Patch 9.1.370 is out

Soooo Byzantine got nerfed?? Jeanne lost effectively 50 xp early game and her champions lost armor…hmmm

Ayyubids lost gamba villager production which is great. Take longer to age and gamba trades efficiencies is down.

Mali got a mini cow nerf.

Mongols got nerfed via the overall trader nerf.


Can I ask if someone actually really wants these weekly/bi-weekly balance changes?

Fix the bugs: ok. But why dont you atleast give a full season for the balance changes? The game was not broken, all civs were playable. OK, maybe the removal of the gamba village production was fine, but give the other things abit more time. We got only 3 weeks to try, nothing has been even figured out yet.

Jeanne D’arc and Ayyubids were broken. And I’m not sure if these changes will be enough to solve it.


Jeanne still broken. Her buy back price is too cost effective and fast.

Where is the d’arc nerf?
That sheet is broken af, there is absolutely no way it wasn’t touched.
Q dmg too high, cooldown too low, heal too insane (especiall for knights), still instant revive without penatly, leveling too fast and waaaaaaaaay too much hp and resistances on higher levels.
They should just nerf tht horse to the ground and give the civ the french villager training speed bonus in a milder version.
For french it’s 10/15/20/25%, so why not give Jean 5/7.5/10/12.5% ?

Or… it’s a skill issue and people are not handling the only things that make the character strong well.

A skill issue present at all rankings mind you¿?? 56% wins across the board even very high in tournament the ultimate stage???

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Skill issue at all ranks?

That bullsheet has 56% winratio average in ranked.
There is no other civ which dominates in every elo from bronze to conq.
It literally has 2 matchups where it’s mildly less than 50%.
In diamond it has only one matchup with less than 50%, which is otto: 47.9%
And in conq, it has an average winratio of 56.4%.
While that civ requires absolutely no skill and makes games super boring and onesided.
There is no penalty for playing poorly, unlike when playing french.
You ## ### you lose.
You have bad fight with that horse? No problem, you respawn it and win the game.

Even if it was a skill issue.
That freaking horse COMPLETELY DICTATES what is happening in game.
Even if the win% would be 50 in all elo range, this civ is completely cancer.

Forcing you to hide in your base and not enter ANY fight and just try and age to fortress/imperial, trying not to die is competely insane.
The horse has to be removed from the game or changed to something like the Khan.

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I do believe this is a situation where there is a new mechanic that people are not used to, and that one of the leading reasons for them to not nerf it on every level is that the statistics that the developers access have more detail and nuance than user opinion. IE: I don’t think it’s something that needs to be nerfed so hard, and it comes off as being a reaction to not understanding gameplay rather than it being unbalanced.

Or more simply put, the issue people are having is primarily based off of their inability to adapt to new metas, and it is not fully because of IMBA.

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I’m really curious now:
Do you play ranked 1v1 or do you refer to quickmatch 4v4?
In big matches, the horse civ might be not nearly as broken.

Again, so we don’t missunderstand each other:
That horse being op as hell and MAJORLY dominating all elo ranges in 1v1 with super high win% is not even the only issue.
The issue is, this horse is so oppressive and broken in the civ design, that it completely dictates the game.
The only counterplay is wall yourself in, NOT move out of your town and try and boom without having all your villagers die to an all-in raid.
There is no other civ which dictates the game even close to such an extend.
The d’arc civ is majorly flawed in the design.
The eco has to be improved a bit and that horse has to be drastically downtuned.
Currently it’s a civ with low eco and a HUUUUUUUGE hero.
Makes absolutely no sense.

This doesn’t matter. I’m not playing the game where your opinion on something matters more because of whatever metric you’re going to pull out. You just didn’t like being told that the issue is with how people are playing the game more than balance.

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So you are talking about casual play, where balance and strategies don’t matter at all.
Where you just play to see some nice units hopping around on screen and enjoy the graphics and watch the buildings, even buiild houses nicely next to each other, so the town looks pretty.

I’m really sorry to tell you that:
Your whole point has provten to be invalid with this information.

Byzantine getting 50 extra stone at the start of the game is a WAY bigger deal than some small nerfs to imperial age (where they were already fine).

Thank Relic gamba wing is nerfed (no villagers hurray).

I’m not sure if 50 less xp fixes Jeanne, but it might be a big deal. Her hitting lvl 3 is a HUGE deal and now she needs to kill a few more units for that.

While I like to see OOTD buffs, idk what you even do with 50 wood. Maybe this will unlock some cool build paths? Do you even need to gather wood before starting to go to feudal now? Maybe there will be some cool FC cause you basically don’t need any wood gatherers.


Ayyubids cant trade villagers at the casino anymore.
I think this is a really GREAT change. It may actually be enough to balance the civ.

Jeanne did not receive enough nerf it think, she should have received a better penalty for dying at least.

I really love the new Yorishiro system. Its a lot better. Now you need to spend gold to get a yorishiro.


OotD actually received a big buff with their crossbow.

Culverin and Springald ranged armor has been NERFED TO THE GROUND.

Which means OotD crossbow with meinwork tech will destroy them.

Jeanne nerf should have a significant effect (level 3 is insanely impactful especially in feudal, also nerfed her lvl 3 units). I agree that Jeanne was very overtuned before so idk if this is enough.

Shaolin monk nerf is pretty big. It’s actually feels more than 2 armor nerf because armor applies AFTER the halved damage reduction (so they will be taking significantly more ranged damage with ability on).

While they nerfed the most obnoxious Zhu Xi strategy, imo zhuge nu rushes are still way to strong with their song/tang dynasty.

Mongols got a huge stealth nerf with that trader production time!

Sad that they DID NOT fix the Samourai odashi extra range…

That’s pretty big balance bug.


It might be, though I wouldn’t be that surprised if it is actually intended. I don’t think the tech makes the unit super OP or anything.

if this was directed at me? PAHHAHAHAHAHAHA

You’re on a forum wanting to convince the readers that your opinion is as substantive as the next DESPITE having zero measurable basis for your conclusion???

Better yet, how did you arrive to your current understanding of this situation? Are you personally able to answer the Jeanne question, so you KNOW the answer from experience???

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The byzantines did not need any nerfs but buffs. And need way more buffs. Seige needed way more nerfs as well and a pop in crease on all seige

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