Patch news and Ranked season closed beta

No you can still do it when attacking deer

No, that’s the only thing they fix. Can you provide video? I try to do and see many others try with deers but nobody can.

Hmhm ok you cancel the attack animation but he does not instantly attack again. so I guess I was mistaken there

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The following is aimed at whether the majority of players are likely to be competitive focused or single player/custom focused. The information considered is not intended to be a AOE2 vs AOE4 post (I love both games). We do not know the impact of gamepass and I have not looked at other sites that might be useful, other than those cited below.

Yes, everything could have been (be) better but I refuse to drown in the tears of others, whilst I am still enjoying the game and hoovering up AOE4 related content.

A quick look and peak viewers of AOE2 was said to be in the region of 73k and AOE4 124k ( and this is currently 1.7k average viewers as of January 2022. AOE4 has 124k peak viewers, which has gone down to 3.8k average viewers in January 2022. A fall from greatness, sure, but most people are likely to be playing the game not watching. The streamers are, obviously for the large part playing multiplayer.

N.B. AOE4 is currently under the surgical knife and, maybe, it will need(s) the defibrillator treatment, we will see. However, even with all the complaints and unfinished content, it still competes with the all-time great of AOE2 (a much more updated product) and this does bring hope for great potential, if the fixes are fast and good.

Using AOE2 Hidden Cup 4 had over 50k viewers in March 2021 whereby player count was at a peak of 30.1k with average players of almost 16k at that time. AOE2 currently has 20.2k peak over 24 hours with 38.7k all-time peak. This is, of course, multiplayer focused. The viewership of the tournament blew away the entire all-time playerbase and it does not appear unreasonable to assume that the people watching are interesting in the competitive scene. I cannot see how we interpret this as the majority of 20.2k peak right now is SP/custom based.

AOE4 currently has 15.4k peak over 24 hours with 73.6k. That is much lower and hopefully can be revived by the next updates. I know people will say there was no competition, but the game has garnered interest from competitive RTS players from many other games of this type.

I used to play AOE3 whereby the player base was originally at say 5k and went lower with a much more tight-knit community, but it was still excellent. This entry in the franchise has 3.4k 24-hour peak and 18.1k all-time peak, so I take it that the player count went up much higher as more content was added.

With the ongoing success of AOE2 and the franchise in general seeing regular updates, this should be good news and the same can happen with AOE4. Yes, it needs fixing and that is coming and, yes, we would like it to be faster etc etc etc.

On YouTube, we can see notable subscribers as follows: (i) Spirit of the Law (345k); T90 (274k); TheViper (251k); and Grubby (230k). The majority of the content appears to be competitive and multiplayer focused and I cannot see any large number of players watching campaign or single player content.

This is probably why the main features and focus of the advertising of AOE4 was on competitive and multiplayer aspects. There was not really any campaign orientated hype, it was all on the e-sports scene. Some people may not like this (and might think it is a mistake as it does not focus on the content and features you enjoy most), but the developers obviously looked at the data and went, we will make more money if we cater to the largest part of the playerbase.

Most players appear to not be coming for the graphics or other shiny trinkets, they are coming for the gameplay and competition/multiplayer. No one is escaping the internet these days unless you live in a tribe in the middle of nowehere and I doubt there is an army of players still using a disc and not logging online.

I am happy to be wrong and both elements can peacefully co-exist for each other’s benefit. Although one will obviously take precedence over the other. Modding community is great by the way and let us hope that can start soon in AOE4.

Also, IIRC, I think that melee animation cancelling is still working, it is ranged animation cancelling that was removed.


SC, SC2 and WC3 was the top 3 RTS in term of longevitiy, amount of player and they was competitive oriented (basicly SC2 is one of the first game ever with true e-sport scene and was the most played RTS before aoe4, even with how bad Blizzard ended).

So data are not agree with your assumption.


I am fine with a game having a competitive aspect but if it doesn’t have enough PvE gameplay modes I can’t stick around because I can’t compete. I have a job and a life and can only play a few hours a week and if you’re telling me the only interesting stuff in this game is competitive multiplayer, then I’m out.

And I’m sure this is true for the majority, not the minority.

So as long as they make content for SP, they can keep me and people like me around. That doesn’t mean the game can’t have a competitive scene. It should not be one or the other.


Nobody said that. SC2 had e-sport and one of the best campagne ever.

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All of these are not historical and draw their audience from a (competitive) RTS only crowd. I can only speak for myself, but their settings are boring and don’t interest me in the slightest.
The AOE franchise has most of its audience in the casual crowd and history fans because unlike the rest it is no fantasy game, which is fairly unique in the genre.

