Outlaws are ruined

You guys overbuffed outlaws and now you made them even weaker than they were before the buff. Dance Hall is useless now. Outlaws are useless (except African outlaws which are still really good). What the hell? Why wasn’t this even put in the patch notes? 3 pop gunslingers is too much. and 4 pop cowboys is ridiculous!


ejem, de hecho con la carta de teatro para los europeos, el pistolero tiene el costo de 1 de población y dispara el doble de rápido que un mosquetero y el comanchero cuesta 2 de población asi que son mas útiles que antes.

Considering how they used to be 6 pop I’d say it’s reasonable.


I always thought the idea of outlaws is to trade pop for some cheap and effective units in the early game. Invest some more wood into houses and get a few very effective units compared to other early game ones to overwhelm your opponent (though not implemented perfectly).
So I think it’s fine if they are not so useful in the late game (when everyone has maxed their pop). Most pikes and crossbows are not designed for late game either.

Imbalance between outlaws of different regions is indeed a problem though. They should have similar cost and stats, otherwise the map-dependence would be drastic.


Nobody used outlaws when they were 6 pop who had a brain. They were awful back then and a noob trap.

USA outlaws (and African outlaws by extension) were unique and clearly designed to be used in late game considering Dance hall was moved to age 4. You can’t justify poor balance because of old design
If they want to balance outlaws reasonably revert this nerf and make dance hall increase their coin costs to compensate. That would be far more logical


This is no longer the case, they nerfed the pop again not only for USA but for all outlaws. Not that they were being used that much anyway… this is the nail in the coffin to make sure that stays so

USA was already the strongest lategame civ, outlaws made it worse.

Were the changes listed anywhere? Can’t find them in the patch notes.

u sure? the Mill and Estate gather rates are bad and most units are not good.

Euro civs are better.

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USA can send 1200 res every 40 seconds indefinitely.

to give a comparison then a 15% farm card takes about 6 and a half minute to gather 1200 resources assuming you got 40 villagers on that resource.

no one good agrees with that statement.

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It’s not just the dance hall nerf, Peacemakers has been terribly nerfed…sure it’s cheaper now but it was worth it before since it brought outlaws to guard level.

That’s literally because of only one OP age up that needs a nerf. Nerfing outlaws to be unusable isn’t how to fix that. All it does is reinforce using that specific strat to spam volunteers.


By the way: their asian counterparts were untouched since their very first buffs.

Dacoit and Thugee are the name if I recall correctly.


Same thing with ‘‘Woku’’ outlaws (Asian outlaws as a whole) and pirates . I really don’t understand the thinking behind these inconsistencies. Do they want us to play outlaws in some maps but not in others while purposefully keeping other units not viable?

That was corrected on the previous patch (for some outlaws) but now dance hall and atonement suck even more than before and outlaw’s pop was increased across the board, not just for USA . Was this even being exploited or breaking the balance for other civs?

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Pistoleros for example used to cost 4 pop; they fixed it for two seconds and now they still cost the same…

Yeah that one Age up I forgot, I mostly play treaty so I never use it. that is strong.

You have ur opinion and I have my lol.

you should always take that age up in treaty, not taking it is the wrong play.

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I take mostly Vermont because I often use Mercs. Good Idea.

I think they should have left them as they were but put a build limit on each outlaw, that way they’d still be used as specialized units in supremacy but not be able to be spammed ridiculously in treaty. Now the pop is just too much and they’ll likely never be used again which is a shame because they’re fun to use and very unique.

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Take New Jersey and put inf 300 coin in your deck. It’s Vermont but 100x better.

Seriously they need to nerf New Jersey, not nerf outlaws.

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