Patch suggestion by several experienced players

Game Balance Report for Relic/World’s Edge: Presentation.

First of all, we want to thank the entire Relic / World’s Edge team for making a game with so much potential. If this document (made thanks to the community feeback and the data they provide us) reaches your hands, it will be thanks to the acceptance of many professionals, content creators and casual players who must be guaranteed a good gaming experience, both in fun and in a balance that allows a variety of strategies and high competitiveness.

From what we see, you are very busy trying to fix bugs in general, either civilization bugs (we will name a few later) or general game bugs. For this reason we have decided to contribute altruistically our point of view to the balance team.

There is nothing more that satisfies us as players than both the elements of a multiplayer RTS game, which provide quality of life, such as the vast majority of bugs, map generation and balance are in order and make this game a clear reference of RTS for years. We trust that you will do everything in your power in the shortest possible time.

This document will be divided into several sections:

  • Bugs affecting the overall balance of the game (Animation Cancel, Inaccurate Rate of Fire) and specific bugs for Delhi, Holy Roman Empire and Mongols.
  • Balance of landmarks.
  • Balance of general/unique technologies.
  • Balance of general/unique units.
  • Civilization Bonus Balance.
    Any landmark, technology, unit or bonus that is not named here is a reason not to make adjustments at this time.

Bugs affecting the overall balance of the game (Animation Cancel, Inaccurate Rate of Fire) and specific bugs for Delhi, Holy Roman Empire and Mongols.

Video of the rate of fire and cancellation of the animation: Technical errors due to Cooldown, it is necessary to eliminate or change the Tooltip of all the affected units and, consequently, regarding any decision you make, readjust the price of any unit such as the Zhuge Nu.

Delhi bugs Video: The civilization has the highest number of Bugs in the game, in this video from caster Fitzbro it is a fun Tier List of Bugs.

HRE bugs: The Prelate bug needs to be fixed, as it is very important for the balance of this civilization.

Mongols bugs: When civilization is 200/200 buildings cannot be unpacked. When you build the Ger closer to other resources than wood, it tends to prioritize wood and when you select several buildings of the same type in a hotkey and there is one unpacked, you select the unpacked one and cannot produce units or make upgrades.

Pikemen vs Cavalry special ability is not working in HRE and Delhi, it is important that i be changed as soon as possible.

Balance of Landmarks. Defensive Healing Landmarks and Military together generally don’t have good sinergy.


Abbey of Kings: A rework is needed on this Landmark. One possible suggestion is that it should be similar to the Aachen Chapel, but give you about 20-25% overall resources speed in a equally limited area of effect (since there are no monks to be placed inside). Another possible suggestion is that they be 2 barracks (-50% production time).

Wynguard Palace: The problem with this Landmark is that there is too much variety of units in Imperial (in those instances of the game you usually go a specific way). The suggestion is that it be divided into 3 groups: X knights 1 trebuchet, X longbowmen 1 trebuchet or X MAA 1 trebuchet. In this way, it would be more competitive.


Victory Tower: One of Delhi’s bugs is that men-at-arms are not affected by the Landmark and it doesn’t really give + 15% attack speed. By fixing this problem, this Landmark can be better valued.

House of Learning: Like the Tower of Victory, there is a technology that takes too long.
Sultan’s Palace: You should be able to choose between a war elephant and a tower elephant.
Hisar Academy: You should be able to choose resources even if you collect less for technology, food is usually the least scarce resource in the late game.


Guild Hall: The amount of resources generated must be limited to reward the ability to remember to collect them, it is too powerful if the game takes a little longer (2000 or 3000 resources maximum).

Steppe Redoubt: The Kurultai has been observed to be a solid Castle age Landmark, but this Landmark overshadows it too much with 50% permanent gold pickup. Lowering it to 40% is the best option.
Khaganate Palace: Eliminate randomness, said randomness takes away your ability when deciding to choose a unit.


Regnitz Cathedral: Probably the best Castle Age Landmark in the game along with The Chinese Clock Tower, too much reward per relic. Better than some Imperial Landmarks if you can deposit at least 2 relics (15 villagers in gold with no upgrades). With 5 relics on the map, it is difficult for at least 2 not to be deposite due to what is observed in competitive games, if you deposit 3 you already have the game very in favor. Reducing from + 200% per relic to + 100% would still be very solid but fair.

