Pathing Update?

Any word on when unit pathing will be working properly? I keep checking but haven’t seen anything yet. Getting discouraged because it’s been tough to deal with with some units since launch. Even villagers just decide to quit working at times. Was hoping it would get fixed around the Dec holiday but we’re coming up to the end of June now…


I think you should be new to the game, villagers not working happens in all previous game versions, in the Wk-voobly version, villagers stop working on the farms in laggy games and the lumberjacks surround the woodline if they crash with another villager, in HD giving the poor performance of the game the lag usually would break the path finding even more, so i am wondering with which version are you comparing this game?

I am not justifying the bad path finding here, but it has never been perfect, in the older game version it is never going to change, here at least you know they will work into it, last time they touched the pathing here it broke the game, villagers were walking in gold mines and jumping walls, a rushed path finding change might break it again for the worse.

At very least they have acknowledged that melee units fail to attacking tight groups of units. Fixing the path finding should be open to testing before releasing it.


Current pathing is worst the Voobly pathing. UP fixed these issues. Every patch node includes comments about improving the pathing. They investigate it already for a while. Hopefully there will be a fix in the near feature.


Hopefully, in the next patch in a week it will be fixed.


hopefully they do fix it, but i highly doubt it will be so soon… thats why i recommend buffs to the units that suffer the most from bad pathing… its a lot more work to fix pathing and target acquisition than it is to give infantry +1 PA…


They better have a fix this month or next month because this issue has been dragging for far too long.

Has anyone tried this?

Couldn’t be put in a better way
Infantry UUs, Longswordsmen, Flaming Camels, Karambits, Siege Towers, Elephants need to be buffed
Among the ranged units too, there are hopelessly underpowered units like GC, HC, EA, Ballista Elephants and Kipchaks that need to be fixed ASAP