Players from Total War, Stronghold and other games come here to enjoy historical campaigns, tell their own stories with the scenario editor or create a fun lobby with special modes or settings.

Same with multiplayer: Look at T90’s community games, there are tons of FFA diplomacy games out there; players in ranked mode are an actual minority.

It is not the e-sport crowd that will pay for new factions and campaigns. AOE2:DE’s DLCs came with campaigns. It is apparent that Forgotten Empires knows their audience; does relic?

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This, perfectly said. The main audience Is and It Always Will be the casual players. If you are looking to reach the E-sport (as It seems to me judging from the lack editor, Diplomacy, and many other features …i’m including also the dated graphic, but It’s my opinion) scene instead than casual players, releasing all the features that casual wanna play, it’s not Will help this game in the future.


Ofc they will, the e-sport crowd will pay for new skin as well (like they did in sc2, it worked like a charm). But if you want a game to be a success, you need an audiance for that, so you need an e-sport scene (and aoe2DE IS an e-sport game).

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Obviously we want a success for both elements of the game, but we do not want the blind leading the blind.


What they don’t understand is that AoE2, an RTS benchmark, thanks to the mods that HELPED better gameplay for competitive mode and the MONEY that has been put into tournaments year after year is what has really brought the game back to life. .

Likewise, they can only give AoE2 as an example for many casual players (which I already explained why it survived) because there are many more RTS that had more players with a competitive scene, apart from some good campaigns (SC2) and more game modes.

I hope they say a successful RTS only for casuals and that it is a success: I already answer, none. Most are played by 4 cats. AoE2 and SC2 (with brushstrokes from other games) are the benchmarks.

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Are you sure? Do think the E-sport scene in Aoe2de Is much more important than the casual scene?

It is not really the e-sport scene but overall the multiplayer scene. Players playing with each other in the standard game mode (i.e. how the game was designed). You can be a casual and you will also be part of the online community. Yes mods have helped improve AOE2 a lot.

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No, i’m not agree. What helped Aoe2 to survive It was the community and people Who workes on scenarios, campaigns and more. Forgotten Empires were scenario creators. The E-sport scene Is not too big for AOE: yes, Is growing but It Always been Little than the main base of fans. And these people mainly bought DLC with campaigns, new units, civilizations and features. Forgotten Empires and World’s Edge knew that and this Is the reason we often have new DLC for both Aoe2 and Aoe3.

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And I repeat that it is good that they put new campaigns, game modes and DLCs (as long as the civilizations are better balanced first). That happens with any good RTS so that casuals and not so casuals don’t get bored, but what is missing is what allows that good RTS to increase player traffic. AoE3 has lousy competitive play, but it has a wide range of casual game modes, as a result we have a low player count compared to AoE2.

If you don’t want to see it, don’t see it. I’m not talking about Civilization 6, which is clearly set in it (it’s not an RTS), but about Real Time Strategy games.


And i’m Saying that for many RTS the most importants audience Is the casual One. This statement have been already done by Relic and the Spirit of Law.

It’s not about being more important, it’s about having it and how the e-sport contribut too casual players. Aoe2 have an e-sport scene (something aoe3 don’t have, and i am coming from aoe3), and even casual players can enjoy big e-sport event (most of viewer from e-sport event are casu).

The logic is, if there are an e-sport scene, there are more money generated over time, so they can invest in their game to improve things which the casu will benefit a lot (like new skins, new campagne, better ui, mods etc…). No e-sport mean basicly not more money after the game is realised.

It’s the same kind of logic we have in regular sport.

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Who gains with E-sport? Pro-players or MS? For MS could be a return in term of publicity for its game but that’s all. The most of people Who Watch the E-sport match are not buyers but they simply follow their favourite streamers. This Is the problem. MS gains Money with DLC or subscriptions for Gamepass. Nothing more.

All people should play as they want so a competitive scene Is important for some players of course. But should not make a game with this vision because you (MS) could face the Truth on the next months. The lack of features on this game makes me think they wanna go for a more E-sport game but this is very far from what Aoe should be, imho.

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Nearly all gamers are single player gamers, or LAN at the most. Iirc, about 72% of the CoD community back at its peak never logged into multiplayer.

However, a lot of them, not all, maybe not even 1% to the majority, watched videos. Lots of videos. Hours of videos. And that was enough for some publishers of some games to cator something to some content creators of some of their games for some people that made up some part of a community.

For RTS, and for AoE4, I have no clear idea of what the E-sport incentive looks like from the publisher’s point of view.

It’s like debating geography, you can arrive at many views that are acceptable but not necessarily meaningful in the grand design of politics.