Swabia Palace: One of the Best Landmarks of the Imperial Age. You need 20% less resources to build this Landmark, it works as 4 town centers in 1 (producing 4 villagers at a cost of approximately 1). The value of this Landmark is too high. One suggest is that it can works as 2 town centers (+100% speed or -50% production time, however you want to read it) and the villager that costs 50% less.

If the prelate and pikemen bug were fixed, this civilization would be boosted too much by the Landmarks I mentioned above.


High Trade House: Need +100% more value of a cabin (+300%) so that is can compete with Abbey of the Trinity.

Spasskaya Tower: It should be include Boiling Oil to make it more competitive because it is the worst keep in Imperial.

The extremely powerful thing about the Rus is their unique units, will be written about later.


It is perfectly understood that the Chinese must have Landmarks a little below average due to the dynasties, but it is still expensive to make them, slowing down civilization a lot, therefore a discount of 25% of resources will be suggested to each extra Landmark that is build in civilization bonus. If the civilization becomes weak after these changes, further extra Landmark discount will be suggested in the future.

Clock Tower: A little beyond an Imperial Age Landmark in the Castle Age. The Landmark should give + 20% HP to Siege units instead of + 50%.
Great Wall Gatehouse: Although the Chinese Landmarks should be lower, we consider this to be very low, so the area of effect towards the units should go up 20-30%.

With this civilization improvements will be proposed in other sections.

Balance of general and unique technologies.


Professional Scouts: Reduce Scout speed by 20% when picking up deer. It is an upgrade that, if done well, has no counter.

Reduce the Monk Speed with the relic in his hands by 15%

For now, this general technology is the one that is causing the most problems in competitive games.


The Chinese Bombards are posing a big problem in Late Game (it has no counter, they win against culverins with all the upgrades), so adjustments must be made.

Reload Drills: Reduce the reload speed of bombards from 33% to 25%.

Pyrotechnics: Reduce the range of Gunpowder units by 15% from 20% and adjust the price of the upgrade accordingly so that the springald and culverin can fire before the bombard.


Marching Drills: Lower the cost of this Feudal technology from 100f 250g to 75f 175g.


Mounted Precision: Let horse archers get +1 range instead of +2 and adjust the price accordingly.


Yam Network: Reduce the time out of the golden to 10 seconds.

Balance of general / unique units.

Horseman: Here are several options (I know you are not going to raise the HP because of the arguments you gave vs men-at-arms and knights):
– Add +2 armor against ranged units from Feudal.
– Raise the bonus against ranged units so they are eliminated in 3 hits with no upgrades.
For rock / paper / scissors to be honored, the unit must be good enough against ranged units.

None of the area attack siege units should have ballistics, for that there is a manual attack.
All Siege Units (Except Rams and Trebuchets) must have 10% lower base and pack / unpack speed.
Bombards should have 15% more animation cooldown.
Trebuchets should cost 400w / 200g instead of 500w / 200g.
No bonus or technology unique to each civilization should give the siege more movement speed (Yam Network, Dynasties etc…).
The Culverin and Springald must have an extra bonus against ships (x3).

Demolition Ship: This unit has a larger area of effect than it belongs to, we expect a fix soon.


ABASSID DYNASTY: The Camel Rider should have slightly more bonus than the pikeman against cavalry. Did you want to do a 50% cavalry damage reduction with camels or is it really 25%?

CHINESE: When the ROF and the cancellation of the animation are fixed, the Zhuge Nu is going to be very powerful, that added to the discount of the Landmarks will require the same price as at the beginning. The Fire Lancer is well designed, but the siege capacity is too high, it should be reduced by 50%, it is an especially serious problem in team games. The Nest of Bees needs a bug fix because it doesn’t fire all bursts when it is already out of range due to ballistics (without that, would all fire).

HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE: The Landsknecht, although by design it has a low life, is seen by many players as a unit or something expensive or with very little HP, that is where the balance should go.

MONGOLS: The Mangudai is considered a somewhat expensive unit for the initial ages being unique unit. It is proposed to lower the price from 120f 40g to 100f 40g. The Khan must be -1 rank in Dark and Feudal Age.

