Overdue Poll: Most wanted Native American civ?

What Native American civs would you like to be playable?
  • Mapuche
  • Tupi
  • Apache
  • Comanche
  • Puebloans
  • Haida
  • Cherokee
  • Huron
  • Cree
  • Odawa/Ojibwe (Ottawa/Chippewa)

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I’m not expecting another Native American civ but it isn’t outside the realm of possibility and there are certainly many historical Native American peoples who would be suitable for full playable civilization status.

One of the “issues” with Native American civilizations is that there were so many distinct peoples in the early modern Americas that it can be difficult to reach any consensus as to the top contenders. I’ve read a lot about the most prominent groups during those times and I’ve done my best to pay careful attention to Native American civs that have been frequently mentioned by others in the AOE3 fanbase when creating this poll.

So then: What Native American civs would you like to see as a major playable civ?


Based on power level the Comanche would make the most sense.

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If we follow the tradition of “all units are unique for natives”, many of them might share the same unit designs with Hauds or Lakota.

Mapuche might probably be the more unique one.


Mapuches for South America (being replaced with Tupis on the maps) and Comanche for North America, would be good additions.

It is not like Incas already do not play a lot like Aztecs, anyway.

If I could have any Native civ I wanted, though, it would be the Caddo, however.


Id disagree, Comancheria is nowhere near the Mapuche level of independence. Not to mention the Mapuche succesfully defending against the Spaniards and the Spaniards actually regocnizing their independence.

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Problem with Mapuches, is taht tehy would have Bolas Riders, and that is already too close to what the Incas got.
I would love some Ironwood Clubmen as regular units, though.

Comanche were a very strong regional power, before the US finally defeated them.
They beat the Spanish several times,
It was really cholera and smallpox that broke them.

Also, Comanche adopted Mail Armour, as evidenced by Iron Jacket, a famous Medicine Man of theirs. Would be cool to have Chainmail Native Cavalry in the game.

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No Algonquin option?

I may be biased 'cause I’ve Huron blood, but imo they should make the current native civs playable before introducing any new ones… although there’s little hope of that

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We are all biased :slight_smile:
Adding Huron would just split up an existent umbrella (Iroquois).

Better to add the natives with no umbrellas yet (like Algonquin, of which is a part of my blood :wink: , and is currently being badly represented by Iroquois civ )

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I don’t want any of these, I want the Maori of New Zealand designed in the same style (war chief, war huts, tribal council age ups, community plaza, big button techs, canoes, etc).

As soon as a civ isnt anymore from a continent that has been visited it basically must have unique “base” mechanics like every other civ.

And with base mechanic I mean stuff like the fire pit, consulate, monks, warchiefs, monestaries, etc. They should get different stuff then Native Americans.

Also Id rather see other civs then Maori.

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No it doesn’t. You can do whatever you want as a developer. Hell, the War Hut mechanic was already in the game as the Blockhouse, some native civs have cavalry and some don’t, some have siege and some don’t. Two of the asian civs train unique ships, the other trains European ships. The civs aren’t from outside Europe aren’t 100% unique and distinct.

Also, we’re getting the United States as a “European” civ and if that doesn’t break the mold I don’t know what does.

Too bad the Maori literally had all the unique features that makes the Native Americans have: war chiefs, community meeting places, tribal councils, etc.

Not relevant to why they shouldn’t be in the game.

I really don’t understand why people like Cherokee so much. They’re like the Iroquois only not as powerful or as cool.

I would like the cherokee. They are one of the most relevant native civs, having waged SEVERAL wars again the European and the USA. and are not represented in either the hauds or lakota (some of the tribes like comanche and cheyenne are closer to lakota).

Iroquois is no longer an umbrella civ considering the name change. It only represent the confederation now. But I agree with you, algonquien (or other related tribe) would be good. I believe they have a semi nomadic life style though, similarily to the sioux.

Looking at the big buttons in this video at 19:48, I think either Mapuche or Apache is going to be added as a new native civ. Whether it’s today or in the future we will find out soon.

I think USA will just play like a hybrid European and Native civ, rather than a straight up Euro civ, and that is why it has Big Button techs.

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Yeah maybe they will have a native embassy kinda building where you can research big button upgrades.

No, I think they will just skip some Euro features like Adv Arsenal, and Revolutions, and just have Big Buttons instead.

what is big button??