Persian UT : Mahouts


I think like Koreans, Persians could benefit a change for their UT.

War Elephants being rarely use atm, I think Mahouts UT doesn’t make a lot of sense as they’re already costly to tech into. Here’s my proposal :

Persians :

  • Mahouts UT removed
  • War Elephants have 15% more speed / Elite War Elephants 30% more speed
  • Kamandaran moved to Imperial Age, new Castle Age UT :
    Castles take 30% less bonus from siege units

So, it will enhance WE a bit (I think a 5% 10% food cost reduction could help them too) and give Persians a new UT that fit their civ identity being even harder to push. I think it’s what their former tech “Boiling Oil” was meant to achieve.

Moving Kamadaran to Imp is logical I think, just as Malay Forced Levy.


I really like this! Think it’s a good idea especially for the elephant change and Kamandaran to imperial.

Another alternative in place of mahouts might be something to help their LS fight trash and/or eagles(if they don’t simply get access to 2HS) . Since atm that is one of the Persians flaws.


What is it with absolutely wanting kamandaran to be an Imp tech? We aren’t in early 2020 anymore, no need to keep hating on that 11

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Well it doesn’t need to be in imp, but i agree with the proposed UT and adjusting WE(EWE) accordingly from the start:) I even think the proposed UT should be imperial, because that’s when the castles (and treb wars) matter the most,whereas battering rams are kinda weak in castle age on their own, so no need to nerf them by the new UT even further.

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No, i find the Persian are fine with their UT and UU especially with their good economy bonuses, if i want to do something for Persian, i prefer to give their Cavs something special and better than +2 attack vs archers, because their cavs are just generic and don’t have that special identity like other cav civs.

Well it is completely pointless to research in castle age, so might as well put it to imp.
After all it more depends on what the new unique tech is going to be, and if it being available in castle age would make persians OP.

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I have also thought in removing mahouts like old koreans UT in case persians needed a buff.

Replacing it by a better version of the old boiling oil sounds good, although they could use the tech slot for things that are related to persian history. Maybe something related to their Safavid era, full of prosperity , during which they started to use gunpowder (Artillery and muskets) and incorporated a lot of migrants from several regions to their empire. There are few gunpowder bonus still not taken, such as “gunpowder units move x% faster” or “gunpowder units have +X melee/pierce armor”. If we go for the prosperity route, a possibility would be a UT that buffs their TC and dock workspeed even more.

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I was thinking the same thing, mahouts should not really be a thing. The extra speed should be part of the base stats of the units. The same thing was done for turtle ships and it worked fine.

I think the UT should still be elephant-related, how about a tech specifically meant to give some conversion resistance to elephants? One can adjust the value and cost to a suitable, balanced level.

Or instead of conversion resistance, make the new UT good for killing enemy monks. Like “cavalry deals +x bonus damage to monks”. So monks can still convert elephants, but they can be killed more easily.


Yeah, but I wanted to avoid buffing anything except elephants. I don’t want knights to be stronger against monks, just elephants to have at least time to pull back in presence of monks. They are just too easy to counter right now, which is why they aren’t even situationally viable in 99% of the 1vs1 settings.

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I don’t really like this, since you can’t start massing xbows in imp after a UT, otherwise you have the same problem that you have with HC. It’s too late to mass them, and massing them while they still cost gold kind of nullify the use of the UT.

But it may be balanced if the persians in compensation they receive back the 5% faster working TC and dock in the dark age. Since then the UT becomes a lot less useful.

This may work, since it’s just castles, but they need to lose architecture and masonry from their tech tree, or it risks to become OP.


Still carrying on with this even though you were proven oh so wrong.

Only civ with fully upgraded camels paladins and hussar. Knights capable of 3 shotting archers instead of 4 shot. All backed by a strong eco


Seems better than boiling oil

But there s a problem: normally i can add 30% speed to non elite WE but now i cant

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Do you do that often? Add 30% speed to your non elite war elephants?

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Not often but this is viable choice for emergency

I would probably replace Mahouts with Aswaran: Either +1 PA for Knights or self regeneration for Light Cavalry and Knights.

Yeah it does sound better.
For a better version of boiling oil, I once had an idea of

  • Castle arrows deal melee damage

That would be a buff to almost everything except Teutonic knights (and bulgarian THS)

How about a UT that returns War Elephant’s food cost by 50% (100f) when it’s fallen/converted?


Stupidly OP TBH
So basically endless elephant charges

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both of these scare me.

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