RUS: The Horse Archer, apart from having to fix the animation, should cost gold instead of wood. It is not good for the balance that a civilization can go to third and be the whole early game being able to collect only 2 resources. Limit the Streltsy firing and reload speed to 20% and cost 100f-100g instead of 90f-90g. Lowering the Warrior Monks’ HP to 150 from 190, they will remain a dominant monk and difficult to eliminate and the stats would be more fair based on their cost. The Lodya Fishing Boat, to become any other boat, already has the advantage of doing it anywhere on the map, so it should cost the same as the ship it is going to be converted to.
Unique units should be stronger than normal units, but not excessively stronger.

Civilizations bonuses.


The House of Wisdom should be less demanding in building structures to level up. Go from L1 (10), L2 (30), L3 (60), to 10-25-50.


As I mentioned in the Landmarks section, include in the bonuses a 25% discount of the production of each extra Landmark.


To follow a correct progression of the speed of the technologies by age, it would be necessary to change the x15 of research time in Imperial to x10. Something especially highly requested by the competitive and casual community.


Change the production speed of villagers from 10-15-20-20% to 5-10-15-20%. They already have enough economic upgrades. This bonus should not be removed, but the adjustment is reasonable.


There are several options ti choose here (choose one) (30% cheaper tower must be included in the bonuses and cannot be fortified). Many indentify the issue with the Ovoo.

  • Reduce Ovoo Stone Colection by 20-25%.
  • Duplicate Ovoo units cost 50% more.
  • Let the Ovoo be made in Feudal Age.

Its necessary to reduce 50 wood at the beginning due to the serious problems posed by civilization especially in sea maps.


They are people who do not want to identify themselves and there are people like me who are sharing it.

Most of the suggestions seem interesting to me. What is your opinion?


High Trade House: Need +100% more value of a cabin (+300%) so that is can compete with Abbey of the Trinity.

This landmark can gets you about 250 gold already when placed correctly. (2,5 relic btw)
on top of that it gives you food source for 6 villagers and extra 15 gold by killing a deer + it can help you reach top bounty of course.
As a top tg player I think that most of the PROs are just blind and go straight for the AoT without realising that this landmark is way better when there is a correct spot to place it (mostly when two circles of trees are close to each other) and only benefit you get from AoT is u can get monks faster (by ±15 seconds untill you make regular monastery) and cheaper for 100gold
Is it worth it to give up 250 golds + potentional max. bounty + food source for 6 vills. ?
I dont think so
AoT and HTH are best balanced landmarks IMO where most important aspect is map seed


Another professional player who analyzed this text told me that this Landmark was bugged because it gave more gold than it should really give, if that is the case, it would simply have to be readjusted.

Spasskaya Tower
Absolutely useless landmark (should be buffed a lot) since HA gives you the best uprgrades for SE
13,5 tiles range springald should be removed btw. and this tech changed with something else which buffs springs. - reload time maybe?

(Reduce the range of Gunpowder units by 15% from 20%)
(Springald and culverin can fire before the bombard). - Problem is this that bombard has a lot of HPs and is super fast in compare with culverin - so make it a way slower as it should be or increase speed of culverin - its basiciy useless unit thanks to its ,speed,
And 11,5 tiles bombards would be still pain in ■■■ imo - so this tech should not be aplicated into bombards at all.

The Culverin and Springald must have an extra bonus against ships (x3).
Culverin yes - Springald not - Ships would become useless in a battles near shore - easiest to notice on Boulder Bay where one sacred is near by water - You could sink all the ships with 12 tiles range without them even returning fire

RUS: The Horse Archer - Give them proper +20% bonus attack from university and not like 35-40% - They are broken in imperial + lower theirs range connected to tech by 0,5tiles
RUS: Incrase the cost of every another Hunting cabin by +50 wood - Its crazy how RUS can have infinite gold on lot of maps basicily for spending some wood
(You make HTH - than 20 HC - and u have more gold than u will ever spend (other civs. have to use POP CAP for traders or on vills on gold so this is broken as well) - its broken on maps with a lot of forrest mostly (but again these are every single map in tgs expect the super-open ones)

I could give much more feedback with balance changes which would not inflict 1v1 too much but made tgs more diverse and enjoyable but it seems for me its pretty useless so am not gonna do that anymore.

