Patch 7989 - Lag when panning camera

Hi! I just saw the last post was closed few days ago, so unfortunately I was unable to comment there. After patch 7989, the panning performance issue marked as fixed still persists, at least on my config: SSD Samsung 850 EVO-series, GTX 970, i7 6700k, 32gb Corsair DDR4-3000

Quick video with the issue + game version visible in options menu: AoE IV - Bad performance when panning bug - YouTube

Please mods/devs, if you’re aware and still tracking this issue (it’s actually not actually fixed, but just improved) feel free to close the thread, just felt I had to share my experience in case it’s presumed fixed, but really isn’t.



Same the laggy effect i think is reduced but still there. Mostly fine when panning up, left and right but panning down is a slideshow

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Same here. The stutter when panning the camera is still there.
I’m running game version 5.0.7989.
Anti-Aliasing off, everything else medium.

That being said, on 1080p @ 60fps the stutter seems to be much better than before.
But when I change my settings to 1080p @ 120fps or 1440p @ 60fps, the camera pan stutter comes back stronger than ever. My fps drops down to 5-10fps. The frame rate does eventually recover if I stop panning.

If I keep panning around for a few seconds, whatever it is computing seems to queue up. Even when I stop panning, the frame rate would stay low for a while, but eventually it will slowly recover.

My System:
970 EVO Plus 500GB NVMe M.2
AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 8-Core
RTX 2060

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If you are still experiencing these issues @Ghalandar94 @Sahayogstha6853 @MrWrongside, please do contact support here with a summation of the issue and your DxDiag so we can get to the bottom of it. It would be much appreciated!

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Hey @SavageEmpire566 thank you for addressing us! I have just contacted support with the same title as this post, including both the dxdiag and a png containing my full hardware specifications.

I hope this helps you find & fix the underlying issue!

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Same issue.
I even created a topic, but no one replied:

Send them a DxDiag with the issue like @SavageEmpire566 suggested so we can get it fixed ASAP! :smiley:

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Please be patient. We’ll see everything eventually. In this case, however, contacting support is your best bet!