Player Reporting - What for?

Maybe I missed it somehow, but what is the purpose of player reporting? (besides hackers). If it’s for bad mouths, hasn’t the censorship fixed that?. Also what would reporting a player even do, let alone what would a justified action even be? Just looking for facts not hypotheses too btw. Haven’t found any clarification.


Reporting systems are a standard feature on online games for more than a decade now. It helps to maintain the interactions between players somewhat in a reasonable environment, as players that engage on toxic behavior with others can be punished for their disrespectful actions.

I think that in AoE2DE this aimed most for chat harassment, but there are also conducts such as purposefully leaving early on team games, hacking, abusing desync exploits, etc.

A proper report system has been long waited for this game, I’m eager to see how the upcoming one will functionate.


The censor has not fixed anything. It does not give us any way to report toxic behaviour and it censors the most ridiculous things.


It is true the chat has been getting worst, I wouldn’t rate myself being toxic to anyone besides a lil retaliation, just that I can see this going to extremes. (sjw style).

@HenryTheLion123 Each to their own, but to be intellectually honest here, you should change your name to HenryThePussyCat123.

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I think you mean **************** 11

We don’t want people using derogatory language, slurs, insults etc. ruining the game for other people. There shouldn’t be a problem with people swearing if they want to, it becomes an issue when it is used to hurt other people. If people are offended by profanity then they should make the censor optional.

These types of people need to be banned from the game, how long for is up to moderators to decide. A potential issue I see with this is there would need to be an active moderation team: if it’s automated then someone salty that they got rushed could just report their opponent and get them banned.


what s the penalty gonna be, @devs?

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chat abuse in general, which includes bad mouthing and spamming. yes censor did cover a part of chat abuse, but it does nothing about spamming, and also you can still use offensive words and sentences
and another purpose of reporting system is to find the players who are harassing other players, in a game like aoe2de, you have LOTS of ways to harass your teammates, you can wall in their base or resources, you can attack ground their units/buildings, you can tell your enemies what your teammate is planning or doing ( because you have ally vision ). or you can just purposely throw the game or leave the game. basically anything that ruins the game experience for other players in the match

as @dededoritos mentioned reporting systems are a standard feature on many online games, and their approach for punishing the reported player is to deny the player’s access to the multiplayer servers for an hour or a day or a week and more ( which can lead to account ban ) based on the amount of reports the player is receiving
and ofcourse they will have some methods to find out if a player should truly go under punishment or not, because anyone can use the report button and not everyone will use it correctly


thankyou for detailed reply, but I didn’t ask for hypotheses


well i mean this is not my hypotheses, these are facts about what are the reasons for having reporting systems and how they’ll work in any game
but i guess you meant you want the devs team to answer to your question, which in that case im sorry for replying

I don’t understand, you make a topic asking for clarifications on the purposes of a feature to be implemented. When answered, you hypothesize.

And further on claims that do not want hyptheses from the answers that you get.



aoe comminuty is kinnda mature, (reason is not important), as a casual gamer rarely i encountered bad behaviors, surly it exists to some extent, but it’s not at all a major (even minor) problem, people usually let it slide, but with reporting tool (and depend how it get implemented), it could have undesirable and irreversible effects,

as conclusion, if you gathered info and you know for sure it’s a problem, do it, but please ignore it if you are doing it just because everyone else done it.


You’ve never had to face players purposely running the game, hacking or harassing others. You are lucky, and it’s nice to see that not everyone has problems. But these problems exist and there 100% needs to be a moderation system. It’s not just “because everyone does it”.

That was my reason for the title dede, but as their isn’t any other article or update from the devs, I guess this has turn into a discussion. So knock yourself’s out now. :slight_smile:

Reporting removes the need of cencorship. I prefer that so we can speak like adults.


Considering how low opinion I have of other adults, I would rather we keep up it up. Especially since not everyone is an adult in the first place.

Age of Empires 2 is a game I played when I was a young teen, and I don’t see why we need to be gate keeping by assuming only adults want to play this game.

I find the rule breaks that we need to report completely clear with two exceptions. I’m not sure what “inactivity” refers to (are players going to be reported for not playing the game often enough???) … and I’m not sure what “other” refers to. How can we report players for rule breaks that aren’t on the rule list? What would “other” be?

I understand that “other” could refer to what’s in the Terms of Use … but when I looked in there I couldn’t find anything about “inacitivty” so are not all the rules written in the rules? Because unwritten rules can be problematic to say the least.

But anyway, besides “inactivity” and “other”, which I’m confused about, all the other reportable rule breaks seem clear to me.

Basically for reporting assholes who want to use computer games as a platform for abusing other people online. I am glad its being implemented.


like in league of legends, people that talk to make feel bad others should be muted for months

There is a real lack of sportsmanship in the game… for what reasons I don’t know. But I’m guessing that trolls want a cheap game they are “good enough” at to abuse others.

There is a difference between lashing out once in awhile when you have a bad game, then quitting. Then actually sitting there typing trash because you are winning (the worst behavior).

Should there be a censor? No. All it does is disallow people from defending themselves, enabling the troll to continue mocking etc, as he knows all the loopholes in the chat blocking system.

There are several reasons for which I think a player could be reported which immediately come to mind.

  1. AFK - They build an intentionally turtled base, stick villagers all over the map and then have a long period of inactivity wasting the opposing players time while they hunt down every last unit

  2. Griefing - In team games, your team mate walling your resources, stealing sheep, killing your boar and other things deliberately sabotaging your team.
    EDIT: I would probably add griefing as well to be walling villagers into the corner of the map or doing other such things to intentionally waste time once you’ve already lost

  3. De ranking - Well on to the way of winning a game, and then resigning. I had this happen to me twice yesterday in fact, where I was at that point where I knew I had lost, called GG, and then got beaten to the resign button by the opposing player. Most likely a deliberate de rank.

These are all examples I have seen in DE recently that have nothing to do with chat. Not every potential reportable offence needs to be outlined, a lot of it comes to ‘not being in the spirit of the game’. There isn’t a rule in tennis where the opposing player MUST attempt to hit the ball back over the net, but to not attempt to, or if you are over having a coffee while the game is on it’s not exactly a positive experience or look for the game or it’s players.