Overzealous Chat Censor/Filter

The chat filter is waaaaay too sensitive. See example below:



Hey @BrianLinOnline! I know I sometimes go on a swearing tangent and will stress the chat filter. Do you have any idea what was being said here so we can narrow down how it is being overzealous?


@SavageEmpire566 Hello, I did not see your post for awhile, so I have long forgotten what was said. I can assure you there was no swearing. We were just discussing the game afterwards. Sometimes when you type the innocuous word by itself, the chat filter does not censor it. I think the chat filter is a well-known issue by now.


Here’s something for reference:

(pulled from Aussie Drongo’s YouTube: Age of Empires 4 - Well This Is Awkward... - YouTube at the 1:35 mark)

Hey @SteerablePilot9! I appreciate the example. However, in this case, the text shown can technically be construed as an offensive/outdated term. I know that’s not how it was meant here, but in this case I don’t think I can really falter the filter.

I will try to save some examples next time I go into the chat. I think ‘screwed’ is a dirtiest word that I have typed that has been filtered out - as in "if you let your opponent get to mass Fire Lancers, you are ########.’ Otherwise, some of the words are just ridiculously innocent.

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There’s a thread in the Discussion Forum. I think ‘screwed’ and some variation of “China” are ones that I use often that gets censored. As in ‘I allowed the Chinese player to mass fire lancers - I am screwed.’

Lots of innocuous words submitted by the community.

Thank you @BrianLinOnline …we are checking into this.