Patch 9.1.370 is out

Just tested it, and it spawns a monk carrying yorishiro every 2 minutes now instead for free, and stops when you have 4. This means that it has been nerfed in some functionality, but in others now gives you +150 gold for every yorishiro in the form of a trained monk every 2 minutes.

So, this would be an edge case, it arguably can do more if you end up losing the yorishiros (150 gold every 2 minutes) while doing less over a long period of time (max of 4). Now it is effectively +450 gold over the course of 6 minutes… and you can queue up the yorishiro to send to building and relic after, reducing micro.

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I kinda agree with the nerf because those specific skills were too strong when looked at INDIVIDUALLY.

But they should have buffed other things in the civ, like the grand winery and cisterns.

Wait what? Now it also spawns FREE monks ? what.

EDIT: OHH its limited to 4, so its totally fine if you get free monks then.

The budhist landmark is the one that needed free monks lol.

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What if you just delete your forge to get free monks spawns?

So the Shinto Priest cost only 50 wood now. While the budhist cost 100 gold ?
Does not address the balance between the 2 landmarks.

Yes, this works. However, it will take 2 minutes as it does not queue up a monk once you have 4 yorishiro, and you do not need to place it in a building to count, as a living monk spawns while carrying it taking up a yorishiro “slot”.

I think that this change is a nerf to late-game japan, but it still makes this landmark more effective than the Buddhist landmark, if only because I haven’t seen the Buddhist monks use their ability on an attack move. It still has great tempo, I personally place the first relic into a town center and make three forges in the back somewhere safe. Now you don’t even need to micro, you can shift right click the three future ones and go about your day without looking at it twice. The four free monks over time just make it even easier to take control of the map, which you will more than likely have as a result of the civ being very aggressive in nature.

Yeah if it starts over the 2 min, then you’d lose 150 gold anyway from the forge yoroshiro during that 2 min. So cheaper to train at temple.

I like anything that makes things simpler to control. Just that they should have done this to budhist monks also and make their ability better at auto cast. It’s like they are ignoring it for some reason as if only the Shinto landmark existed or was worth thinking about.

4 free monks over 8 minute is not a huge deal. The first one gives you a head start on relics (compared to some civs), but it’s not like a drastic one.

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4 free monks over 6 minutes, the first is spawned instantly. It isn’t a big deal just looking at silver linings more than anything.

I also just tested the Buddhist monks, they now cast their ability on an attack move (I actually don’t know if they didn’t before as I always went for the other landmark). If their healing is turned to auto then they prioritize healing over debuffing, but you can turn the auto heal off and they will use their ability instead of heal on an attack move. It has a half second cool down and when used as a group they will all cast to the same unit, so you may not even want more than one or two monks in the field. Range is 5 tiles so it’s not like they’ll put themselves in harms way at least.

The Buddhist landmark still feels very weak in comparison, but I guess I would have to test it in future games to really see for myself. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted or needed more than 4 monks unless I was HRE, so the discount is kind of null for me.

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I feel like the way they should have designed this is that you should pick shinto if you want more long term economic bonus, but you should pick budhist if you want to quickly grab the relics (since it acts as a temple), that would give a reason for both landmark to be picked.

The problem with this is that the landmark that spawn Priest is now the SHINTO landmark. I really think the budhist landmark should spawn like 2 monk for free on completion so it would make sense to use it against HRE, OOTD…

Perhaps. I think temple is supposed to be the more military focused one with Gate being the eco one. Temple gets cheap faster moving monks that have a crazy damage reduction ability.

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About Ranked: Lately, there have been many people saying that Juana was broken in ranked, even with numbers that were truly impossible to deny. I haven’t tried Ranked recently in the DLC, mainly because I still wanted to choose which civs are most suitable for it. Well, the real reason is that I still haven’t found the time where I don’t get called from work or home to help and I can be sure I don’t have to abandon the game halfway through. Maybe at the end of December.

