Patchnotes +

post here all the stuff missing in the patchnotes, but discovered in game :slight_smile:

starting with: czar’s cannon [IV] (dont know the proper english name)

can be send twice, delivers 1 imperial great bombard
reduces cost of imperial artillery upgrades by 10%

(idk if the cost reduction stacks)


What is this civilization?

its for the russians

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That card used to be a second heavy cannon shipment iirc.


I’m going to notify my superiors to check this post (?


ok so after a quick test:
you can send it 4 times
2 until imperial
then it resets and u can send it 2 more times

and YES the costreduction stacks


Was Line Grenadiers only suppose to be for the British, Italians and Swedes?

It was only for a few civs, France can also train grens from barracks now but via the church card and russia get foundry wagon and grens in age 2.

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Besides the appearance change, the Bourbon units after sending the Napoleonic Era card are also renamed “foot carabinier” and “horse carabinier”.
Their abilities are also changed. Foot carabinier has a grenade launcher ability. Horse carabinier has the same auto-trample like the royal horseman.

The models can be seen here:



huh never noticed this but grens did not have a damage cap on their melee attack until this patch, could have been exploited

  • Dutch Waardgelder (now Swiss Pikeman) also gets a reskin

  • New Indonesian revolutionary card

  • Unique Peruvian legion skin

  • Revolutionary civs are now called by their demonyms (Chileans, Peruvians, Argentines, Bonapartists, etc.) to make them more in-line with other civs.


The Cannoneer shipment for Portuguese has also been nerfed to 7 from the original 8. This was only listed under Ethiopia.

Also a pretty big one - Freemasons for Italy buffs architect build time by 65% and speed by 25%…not sure this is a good idea…

huh im seeing a few things want to note

for some reason a bunch of units like naginata, eso rider and chinaco that has the negative multi against heavy infantry has it ever so slightly reduced so its dealing like tiny net damage against heavy infantry

might be a typo, might be something to do with weird math

the royal musketeer native has something mentioning a mortar attack??

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That card has always done that, nobody bothered sending it often though because if you got 5 architects early it wasn’t even needed. Now it might be used more because it enables architects to build outposts and walls again.

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Royal Musketeers upgrade into Foot Carabiniers (and Royal Dragoon to Horse Carabiniers) when going to the French Revolution’s Napoleonic Era, so it gives them a new charge instead of the charged pistol.

Ah makes sense. Thanks!

If you go to Moscow, you will find that you can still see it near to the Kremlin today.

Nice :smiley: i only knew it from the Homecity customisation, but didnt know it still exists in reallity

Also, it seems all halberd units use the “standing” pose (like trabant and papal guard) by default now.

Maybe that’s to differentiate them from pikemen.


That’s great having unit-type uniformity - will certainly help newcomers to associate certain units to how they carry themselves, especially when the era covered here really isn’t as clear cut for certain unit roles.