Hello, yesterday I played age of empires 1 DE and like the original, the AI does not know how to board the ship to go from little islands in the east to the big island to the west, so i had to destroy them in my fourth age, while they were still on the beginning islands with just a few villagers and a transport ship.

Please fix this, it’s boring to play that way!!!

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When the game is on Islands, the AI doesn’t use transport ships at all(

PS Sometimes uses, but very rarely(


will they fix this, or will it be left out?


I don’t know… (((((

Since the update the pathfinding has gotten alot worse. steps for a repro:

Click with villager where the path is 1-2 tiles wide and you will notice the villagers don’t go straight at all. Worse in villager groups(or any unit groups for that matter) a few villagers will go straight and remaining will go around. Deer also block paths and villagers won’t go through deer even tho once they approach em deer will scatter.

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I had a particular game which i didn’t screenshot where villager was shore fishing to the pit with a two tile pennisula. So the layout looked like this
PIT -----fish

the villager had to go through the two tile ---- and was constantly getting stuck. the workaround was i had to constantly click on the villager for every trip so he could go back and hunt the fish. Clearly this isn’t desirable.

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Please watch your language here! This is a forum for adults!

The fact is: Yes, with a lot of practice and micromanagement you can control the pathfinding to some extent - but that’s not good enough. Especially in combat, the limits are always obvious. The controling of troops is catastrophic. Units stoping, blocking each other, checking whether they are receiving the same order, and have to stop for a short time even when changing course. The pathfinding is simply bad and even less appropriate for our time, no matter how good the player is.


So weird that true elite never have problems with it.
E.g. look at
And don’t be a kid, most players here are campaign noobs and don’t play multiplayer.

It does not matter if the proplayers have problems with it or not. I already wrote something about it, but I’d be happy to translate it again for you:

The pathfinding has to be good, no matter on which level the player acts. Most of the players are casual players and for them the game has to be enjoyable to play. Especially if you’re trying to get new players excited about AoE1, something essential in today’s world have to be work.


Knowing how to play and taking advantage of bugs/game limitations to achieve victory are two different things.


Exactly my point. Getting used to the bugs in order to play well SHOULD NOT be the norm. Pathfinding could use some improvements.