About Multiplayer Balance: Anyways, I’ve tried some quick 1v1 games with the Order of the Dragon, and I like the civ, although I would say that if the HRE had difficulties against France, OotD gets beaten up very badly if he fights Juana. I wouldn’t know then if it is because of Juana herself, or because there was always that synergy between the father civ.

Really? So the autocast exists if you cancel auto-healing? Because if they do, then they might be “Viable”.

In fact, when I played “Against” the Japanese vs AI to test whether they were broken or not, I noticed that twice they preferred the Buddhist Monk over the Shinto Priest, and it is because they “could” use the skill of the monks with total naturalness , nerfing your army. I thought it was because the AI could do many commands at once, but it could also make them use the strategy you say, remove the heal command and have them attack.

As for whether they did it before, the only time I tested Buddhist monks without knowing their ability, sending them to attack along with other units, I don’t remember their effect being activated. In fact, that was when I realized that it was not an automatic ability, but an active one, completely reducing its effectiveness. Of course, I did not deactivate Auto-healing, perhaps it was like that and we did not realize it.

Vizier Points.- There are many other things that the game itself or the guides do not say and one must discover on their own. Like the Vizir points one earns per Unit. In fact, I made an ENTIRE topic about those points ( Topic about Vizier Points: Everything about them ) and it was not very popular:

  • Did you know that building Siege Towers does not generate Vizir points? I think that deserves to be in the Bugs section.

  • And the Sipahi, who had a promising stat change, their current price does not match the vizir points they should give them (they should give them 1 more per unit)

  • Maybe i would have to test again the units, to conffirm if the points are the same. Bye

Important stuff that has not been fixed:

-Zhu xi monks not being able to pick up relics sometimes
-Elzbck palace not working for OOTD.
-Samourai Odashi giving extra range.
-Villagers getting stuck between walls end and dense forest.
-OOTD units lose their meinwerk tech when upgraded

EDIT: added last one thanks to brubie99

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Even more important for OOTD. Upgrading a unit (to veteran for example) removes the unique Meinwerk upgrades from any existing units.


I think that against JdA you have to play quite defensive and try to take the battles where there is an advantage until you age to Castles.

Yeah amazing game, amazing.
You might as well play city- and wallsimulator instead of age of empires.
Come on, that can not be the way…

Delete that horse already.

You mean you’re playing the game where actual facts and stats mean zero because your opinion trumps all of it. LOL. You come across as a troll at worst or a person not to be taken serious at best.

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Crazy that they didn’t address this bug at all. This is hurting OotD big time. It’s insane that they release a patch and leave this issue. Hey, as OotD you can get these special Meinwerk upgrades that HRE doesn’t have. Too bad they disappear if you upgrade your units. Oh well, we’ll just leave it that way.

No. When people start to bring in how others play the game and whether or not they meet a certain standard that they determine, we get away from having a rational fact based discussion. That kind of thing is not worth spending the time responding directly to, and more than anything does very little to add to the discussion. I am not trying to trump any person’s opinion. I have no idea how you got there.


Would you concede to this notion that if a guy is 1800 elo conq 3 and I’m plat 2, that MAYBE the conq3 guy has a stronger grasp on the nuisances of the game than me? I’m NOT saying because he’s conq 3 he can fandom IDEAS that my lil plat 3 brain could never wrap my head around?

I’m saying quite plainly, maybe the conq3 guy can execute the mechs of the game at a more consistent and highly efficient SKILL that I, at plat 1, cannot CONSISTENTLY match??

I said all that to say:

When you offered your opinion that said;

it’s a skill issue and people are not handling the only things that make the character strong well.

A skill issue that both conq3 and the VERY VERY TOP TOP PLAYERS IN THE GAME CAN’T ANSWER??? Those ppl that are MOST skilled at the game can’t answer this skill question called Jeanne? You don’t see the flaw in your logic?

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Instead of attacking me and going after my argument why don’t we focus on the actual discussion, the balance of Jeanne d’Arc.