Updated list of Suggestions for Peru

Hi! I am a Peru revolt fan. I like their playstyle of infantry in supremacy but i feel that they arent given enough attention.
Peru. Sweet summer child Revolt - #5 by HoopThrower for Old one click this. I made suggestions to give this cool civ a buff.

I looked into the history of Peru a bit and found interesting tidbits of history.

Peruvian Coffee
Before Peru declared Independence it had a decent production of Coffee and it is known that they exported it well.
Card name: Andean Brew
I suggest a card that boost the movement speed of all infantry and Cavalry by 5% as well as 15% Train time bonus to infantry and cavalry.

Or allows you to rebuild Haciendas after you sent the Viceroyalty of Spain card and the Haciendas will now generate a smaller trickle of XP.

History of Peru — Texas Coffee Traders.

Cavalry Regiment “Hussars of Junín”
Sure Chile had the Hussars of Death but Peru had these guys. They are also called Liberator of Peru. That’s pretty badass.(No its not a Naruto reference)
Card name: JunĂ­n Hussars/Liberator of Peru
Allows the research of Imperial Hussars at a discounted price and allows Hussars to be on Stealth, This references the battle of JunĂ­n with a Rear charge attack. The battle where they got their name!

The President’s Stars
After the War of Independence the strong position of the Army and the lack of solid political institutions meant that every Peruvian president until 1872 held some military rank. To reference this.

Card name: President Commander
Your Heroes gain an additional aura that increases the gather rate of nearby Settler/Villager gatherer units as well as allow them to plant Inspiring Flags that increase Hit points and attack of military units. Yes this stacks on top of the effect of Bolivar.

Requested Card Change of those already in the game

Peruvian Guard- In addition to be able upgrade Peruvian Guard with a grenade attack. Enables them to be trained from Barracks, Forts and Galleons to allow them to shine more.

Infinite 4 Gatling Guns changed into- Royalist Secured Canons- This is to highlight Peru facing off against the Spanish rather than modernizing itself with Gatling guns. Ships 2 Falconets and 1 Culverin


Looks like an extremely surface level research on Peru, not much better than what’s already ingame imo.


What? The guy is right, the Junin hussars were a fundamental unit to defeat the Spanish royalists, the Peruvian revolution is missing cards, I think it would be great if the game also added South American civilizations.

15% is far too much. The speed is part of why Tilly’s Discipline, Ashigaru Musketeers, and Deli are all very powerful things in this game. Maybe 5 percent to 8 percent. Combined with a train time bonus, that’s the kind of card that will result in some very annoying Fast Revolt strategies.

Why? You wanna know who else benefits from Andean Brew? Missionaries do. Want your Unction aura to keep up with your blazing fast horses? Your Junín Hussars won’t even be the thing people use. Spanish players will shift en-masse to Peru to field super-mobile, anti-meta deathballs of Unction-boosted Lancer-Rodelero. Now, given what the GarRod comp does to Skirm-Goon, some may view such a thing as not being bad. But Unction masses with 15% speed mixed in (PLUS THE POSSIBILITY OF A DOZEN SOLDADO MIXED IN?) are not fun at all. Too overcentralizing.

Stealth is useless, but the Imperial Hussars will combo well with Peruvian Guard, so points for that. I’d drop the stealth for Hussars and only Hussars doing an extra, say 25% damage to Artillery and Abus Guns. Yes, we will take the new OP bullchip and use it to bust a :peanuts: all over the old OP stuff.

Just give Peru a General with a Land of Lincoln-tier Inspiring Flag. Don’t wanna actually get quite to the level of full Imperial Age buff auras.

Peruvian Guards fully replacing Musketeers should frankly be a base element of the revolt, much as Gran Colombia provides German Barracks and Galleons with Independence Guards.

I like this a lot. Mexico has mixed artillery shipments or artillery plus other units in their deck, both base and revolts. Falconets plus Soldados. Culverins plus Falconets. Let’s give Peru two or three such cards, even, not just one. Hell, if you wanna emphasize the use of Peru having old guns that are yet still the equal of Spaniard ones, perhaps also include a card that renames Field Guns “Sakers” and maybe adds a significant amount of damage but subtracts one or two points of range.

You do know that, by all intents and purposes, the Husares de Junin are part of the Peruvian Guard, right?

Like, they are literally the same unit, the Husares are just the cavalry wing of it.

Indeed, that is why it is possible that in a future update the “Peruvian Guard” card will also replace some cavalry unit with Húsares de Junín.


