Peru. Sweet summer child Revolt

I hope that Devs will be able to buff this lone revolt of Spain. They have dudes that throw grenades.

Was wondering if they can get an Economic buff that has something to do with Coffee.
A bonus to Dragoons.

As the rest of its other Spain revolt brothers got new cards and gimmicks.


Something like this?

Mariscal Domingo Nieto Cavalry Regiment/Presidential Bodyguard: Peruvian dragoons gain the ability to promote. (Skill Promotion: Extra range and faster attack speed)

Peruvian Coffee/Coffee from the Andes: Units and settlers move faster, also settlers produce more resources especially from plantations. (all units +10% speed; +15% resource pickup from villagers and an extra +10% to plantations)

I think the developers should improve the Peruvian guard effect plus I would add the Llama Ranching and Peruvian Dogs cards.

5 Peruvian Dogs: Ships 5 Peruvian Dogs and the Explorer can now train Peruvian Dogs. (they should be able to train up to 50)

Llama Ranching: Livestock Pens can train Llamas.

Obviously this is just my opinion. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hoping one day. They can train the legionnaires from the barracks too. Its so frustrating they only come out of TC and they train super slow. It makes me annoyed.

Wish they could also get more upgrades for the Legionnaires

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Completely agree, in fact all revolutions that have revolutionaries should be able to train them from the barracks.

I honestly think the revolutionary doesn’t do a good job as a grenadier, his defense is 30% melee while a grenadier has 50% ranged defense, this and the fact that his grenade attack is too slow makes the Peruvian Guard suffers more against artillery and guerilla than a normal grenadier.

The simplest proposal I can think of would be to increase the health of the Peruvian revolutionary to 250 base and add a card that increases his health by +50% at the same time that makes his grenade attack much faster.

Although the previous idea would be the easiest to do, I want to make some proposals that could be quite fun. :smile:

Option 1: The Peruvian Guard card keeps its previous effect, but the Peruvian Guard is affected by the Grenade Launcher card.
Option 2: The Peruvian Guard card enables training soldiers in the fortresses and these soldiers have the effect of the Refurbished Firearms card.
Option 3: The Peruvian revolution gets a Re-Work + a card that increases the grenade attack speed of the Peruvian guard. (Similar to the Refurbished Firearms card but affecting the revolutionary)
Option 4: The Peruvian Guard card enables training soldiers in the fortresses and these soldiers have the effect of the grenade launcher card. (Yes, basically Peru had the original soldiers) :laughing:

Obviously this is just my opinion. :slightly_smiling_face:

I just find it kinda funny that Peru is the civ that gets Simón Bolivar and not, well, you know, Colombia.

What’s so peruvian about coffee though?