Outdated mods any idea how to contact authors, or help with updating them

This isn’t a thread about unique skins/architecture for different civilizations, that is elsewhere (though if you know of any functioning mods that do this please do let me know). However I have scoured the mods database for mods that overhaul each civilizations skins to make them unique to that culture. I found a handful, but it seems they are not up to date as when I try to use their data set in skirmish it always says something about an unexpected number of civilizations not compatible with this game version.

These are the mods I found that I would love to get in touch with their authors, however the microsoft/xbox mods website gives no way to contact them to ask questions/see if they will ever update them. Or even get info as to how I may be able to. Any advice? Or anyone know of them?
Could I try to update them myself, if so, how so?


I see that @CelticKeeper is on here, but this forum doesn’t allow DMs…has to be the worst UI for a forum I have eve come across…

Looks like you just had to be more active to DM, so managed that.

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This Forum allow Messages, you could send one or text one comment on the mod section, they most sure no update the mod because after each update of the game, you need rewrite/recreate the mod and this kind of mods are a ton of work.

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