Hi Ottomans muuust come to the game.


Hello Parasit
Ottomans were only in Aoe3 because of their gunpowder.
As Aoe4 is set in a midieval world they might not be able to compare against to the other civilisations as they didn’t develop technology such as the great bombards back then.

But Ottomans is not only bombards. Its a history of civilization

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Hell yea. Even ignoring the Ottoman Empire is perhaps the most important empire and civilization of the late Middle Ages (that is, AoE IV!), it would take some serious poker face to disagree with you:

Not really, trust me (my name is Abbadaggus).

In factual basis, the Ottoman Empire started “AoE III” as the main superpower with easily the top battlefield victory record, and the only world empire active in Europe, Asia, Near East and Africa. That’s why it’s in AoE III.

For these reasons, the Ottomans technically belong in AoE IV even more than in AoE III.

Yes they did. Turkish Great Bombards are from 1451, very -VERY- much inside AoE IV’s coverage.

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@ParasitSkills84 Have you seen this? Just beginning to read it.

Pues concuerdo contigo, el no tener a los otomanos en age IV es igual de pésimo que no tener a los bizantinos (post: los únicos que frenaban de manera exitosa a los otomanos eran los Españoles y polacos)

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True… the Ottoman Empire and the Byzantines must come in the same DLC.