(PETITION) Give hydra and jormun elver finally the models they deserve

you heard it right. i hope we see fenris like the big bad wolf we already see in the center of the screenshot worthy of its name but this brought my attention to hydra and jormungandr which also deserve a proper visualization after all those years. and i am a bit scared from what i saw in the video footage (despite looking awesome all around i think i saw hydra in the background and looking too similar to the original (and since we see other myth units get faithfully overhauled, i want to see this to these two myth units aswell.

  • so that hydra finally looks more like a menacing snake-like monster with many heads at the start (and not like a (kind of cool) dino who barely utilize the growing head mechanic)
    could start at 5 and if the opponent can’t kill the unit it heals back up and regrows heads. so every head shows like about 25% of the hydras health.

  • and jormungandr being finally the massive snake it should be, especially when we have more giant units like colossus and lorewise very giant units like leviathan in the game. one of THE most underwhelming units for me when i played AoM as a kid was the jormund elver (and also the fenris brood) i wanted to see the OG monsters since we got other OG myth units aswell so why we just get spawns of those damn cool creatures??
    AoM isn’t 100% lore accurate so why not resize jormungandr to make it a bit bigger than e.g. scylla, give it a insta-kill ship mechanic like the kraken and a melee attack similar to the war turtle.
    i mean fenris FINALLY seem to be the wolf unit he should be according to the screenshots. and phoenix and minotaurs get a pretty damn awesome and BIG glow up aswell. so pretty please consider looking at those units.

for design orientation:

how Hydra should kind of look like:

how jormungandr should kind of look (please, finally, no elver/brood things):

thats maybe less of a “petition” and more like a begging request. you guys have shown you can give myth units some awesome new glow up and i love your overall design direction. you can go creative with these untis but PLEASE adress these units and give them the attention they deserve too.

thanks for reading (that longer than anticipated text)


  • added my idea with the hydra-head mechanic to this post.
  • I thought about it and if you all guys want to stay with the hole elver/brood thing for jormun and fenris, I still hope they will get bigger (I mean fenris „brood“ finally seems to be bigger and having a cooler design according to the screenshot, I just hope jormun „elver“ will have these adjustments too. Being bigger even being an „elver“. And cooler looking than a watersnake with a „neck comb“. maybe that’s better than completely renaming and changing them.
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I just want to make a small contribution, did you know that hydras gain heads for each unit they kill until they reach 5? It’s their mechanic.

A problem that existed in the classic AoM was that hydras couldn’t be healed, so this “feature” was essentially useless because gaining damage (hydras gain damage for each head) was ineffective if you couldn’t heal and ultimately ended up dying.

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great! so you could start at 5 and if the opponent can’t kill the unit it heals back up and regrows heads. so every head shows like about 25% of the hydras health. (not that good at math)

so great you pointed that out, thank you. forgot to mention that suggestion. also still the design should be changed to resemble more a serpent than a dino.

I think that you didnt understand me.

In the original game (right now) Hydras start with 20 damage, when they kill one unit, Hydras obtain a second head and +20 damage.

This effect can be done 4 times, reaching 5 heads and 100 damage.

no don’t worry, i understood you correctly.

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Why delete your post? Discussions and different thoughts are very welcome. (even it doesn’t mean I have to change my opinion I value the opinions from others)

Must be because he didn’t read your post first and instead replied only to your topic title. He basically said that the fenris brood and the jormund elver are supposed to represents the monsters offspring and not the originals, which you already acknowledged.


Jormungandr or the Fenris wolf should be titans not normal generic myth units. It makes sense that you only train their broods in the game.

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Even if they are broods or offsprings of the original monsters, I still think they should be bigger. They just look underwhelming at the moment. The new Fenris brood does look a tad bit bigger than the original. Hopefully the elvers are bigger this time around.

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Hey guys :smile: I had now several more thoughts on this topic cause of several feedback here and elsewhere and I partly changed my mind.

  • since I read this now many times I finally agree with you guys regarding that the true fenris and especially jormungandr would be too strong and if they would be maybe better titans. You are right about that I think now.

  • but I still have the opinion and also heavily agree with the point that their spawn/brood/elver was too small and especially regarding the jormun elver too underwhelming (especially if you compare it too the other big naval myth age units) so I still hope and support the thought to change their size and partly style at least a bit - even it’s a jormun elver it doesn’t have to look/feel like a random watersnake >.<

  • regarding the hydra topic I thought about it too. Even I personally still like the idea of instead of resembling like +20 dmg, resembling like 20% health for each head and let them regrow via regeneration out of battle (so starting with 5 heads) is a more fitting way mythologically when we go that route. But I can see why ppl like the 1 head to 5 head and more dmg power mechanic. Even tho I still think their should be a regen passiv in some way.
    But my point still stays that hydra not only needs to, but has to look more like the total war counterparts cause it fits the creature way better (and since so many tell me that jormungandr and fenris are too strong - where I now agree with - they i think support this design change too if they want to be more “lore friendly”.
    The hole hydra thematic maybe has even more weight to it when I tell you guys i really liked the old hydra as a kid. Maybe cause it looked like a bronto and sounded like big Dino. But I got older and my perspective changed. I also saw what this talented team can do regarding design changes so I REALLY hope hydra looks and sounds now more like a giant mutated serpent and NOT like a big Dino-spawn.

Also thanks too all of you here for your feedback so far!

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Here is a side by side comparison of the old and new Fenris broods:

If I recalled correctly… the villagers are smaller than your typical military unit. And it seems as though the villagers on the left look bigger than the regular units on the right. Which probably means that if there were villagers shown on the right, it would look even smaller compared to the new Fenris broods.
Basically the left picture looks more zoomed in compared to the right. And despite it being slightly more zoomed in, the Fenris brood on the right still looks significantly bigger than the broods on the left.
Hopefully this is a good sign. Maybe the elvers will also be significantly bigger in the new game.

I think letting the hydra have 5 heads from the get-go could actually work. Just let it do minimum damage from the start and let it do more damage gradually each time it kills a unit without having to pop out a new head.

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okay i thought about this and @AoMRetoldTeam please just make it the following for these two units:

- let the hydra style be as it is since so many are fimiiar with this and yeah its kind of a cool mechanic with the growing heads. BUT PLEASE change the design - at least a bit. And also add some health regen to the hydra as an upgrade at least, please.

- regarding the jormund elver (as many corrected me - thanks for that btw) do what you want with the design but PLEASE make it bigger and change the attack away from a wadjet spitting attack.

i hope thats fine now. i can write you guys a ticket or on twitter since its something personal important for me.

i also hope Trimyth and my impressions are right about Fenris new lool regarding the screenshot <3

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Are you sure they couldn’t be healed? I don’t recall noticing when playing, but in the files (since at least the Gold edition) the unit is tagged as being able to be healed, so I can’t see any technical reason why they wouldn’t have been able to be healed.

In classical AoM, greeks only can heal units with a minor god that was incompatible with hydras.

I don’t know anymore if you could heal hydras via Restauration (Athena godpower) in classic AoM in EE you can heal hydra via the new unit (medic) 100%. But there is a way better mod which adds passiv heal and I think via upgrade a poison attack (or was it the passiv heal via upgraden i currently don’t remember correctly, I just remember I liked the mod and it made hydra way more viable + it just fits hydra really well)

They’re tagged as being able to be healed by Restoration, so it should have worked (unless the unit was hardcoded otherwise). Greeks can also capture a Healing Spring, which can heal units.