rate than the opponent, adding a 5 and 8 villagers shipment will only make the difference on the vill count less brutal on late commercial/fortress age.

The thing is, Ottomans barely can afford Abus Guns with the actual cost, increasing even more the cost and the stats will just make Abus even less affordable.

Only with hard nerfs on the unit. Nizam Fusiliers are way to strong to be a age 2 unit being a counter-all type of unit.

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why hard nerfs? dont Nizam Fusiliers have the same stat as janissary only difference is a slight buff in melee mode and the sprint mode which has a cooldown. or am i missing something??

Nizam fusiliers do different bonus damage depending on formation, I think they can be like a corolean, killing cav at range, be like a sepoy killing cav at melee, and be like a skirmisher, killing heavy inf


Nizam Fusiliers are universal Infantry taht can get bonus damage against almost everything in the game, just by changing stance, which is why it would be grossly OP.

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They are actually better than Caroleans, because their stagger mode do 2x damage on artillery, and Caroleans are pretty weak to cannons.

[quote=“User7047924457, post:12, topic:131603”]
Por qué nerfs duros? No Nizam Fusiliers tiene la misma estadística que janissary, la única diferencia es un ligero beneficio en el modo cuerpo a cuerpo y el modo Sprint, que tiene un tiempo de reutilización. ¿¿O me estoy perdiendo algo??
[/quote] Well, it is the same statistic as a Janizaros, because making the improvement increases the melee damage of all Janizaros, they have 0.25 more speed than a Janizaros, a multiplier of two against infantry but it does not matter, because it does not have the range of a guerrilla the shield is against siege instead of melee, It is not a big deal, The last time I used the nizam was when the game was already won and I took them out of boredom

Ottoman can literally AFK for a while, and still win, just on the power of Shadow Tech units, even against the aggressive British:

Maybe it is a good thing you cannot actually train Nizams, Sipahis or Great Bombards.

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Mashed potato doesn’t count because he does cancer stuff every game, the majority of ottoman players aren’t cancer people who do toxic strategies also yeah training nazam and bombards are probably too big a buff, ottomans just need a small boost nothing crazy

Nizam FF is not a toxic strat… Its an actual viable strat. And its either that or The build, Huss rush Jan Rush or Abus Rush.

Ottos are on a good spot right now, even though weak in taking on cav (and weak vs civs with good cav such as lakota france or even russia).

A Mix or Skirms Goons will kill ottos army if microed properly… but it needs to be massed

Vs cav civs there is the possibility of Revolt, but either Romania and Egypt are too destructive of Ottoman eco, and Romania need to be rethinked, and egypt takes more than five mins to make the eco again and build nizams (which are fine vs cav)


Not really, if he can do, everyone can.
Ottoman have 3 Shadow Tech units now, and they can abuse them very effectively.
Wether or not it is Mashed Potato in the game, it does prove Ottomans are not underpowered, when they can legitimately AFK for the beggining of the game, and still win.

Ottos have all the tools they need, to win in 1v1.

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