Oh and yes another very important point related to gameplay and almost every ,pro, forgest about it is SIGHT RANGE - something super important in CoH2 but non-sense for units in AoEIV
Why 12tr bombard or springals have better vision than scouts? is it some kind of a joke?
Why not to reduce their sight so they need some spotter for them to be placed so they can fire at max. range?
This would force you to micro better or have some kind of army upfront of your siege army but currently sieges are fist of the army and other units are used just as some kind of midshield to protect them when they are under pressure - its dump
This is something next related to bombard vs. culverin problem - Let culverin remains its SIGHT since its usable only against sieges and reduce it to half in bombard case so its not more 50%-50% fight when one unit should counter another

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Oh yes and u missed (or maybe me? ) part where FL needs to be REWORKED
Where their torch damage would be reduced a lot - specially against landmarks and cooldown on charge increased

Why wouldn’t you copy and paste it in to your OP…


I do think that with the elimination of animation cancellation and 50% less siege from the FL, you could fight better.

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Would be nice first step - but this should be done 1 month ago tbh.
After that we would see if its enough or their combat potentional needs to be reduced as well :slight_smile:

The question is that you see in what percentage of affinity the players have with this text. It is true that there are bugs that are not commented, but I would give it a 90% coincidence.

If the uniqueness of RUS having 13.5 springald is removed. Are we adding culverin to them? Because that is the main issue against civs that have culverin.

Culverin have 12 range and they insta Shoot where as springald they have 12 range for most civs and they have to setup in no world springald is ever going to be better. And this is where their uniqueness comes in as they can quite the culverin where if you miss play you still lose a lot of springald as culverin is superior

Mongols also have 13 Range springald and this allows them to outmaneuver a culverin

Something similar here, Why do you suggest Culverin yes and not springalds? There are a total of 5 civs that can’t make culverin.
Only French, Ger and Abba can do culverin The rest can’t.

And when it comes to Hybrid maps, If you have lost water and you can’t build defensive building near the shore You can’t take any fight as there are demos/hulks/ [ galleas for french ] And none of these can be taken down with any land unit as of today.

As the Siege mechanic is very similar to AOE3 we should take AOE3 example where their Anti siege is also Anti ships and they deal very effectively against ships.

So all faction have extra range springalds or culverin right?

Culverin is outmanouvered even by standart springald since its speed is like 3x faster and cost much less as well. Culverin is most useless SE in game rn (maybe expect that funny se for English which has like 4,5 tiles range?)

Not in RUS case AGAIN suprisingly right?

I dont think its a good idea you could rekt all the ships with age III springalds but nevermind.

And bombard says hello to deal with ships

Bombards are good vs almost every ships, but is not the most effective vs Carracks or better.

There are many good points, but what I generally don’t like about this proposal is it overall proposes to reduce differences between civs. It would be nice to have the differences between civs to be enjoyable even for low tier players if possible.


Agree that the difference between cultures is a feature of the game. For weak civilizations, we should strengthen their special units to have a better appearance rate.

Give me an example. A good balance in an RTS has always consisted of reducing what is mastered very strongly in the metagame and favoring different strategies that give variety to civilizations. And what they have written, for the most part, would favor more strategies.

That’s a fair point. I just don’t want the repeat of Starcraft 2 mistakes when chacing the balance for top players the gameplay for low tier players suffered a lot. AOE4 balance team mentioned that they prefer buffing instead of nerfing stuff. I think that should be the prefered approach, but I agree it is not always possible. That’s just my sentiment on the proposal. Overall, I like it, very well thought out.

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Nerf and buff is absolutely necessary in any balance. Balancing only the buff is the direct route to imbalance, failure, strategic monotony and subsequent boredom.

SC2, over time, has been balanced based on the players who know how to make good use of the strength of each race.

If there is a difficult strategy to stop at low levels but easily stop at medium levels, what you have to do is learn to stop it or not to play competitively.

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Bombard is age 4, it’s hard to survive until you can get Bombard. And even then, they still lost horriblely to ship like Bao Chuan

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While Regnitz and Swabia are really very strong, they are the only thing that prevents HRE from being the weakest faction. I’m not saying it should not be nerfed but it should come along with other tweaks. For example, making the burgrave palace a viable alternative.