Outlaws don't snare

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Outlaws do not snare, this includes musk type units and pirates. Additionally musk type units keep displaying their fire animation even in melee, with the exception that it is at close range now.

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  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Create outlaw
  2. Attack a unit in melee mode
  3. Fail to snare the unit

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The units should be snaring like their standard counterparts.

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Hello! Could you send me a list of all the units that you personally experienced this with? Also, I assume you are referring to melee snare? Thanks for taking the time to report this to us. :+1:

The outlaws without ranged animation create the confusion that they deal ranged attack like the light cavalry while they have proper melee attacks with different stats.

That wasn’t fix on DE, so good call.

Hello Gmenyhart and thank you for your answer. On regards to your second question I mean any unit (even if it has long range by default), they do not snare when set into melee mode.

To answer your first question, because I am one person vs the AI, my capacity to test every outlaw is limited. I’ll leave a list below of the ones I know for sure, but I suggest your team to experiment on any other unmentioned outlaws.

  1. Pistolero
  2. Renegado
  3. Pirate
  4. Dacoit

As a @ArkadasLlisa correctly points out, even when these outlaws are set into melee mode, they still display their range firing animations, however they reach for melee distance to attack their targets. This is a separate issue to the lack of snaring, I should say.

Since you’ll be looking at the issue, I would also recommend making sure that their multipliers work as proper (specially in melee). Units like Pistoleros can feel unusually weak versus cavalry. I tried testing it myself but it’s very hard to create a controlled environment for it.

There are two types of units that should snare and have melee animations:

Pistoleer units and Rifleman outlaw units.

And melee units. Pirates are kind of like rodeleros, which do snare. Also I don’t know if goons snare, if they do, Wokou Cavalry Archer and Comanchero should be able to snare as well.

@gmenyhart as an extra I’ve noticed that this issue has been extended to new outlaws as well, since units such as Daredevil Cossack don’t snare either

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Hey there! I was wondering if this has this been addressed in the new PUP?

I think this has been fixed for cav units but not for infantry. Additionally infantry type units still fire with their range animations in melee

Thank you guys for giving Outlaws their melee animations!
Unfortunately they still do not snare in melee mode.

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