Patch news and Ranked season closed beta

  1. Siege
  2. Demolition ships
  3. The Rus Horse archer infinite range xD
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Abbasid not even mentioned. Seems another lost opportunity to save AoE4.

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It looks like they touch balance only to smooth spikes every month, while doing bigger changes every three months with the updates. If they hotfix bugs and urgent issues in between, I’m fine with it.

the right term is slowfix


Totally removed yes…

Well, theviper had complained that the explorer no longer had animation cancellation.

Yes man, add 10 more civilizations and then let my neighbor balance it.

An RTS, for its long-term survival and not being played by 4 cats, needs a strong competitive scene.

Devs only removed cancel animation against deers.


This. Only with a strong competitive scene new players come and devs can monetize the game and create more content for casuals.


AOE2 survived through the ages mostly due to its user generated content (mods, scenarios, custom maps etc.). Most RTS players play singleplayer.

Player numbers are dropping since there is nothing to do for the SP crowd, the competitive scene can’t change that.

If the modding tools fail to cater to the needs of the SP crowd (no scenario and map editor for example, no custom settings like higher pop, diplomacy etc.), the game will continue to have lower player numbers than AOE2.


A CLOSED BETA for a ranking system to be put into your already sold full price multiplayer game… months after it’s launch when player interest has reached its lowest, bugs and balance issues are still not solved and enough semi-official tournaments were held to know exactly what the 1v1 meta looks like…

This is some A-class clownworld ■■■■. I wanna smoke what they got. *Canadian anthem intensifies


Don’t go so fast, it is proven that a non-competitive RTS dies, whether or not it has a good SP, that’s why AoE2 was improving that section over time and there are the results.

Of course SP is also important and I’m sure that what they add will help increase the number of players, but things are as they are, the MP game (especially its promotion of tournaments and content creators) is essential for this game keep on living.

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I invite you to verify it, the attack speed is for everything, if it does not have deer, it does not have it at all.

in Delih, the reduction is exponential for each scholar housed, in the madrasah there is room for 20 scholars, which avoids having to build several mosques. For example if I want to research chemistry, with 12 scholars, it takes 22m30s that I divide by 1.125 ^ 12 which gives 22.5 / 1.125 ^ 12 = 5.47, that is 5 m with 28 s. If I build 2 madrasas that time is practically half.

This is good news,The game will get better and better. Good to hear this news about the patch.


I’ve verified it myself by animation cancelling enemy landmarks with 50 scouts at 10 mins as Rus and seeing they are destroyed much faster than if I don’t animation cancel. It’s 100% still in the game. There are multiple videos.

Well, I just tried it a few minutes ago, I invite you to enter with a friend and verify it with a single explorer against a fence, the animation is not canceled. Your data from 50 explorers is subjective, better do it with one and better if you upload the video to us, thanks.

The competitive scene Is the main reason we have RTS in this state. Too semplicistic, with a bad UI, mediocre graphic and effects, no phisycs. Competitive players Will not be the main base of this game never and i don’t understand why People think the opposite. AOE have been survived thanks to the modders and people Who play scenarios, campaigns, skirmish and co-op.

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This and i don’t understand why People think differenti. All stats and the the same Developers said the most of People play SP. Streamers and youtubers probably give a different perception of that and some people Think thag High Numbers of viewers mean High Numbers of players (and buyers). This Is Simply wrong.

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Absolutely not. This Is the claim that i could expect from a pro-players or competitive Ones. Skirmish vs AI, scenarios and campaigns are the most played in every RTS. If you have a good community of modders and good developers who are going to release more DLC with civilizations, enached graphic, Diplomacy, new units and new gameplay modes, that’s Will set the game in a very good position for the coming Years.