Patch notes 2023/02/23 where?

patch notes 2023/02/23 where?


So Dravidians and Bengalis just became even worse?

At least they don’t nerf Sicilians for no reason

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Bengalis are already close to be OP on arena, they don’t need more buffs.

Hussar bonus against monks +17? When it was +16 at first? there are a lot of bonus values that I never saw and this patch make them look incorrect.

Like Armored Elephant bonus vs Buildings increased from 97 :arrow_forward: 100

I expected some major overhaul for Dravidians. But I’m surprised their Siege elephants got nerfed. The civ is unplayable on open maps. I expected huge changes to the civ to make it payable. I am still expecting them in new large patch.

Dravidian Civilization bonuses

  • [CHANGE] Receive 150 extra wood at the start of the game.
  • [CHANGE] Farms have 2 times the food as regular farms. (2 x 175 food)
  • Barracks technologies cost -50%.
  • Skirmishers and Elephant Archers attack 25% faster.
  • Team bonus: Docks provide +5 population space

Unique units

  • Urumi Swordsman: Melee infantry armed with a long steel whip. They do charge attack based on charge bar.
    During charge attack, they deal 1/2 splash damage to units 0.75 tiles near them.
    [CHANGE] Rate of attack is 100% faster and moves 0.1 tps faster
    [CHANGE] The charge bar is also a damage avoiding bar like Shrivamsha Shield.
    Enemy attack on Urumi both melee and Pierce will reduce charge
    attack bar first before reducing Urumi’s real health bar.
    [CHANGE] Exchange Eagle attack bonus and Building attack bonus
    for cavalry and Siege attack bonus.

  • Thirisadai : Warship that fires multiple projectiles

Unique technologies
Castle Age Unique tech : [CHANGE] Strike Corps - Barrack technologies effect is doubled.
Imperial Age Unique tech : Wootz Steel - Infantry and cavalry attacks ignore armor.

Tech Tree: [CHANGE] Dravidian Monks have access to redemption or fervour.

Oh really? So we should be happy to have a 40% W/R civ in Arabia?

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I am happy if it is 39.9%

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yes, especially with Bengals having 70+% win rate on closed maps in the last tournaments.

Any open map buff will also buf them on any other map.

People should finaly accept 42 civs not being perfect on every map and always 100% balanced around Arabia 1v1.

They should rather have their own main settings, but ofc not be totaly ###### ## #### either.

But a 40-60% range for Ara while in exchange being either bad/good on all other maps is teh way to go with that amount of civs.

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Ok. You do you.

Closed maps = Mostly RF. They are strong in other closed maps but not as OP as they are in RF. A nerf was not needed and still they got nerfed anyway. Meanwhile Turks have close to 65% W/R in ladder on closed maps (Arena) but no nerf because they are Classical civ.

No. They won’t. There are plenty of options that work only in open maps and vice versa.

I won’t be among them.

Hard disagree. I won’t accept anything other than 45%-55% in 1v1 Arabia and 43%-57%, if possible same 45%-55% in 1v1 Arena.

RF, Arena and other Arena like tourney maps :person_shrugging: Thats multiple maps.


Then you will be disappointed for life.

For sure they didn’t have 70% W/R in other maps excluding RF. I’m guessing you are talking about TTL. I didn’t find any stats sheet yet. If you have any, kindly share it. I’ll gladly accept my mistake if proven wrong.

Nothing new. Balance is disappointing since DOI.

TTL Main Event Platinum League (Arena + RF stats)
Gold also had them used on fortified clearing
NAC4 Qualifier see also quite some use but ofc hard to get stats for an ongoing eventr.

Thanks for the stats. Now I wanna see excluding RF.

I don’t even remember them losing in RF which is obviously an issue. But I don’t see any reason to nerf them as RF is limited mostly on tournament and they are not OP in Arena.

Guess I needed /s otherwise people won’t know it. 11

Patch gone anyway :rofl:

Back to unnerfed siege elephants :smile:

Umm… what? Patch gone?

We are back to the previous patch.

Devs reverted the entire patch 40 minutes ago and as it seems cause of issues with the Xbox version.

yes because the main 2 game modes the game is balanced for are Arabia and Arena, if one civ is good on either of those, it means that the civ has a place in the game.

Buffing their Arabia winrate would HAVE to follow a nerf on Arena and at that point the civ would look like this:

  • Scout-line +1P armor per Age
  • Elephant Archers take 25% extra bonus damage from Skirmishers.
  • Monks +3/+3P Armor but -6 Monk armor class (so that they feel fair on Arena in Monk wars)

Congrats you just created your boring/generic Skirm/Light Cav/boomy civ which floods Light Cav/Hussar in late imp AKA Bengalis become the new Berbers/Chinese/Turks on Arabia in how they play out.

It’s also weird to understand what people want. For the longest time people complained that there is a “Knight Xbow” meta. Now Bengalis finally show up with full Ele Archer play on Arena and apparently that’s not good either, their winrate on Arabia is bad so they need further fixing LUL.

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