Patch news and Ranked season closed beta

That’s a lot, there are publicity everywhere for a reason.

Show me your data to be so assertive? because it’s not make sens, why your favorite streamers will be Viper if you don’t like aoe?

Why all big company tries that hard to create e-sport scene then? probably not because they are nice.

This game lacks some feature indeed and a lot of top players have talked about it, but what you want can be summarized by the “mods” feature.


Why should i wait for a mod when i paid for a triple AAA, for example?

Many People watch E-sport in the similar way they Watch a football match. It doesn’t Means that they Will buy the game. I like the basket very much (i loved the Chicago Bulls because Dan Peterson commented their matchess for the italian television) but i never played this sport.

hope they keep on patching the game so it doesn’t die because of bugs and imbalances.

Do you really think the monthly balance patches are for SP players?

What a silly thing to say.

Of course they are for MP.

But MP has esports AND casual games. There are waaayyy more casual games than esports games. And both need balance updates.

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This is an other probleme which have nothing to do with what we are talking about. Yes to me, for 60€, Mods should be available at lauch, as editor, as customizable hotkey (which is a competitive feature more than a casu one) etc…

This is just absolutly wrong. The proportion of peaple watching a sport is greater in population which play this sport. And it’s probably even more true in video game.

It was being done in the Winter Series tournament last weekend. I don’t believe there has been any patch since then has there? I don’t have anyone to do this with but will try to arrange. Tried doing against AI but they don’t leave you alone to practice with one scout! ;(

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Guys… it’s not that it is a well-protected secret

[animation cancelling aoe4 - Google Search]

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according to what blizzard said in the past, those games had the majority of players do custom games and singleplayer aswell.

Because it’s RTS RealTimeStrategy.

For SP there are more complex game: The Settlers, stellaris with much more comlex gameplay and feature, which keep players to play. etc.
RTS using opponent to replace complexity and depth. RTS is niche for competitive players.

You have no idea.
in 2009 there was no Wide monitor support, only because Voobly and competitive players exists, game recieved 1080p resolution, and after that there were a lot a lot of other changes, purely from competitive players, fixing and tweaking balance.
Also, the most popular scenario was “CBA”, which played 4vs4 with only army.

thanks to competitive players game alive.
Do you know alive RTS with dead multiplayer, which survived several years?
I do not know. So, competitive game == life. No competitive players == dead.

PS why you do not ask Dota release some SP content, it would be joke.
But Dota was a mod from RTS.


Personally, I’m glad they’re launching a ranked system, and I’m not a competitive player. It just provides a better experience to play PVP. Just blindly going in to a match without knowing where you stand is not that great.

I’ll keep my comments on the bug fixes to a minimum until they release the full patch notes. Lots of people overreacting when they listed 2 civs, I don’t think they are only patching 2 (I hope!).

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I don’t get your point?

As a competitive player i’ll give you my points of view from arround 500 games played mostly in 1v1 vs the best players nowadays.

French. Was one of the best civ in the past the last patch that buff spearman and nerf knight
With the nerf hulk make this civ a bit unbalance in specifics matchup.
For example on water french are unbalanced versus rus that would easily win a french player with out any difficulty because rus shot a lot of arrow can shot while moving more speed movement so canot loose any boat etc… on lands specifics match up like english vs french or rus vs french are still hard to practise
They need an improvement in their siege unit a culverin is less powerfull than a china bombard i mean their 4th landmark doesnt provide such good siege unit than other civ

English ? Early very strong

Mongols mongols need to be fix too strong their tower range
The khan bonus their landmark… for example they can run out their siege vs cavalry and loose nothing its unexeptable it gave them the opportunity to play greedy making huge mistake and still win with a 20 villagers less they can have similar economy due to their 2 landmarks that gave speed movement and more gold.

Rus rus is probably the best civ with mongol. In order to balance the game we should reduce speed movement of scoot carrying deer ( maybe their armor also ). Same thing for monk that carry relic and cannot be stoped actually i saw pro trying to wall relics… sniping those monk every time failed. Now ppl let them bring those relics and make a 5 relics at 9mn for opponent even if you saw this monk coming and had 3/4 knight as french you ll dammage the monk but not kill him. Enemy should have ability to prevent those relics taking and nowadays we don’t see how just like pro scoot deers stealing.
First land mark trade post should be nerfed also they provide them a too powerfull castle age timing and late game strenght
Last but not least archery cavalry is too powerfull and they absolutly need to be nerfed
China siege unit from cloc tower 1k life bombard is too much issue the nest of bee are less accurate than mangonels
Firelancer should be nerf
Abbasid reduce speed building siege and increase their cost ( switching that easily should be prevent )
Delhi reduce the timing walling with infantry ( stone tower deny )

Obviously fix a lot of bugs many other things that i forgot to say but thats a begining

You know that AoE is more than any old RTS because of the history component, right?

People have enjoyed campaigns for decades…and other SP content.

It was technically unplayable, since win7. none will play with “red dot artifacts” and “1024x800” resolution. even in compains.
MP players spend x100 time in the game and play game for years. There are greater genres for SP content…why i’m repeating if already write it all above…

I’ve asked about examples, useless chatter without proof. provide some RTS from Steamchart with ded multiplayer, but alive.

I just checked aoe3de, 4.1k players right now… dead multiplayer tho is it not?

CBA is not very competitive, but rather a fun multiplayer mode for casuals.

The RTS genre itself is almost dead, most games with fun SP content are old and therefore hard to measure.

We are talking about different audiences: While the casual multiplayer crowd gathers to make games like Empire Earth, Earth 2150, C&C etc. playable again with various mods, games today all try to cater to e-sports only providing streamlined maps, modes, settings etc.

As I said, ranked players are an actual minority in RTS, it is a different audience. Even if the AOE4 devs were to do weekly balance patches the game would slowly die out, as there is nothing else to do aside from standard ranked matches.

2900 for RM and 2900 for TG for last month.
in steamcharts you can see how long “SP” players play - Peak and Down.

For SP there a lot of genres like RTS but with other elements, which is more popular. I do not understand why people asking to kill MP. I do not played compain

But somehow Dota is alive, with nothing but “standart ranked matches”.(add “Turbo matches”, easy couriers etc )
What’s changed for RTS and aoe4 since 2000? nothing. Tried hotkeys but partially failed(for mouse it’s sometimes better). Of course it’s easier to print a new compain, balance inside compain (restrict compain with T3/give opponent less units etc).
But would it be RTS. Or is it really RTS with “pause option”, may be create game especially for Strategy, if someone want “features to stop time”.

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And it’s not an RTS, but Rocket League peaks at over half a million concurrent players with multiplayer matches pretty much the only thing to do in the game. I’m not sure why an RTS inherently couldn’t survive with a similar multiplayer focus. The AoE 4 devs have said that they will have seasons, ranks, and rewards, all of which are in Rocket League, so maybe those will boost the appeal of multiplayer.

In my opinion it’s QoL.
Game should not use mechanics from 2000. Examples: 8 clicks to replace lumberjack + supervise it with IO. (select->tab->place->tab->supervise). Build ram on the battlefield - nightmare. In Tgs especially player can loose his building, but devs keep “zoom” as it used to be in 1999.

Improve user experience and make gameplay easier, than RTS can be popular as Moba game, not only compain youtube videos can boost popularity.