(Which opens the debate as to which cavalry unit should be changed: Lancer or Hussars)


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what is your point? It is true that the “hussars of junin” were part of the “Peruvian legion”, but that does not mean reducing everything to a simple card that only adds grenades to the revolutionaries because that card only refers to the infantry and grenadier units of the “Peruvian legion”

the cavalry regiment had its own name because they were fundamental in the independence of South America, when the liberating army was fleeing from the royalist dragoons, the hussars went into action to save the victory, that’s why they are not a simple regiment

hussars of junin

the post is about expanding the options in a revolution not reducing the possibilities lol

So adding an emblematic unit would be great and it applies to all South American revolutions.

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My point is that giving Peru the same unit twice pretty much only makes it feel like Peru had nothing going on for it through an entire century or whatever you want to represent through the revolt.

Like, get off your high horse, they weren’t fundamental to the independence of South America zomg. Most of South America had declared independence already, the armies fighting there were combined forces from the rest of the continent. Peru was just about the last place still controlled by Spain. (Chiloe notwithstanding.)

Yes, they did play an important role there, but as I said, the unit is already ingame. Might as well include something else so Peru has more variety, don’t you think?

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It is not as if a hussar got off his horse and became another unit, they are different things, the letter from the metropolis only refers to the infantry and grenadier corps, and finally I do not want to get involved in a historical discussion but I only I will say that Peru was the last country to become independent because they were the center of Spanish power in South America, for several years the royalist army and the Spanish peninsular soldiers had to quell rebellions in South America, that is why the liberating armies of the north and from the south tried to separate Peru from Spain, to end the danger of being invaded by Spain again

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Can you give an example of something else that is within the timeline of Age of Empires 3?

I like the Hussars of Junin and maybe the Grenadiers of Cusco(which is redundant) because Peruvian Guards were already grenadiers and the reason why its surface level is because i avoid going into the local conflicts of South America where Peru and Bolivia went to war. I am trying to stay in the level of the Devs who are afraid to add the Co N fa da rats (typed it this way to not get censored).

Would be glad to see what suggestions you got too.

I’m really not good at designing Revolutions, especially in DE style, but how about…

Peru Revolt:

Effect – Revolutionaries increase the speed of nearby units when defeating enemies.

Home City Cards:

To the Last Cartridge: Gunpowder troopers shoot faster the less hit points they have.

Guaneras: [INFINITE] Spawns two Guano mounds (infinite sources of coin, workable by fishing boats) on your naval homecity spawn point.

Rabonas: Enables the training of Rabonas, support infantry that can heal your units during combat/heal all your units if they kill an enemy.

Decoys: Sends a Quaker Gun for each artillery unit you’ve lost ingame so far.

Peruvian Guard: Upgrades Revolutionaries to Peruvian Guards and Hussars to Husares del Junin, both obtaining a grenade charged attack. Ships 5 Peruvian Guard and 5 Husar del Junin.

Prosperidad Falaz: Ships 6 Citizens (Settlers) and allows them to be trained at the Town Center for 70 coin, and allows Fishing Boats to be trained at the Dock. For the next 365 seconds, Villager train time -300% and gather 20% faster.

Andean Warriors: Ships 6 Legendary Huaracas

1 Fort Wagon: Ships 1 Fort Wagon; Fort build limit +1

2 Ironclads

Toro Submarine: Sends a powerful, experimental submarine.

4 Gatling Guns

Morochucos: Ships 10 Cows and 10 Morochucos (Comancheros with a ranged attack firing in bursts, cost 120 food, uses 1 population, can build Livestock Pens, train Cows, and gather from livestock); Upgrades Comancheros to Morochucos and allows them to be trained at Stable, Fort, Galleon, and Tavern; Cow train limit +10

Cattle Drivers: Ships 8 semi-fattened Cows, 1 Comanchero, and 1 Homestead Wagon; Cow train limit +8


I would prefer, for game mechanics and historical issues (AoE 3 DE) that the technologies of the Peruvian revolution covered from the 1800s to 1870 :smile:

Would be cool if you would share them in the hopes of Devs seeing this. Because as Hoopthrower said Its surface level research and adding too much bonus to Revos makes imperial seem less practical.

I want Peru to be better than Chile and Gran Columbia or at least be on Even footing. Bolivar did help both after all.

Some time ago I made a concept of civilization that had the goal of including most of the Latin American nations of South America (in order to be inclusive and attractive to non-South American users).