Persian Empire

Hey guys i think we will get at least 2 new civs in aoe 3 de just like aoe 2 de this year . I know there are unused files for ITALIAN civ so one of the upcoming civs will be ITALY if devs use those files but what about the 2nd new civ ? I vote to PERSIAN EMPIRE. They can add SAFAVID PERSIA or QAJAR PERSIA. You can check ottoman-persian wars during safavid era or russo-persian wars during qajar era.PERSIA was great power in aoe 3 era , better than african civs & koreans . PERSIANS & ITALIANS #


Let me send more pictures of persian army :

Flag :

Ruller : Fath-Ali Shah Qajar

Home City : Tehran

Or maybe the Persians should be in the Asian or Arabic DLC? It will be better when the Italians are in the European DLC:

  • Italians
  • Poles
  • Austrians (or Habsburgs)

Persia could be in an Asian DLC along with

  • Tatars (they’re in historical battles)

  • Thaias

Or in the Arab DLC (then there would be Koreans in the Asian DLC):

  • Arabia
  • Persia
  • Berbers (they are in historical battles)

Better flag

Ruller: Abbas the Great

Home city: Isfahan

Im agree with you my friend . Game needs at least 1 new asian civ . Arabia was so weak in aoe 3 era because of Ottomans & Persians. No sign of arabs until WW1 and arrive of lawrence of arabia who helped them to fight with ottoman turks .

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Ohhhhh you completed my topic my friend :slight_smile: Green lion & sun flag was flag of Safavid Persia and yes the leader was Shah Abbas The Great & his capital was Isfahan city in middle of Iran.let me send some safavid army pictures :

Qizilbash 3