Outdated custom campaigns are no longer playable

Good afternoon, a query, some users uploaded their cool campaigns for AoE2 DE, however, because the new DLCs changed a lot of the game’s data, some of them became… obsolete, they don’t work anymore, and I’m not sure if the users who uploaded them know about it or for reasons of life they no longer play Aoe2 and well, now they don’t know that their campaigns no longer work.

That being the case, I wanted to ask, is there any way to play them? any way to downgrade aoe2:DE, or at least recover the files? Thats a screenshot of this problem:

For example, campaigns like “Siegue of constantinople” or Fall of constantinople 1453 can work now because that problem. And you can’t play them because you cant activate those campaigns.

Omskar’s mod is still working at least, but I’m sorry that the work of many is lost. This also happened with many scenarios in Spanish from the elAgora group, I have them, but I don’t want to re-upload them because it’s not my intellectual property.

If this happens to any of you, remember that you can always upload your scenarios to “AgeofKingHeaven”, as a support so that your scenarios are not forgotten in history, if at some point in the future all the campaign scenarios disappear or are no longer playable, for please upload them there.

I know that one is used to the scenarios going up in the base game, but I’m sure that at some point, especially with the new DLC from the time of Rome, “they could be lost”. My greetings.


With any kind of mod or custom content, this is an inevitability to some degree or another when the base game is changed. The only question is whether the individual creators remain active in updating their work in order to accommodate the latest changes. Definitely not something to take for granted, and certainly less so than even the absence of bugs in the base game. But yes, it can be a pity. Unless you plan on making the changes yourself, best thing is probably to contact the creator and ask about whether they plan on “supporting” their stuff given the current changes (and always thanks them for making it in the first place).

The creators are doing a great job.

However I understand your point, but it should be frustrating for creators that put in 40 to 200 plus hours of work to have to go back a fix (update) their creations every time that we have an update in the game.

since they already did the original work for free, I think they should be rewarded as an incentive to keep updating their campaigns (I can not think of any specific rewards).

I hope they do update their creations because they are fun to play.
(See Costum Campaings are great)

A fine idea, but will be constrained by economics. The best way to do this is to see that creators get paid somehow. FE “hiring” them to update custom campaigns is vanishingly unlikely. Individual donations to favored creators are the only way I can see of making this work. If people are willing to donate to MikeEmpires on Patreon for making units fight in the Scenario Editor, I don’t see why custom campaign creators wouldn’t be able to capitalize in a similar way.

I like your Idea, that could be an option.

I would also suggest for them to get as a “Reward” earlier access to any update and/or all the rewards that we have to work to obtain they get them automatically (Icons, Cheat codes, Mods).

This crossed my mind as well, but I don’t think it’s a very fitting or robust solution. Early access to DLCs and updates is useful if you’re a content (video) creator, where it’s nice to get civ/unit reviews or editor battle videos out ahead of the competition. MikeEmpires asked for (and got) early access to Dynasties of India.

As for Icons, Cheat Codes and Mods, it’s just not a very strong incentive, even for regular players, given how easy most of the challenges are and how many people aren’t really into the event stuff. People who make custom campaigns are mods are already above-average in their ability to make or get their own mods. And if I were to guess, would probably say below average in their interest in the event mods/icons.

Whereas even a small amount of money from fans is more likely to be able to clear the schedule for updates, bug fixes, new content, etc.

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You are correct, I just trying to find some solutions, but so far your idea is on top.

It’s terrible to see user content be broken because of those updates (many of them i never asked for). I don’t know how much new ID for objects and units for the new expansions had broken the custom campaigns.

I don’t play any since jun 2020, i would be in shock that many would crash coz all of these new civs.