Persians Are Coming This DLC? (DLC Civilizations Discussion)

I’m super excited about this DLC because I have a feeling that Persians are coming this time. Potentially a Middle Eastern DLC. Based on the discussion in this video I feel there is a high chance of getting Persians this time.


Mmm! To put it bluntly, it seems that a new civilization may be approaching soon

Well said Sherlock :joy:


It doesn’t seems @AnyDiagram93675, it is coming. It was announced a DLC with civilizations. That means more than one, probably 2. More info 23 februrary.

Hmm!It seems possible that Persia or another European DLC may have contributed to the two civilizations of Denmark and Poland

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Another EU civ would be insanely boring considering the last DLC that we had were two EU civs. 90% that won’t be the case to get another EU civ.


I agree.

I think Poland and Denmark are solid choices, however I hope the Devs bank them for a smaller future DLC once Asian Dynasty, Native American and African region civs get the much-needed attention first!


I will say though, if they decided they wanted to add the most requested civs, I think that might be Persia and Poland.

Despite perhaps being boring, I think a lot of people (myself included) like the simplicity of Euro civs. I’m not saying I don’t like any of the other civs, but I mostly play European, and Native American civs along with the US of A.

In my opinion, Persia + Poland would have the potential to sell well. People seem fairly split between wanting a Euro civ and not wanting one (don’t shot the Messenger, it’s just the vibe I get).

If Persia takes influence from the TAD civs, I could imagine (as someone else pointed out was elsewhere in this forum) that Poland might be a consulate option for them. As of right now, no civ that doesn’t exist in the game as a playable civ is available in any consulate.

Anyway, I think it’d be possible that they’d end up with one group buying a Poland/Persia DLC for Poland, and the other group it for Persia.

Obviously all of that is just my non-professional opinion and should therefore be taken with a great deal of salt.


Sorry but EU civs are the best things that AoE III ever had. Vanilla feel, easier to play, more realistic units, … For this reason, I am completely up for Poles and Danes. Let the last 2 missing European power is added to the game and we move on after that.


Not if it comes with more royal houses, new maps with new biomes, new treasures, outlaws and mercenaries. In fact, I think these aspects were better than the last 2 civilizations alone.


Add two more European civilizations and never make progress or consider other countries? Why does this count as continuing to move forward? Some players cannot progress because they cannot break away from their comfort zone. If they blindly pursue simplicity, why not play simpler moda games?

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Gah, I’d love, love, love some more Royal Houses!

Regardless of what regions are covered this DLC, I would like more of these Euro Natives too (added to existing Euro maps and as shipment choices). I want them to be an actual European trait (Factories, Forts, etc are no longer a Euro thing!) - so each Euro gets a Royal Embassy shipment with the choice of linked (i.e. historical ties) Royal Houses, not just the Germans and French.


Controversial opinion:
The house cards are nonsense because they lock actual units of the civ behind a card.

How you forget Swiss and Liechtenstein xd?..


Just remember guys, Liechtenstein was confirmed by tilanus! Lol (it was a joke, don’t freak out)


Malta was a joke too :frowning_face:


Malta was the first civ you played as in the campaign.


So John Black’s Mercenaries and the Circle of Ossus should be next civs then?



Actually though that’s how I would have done it in 2005. All campaign civs would have been skirmish civs.

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Technically Malta is a pirate civ.

Malta was fine for the campaigns and would have been a really great minor civ but how they were stretched into a full civ really cheapens them.