Persian War Elephant

Why does it not have a Mahour?


Mahout, a person atop the elephant.

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It has been like this for like 20 years now. And no one really questioned it.

Also no operator behind Siege units (except BBC)


This is AOE 2. If you start asking questions like this it falls apart! :smiley:
And there are so many.

Some war elephants did not have mahout in early times (i think?)

There you have it - thank me later :wink:

he counterpart of the unit, The battle elephant has a Mahout. The Persians have a Mahout Technology. I think there should be a Mahout on the War Elephants.

Does it really make a difference?

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Let us instead spend this valuable time discussing just how grossly underpowered War Elephants actually are, disallowing them entirely to ever be seen in competitive.

For the unit’s look to matter, the unit itself must matter in actual gameplay.
Last time I saw a WE was 3-4 months ago and I played lots of ranked & unranked TGs.

they aren’t underpowered though, just expensive. look what happens in team games when they actually get fielded. they win games.

You just want to complain people not using them either way. We get it.

The thing is…

Why I have to use elephants as Persians all the time? What if I need mobility? What if I prefer trashbow? What if I’m short on food atm and could only build knights? What if I’m using a build that does not need castle until imperial age? I can have any reason in a fight to not encourage me using elephants.

I’d like to refer you back to all “what if” followed by that question.
WE is slow, pricey, need castle to produce, and food intensive. In a serious game, speed, mobility, strong eco and raw power often comes out on top. Instead of blaming why so many UU are not used, blame current meta. They dictates how the unit is used.

OK, then:

Why do you keep asking to make balanced units unbalanced?


literally seen all 3 of these in the two most recent tournaments. so i have to ask.

here is your realistic question - why do you always stretch the truth or outright lie? i literally showed you 2 of those units being made less then a day ago, with video proof, and yet here you are claiming they are not scene outside of those 3 situations, despite literal evidence proving otherwise.


don’t ask this. he will ask for changes to maps that slow the game down.

So…back to arena Arabia then?
:joy: :rofl:
Looks like dev is making a bad choice by opening up Arabia.

i don’t think so. i love teh faster pace and earlier aggression. it will also bring in more viewers and players. the younger generation these days love action action action, and the slow pace of aoe2 with the old walling wallling walling definitely wouldn’t endear the game to them.

AOE2 does have a slow pace, sure. But even low ELO players making mistakes in early games is fun to watch. Not that mistakes are something to laugh at, but they are entertaining to watch

but its faster now then it was under the old arabia. no need to go back to that, or even worse, just so people like parthnan can see their precious unique units.

I am just mocking at those heroes by saying “mistake of opening up Arabia.
But I do agree that current generation love actions way more than city building and management. A lot of lower league players playing SC2 favours unit micro way more than eco macro and building more stuff. They can micro the unit to such extend that the opponent would gg out in some cases, but lacks follow up and ability to fight back if things go south. I guess these folks in AOE2 is not a minority either.