Players smurfing issue

I know this is an unpopular opinion or just ignored by the devs, but smurfs accounts are really starting to get on my nerves. At my elo (1800-1900), there is not a lot of players (about 600 when i’m at my normal elo) so there are higher chances that you play against a smurf account. This game really don’t need another problem like this one, we already have :

  • pathfinding issues
  • stupid villagers
  • terrible map generation

The thing is that it’s not even profitable since all these smurf accounts are from the family sharing option in steam, so you don’t have to buy the game again, a new email is all you need.



Recently i’ve played a few times vs the asians pros(Mr.Yo, Vivi…) who teamup with a low elo account. These accounts don’t look like real smurfs but if how is it fair, that 3.6k, 2.9k and 1.6k elo players get matched vs players with around 2.4k elo? Even if you take the average from these 3 guys they should get matched vs 2.7k players…and even this would be unfair, since they are premade and its pretty unlikelely that 3x 2.7k players can beat 2 pros.

I’ve never encountered so many times these guys before the elo change so i get the feeling that they get paid to boost this guy, or they want to absuse the system(guess they get quite some points for a win), which would be pretty pathetic for a pro.

I think there should be a certain range with whom you can play. A 3.6k elo player shouldn’t be allowed to queue up with such a low level account…and before people cry about not playing with your friend…how do you even expect to have good games if the elo difference between you is so high? It’s either you stomp or your mate gets clapped. If you want to play with your friend you can still open lobby’s…but ranked isn’t the way to go…

and if the dev’s won’t change this then they have at least let them face opponents only slightly below the highest guy. If the lowest guy isn’t really good this won’t be fun for him but nobody forces you to play RANKED with a guy who is like 20k ranks above you.

StrayDog already made a good Thread about this topic with proofs.

I knew from the beginning that this elosystem change would be the end of random teamgames. It is really 0 fun if you go into a game with the knowledge, that ur chance of winning is around 1%


That is a way the Chinese streamers make money. They play with sponsors or donors on thire stream. So basically who ever pays can play game with pros if the pros are not playing with friends or practicing with other pros. The donors are usually low elo. Thats why unbalanced team forms.


There is no reason at all to have a different elo for teamgames.
→ Elo in this game serves for the only purpose of matchmaking, there is no reason at all to split it in two elos: x1 and teamgames.
→ remove family shared accs from ranked games;
→ limit the scope of elo’s you can teammate with.

All team game elo problem solved if they implemented this three things.

Ran into this exact thing literally yesterday. By rating it was one 3700 player, two 3300 and one 1200 (with 5 wins obviously) in TG. Matched against a team with an average of 2400 or so. And it was clear the one with 1200 knew what he was doing too. I don’t think I need to elaborate on how the game ended.

For starters we need a reset for the teamgame ladder since the new rules make it much harder to gain elo compared to before (now reaching 3700 or similar would be impossible, the ratings would peak at about what 1v1 peaked, ~2500), would equalize a lot of the differences between old accounts and smurfs.

The resulting games would be much more balanced as well, because a 1700 that gained his TG rating after the revamp is much much much better than a 1700 person that gained his TG rating before the revamp.

In addition to that it would get rid of ~8 minute queue times that are frequently experienced in any match above 2700 rating. The difference between a 1000 elo and a 1700 elo player is enormous, meanwhile whether a player is 3000 or 3700 doesn’t change much in my experience,
so the extra 5 minutes wait time just to get the same quality of opponents doesn’t make sense.

If that doesn’t fix enough, then a ban on, I don’t know, the top 1000 players playing with people that are much below their rating. This way friends from different skill levels can still play with each other but pro abuse for rating won’t happen.

And for the 1v1 ladder, it’s just a part of the game sadly. If anything, I have been happy to play against a much better opponent because I can rewatch the recorded game and analyze all the rights and wrongs on both sides. It’s a nice learning experience.

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Maybe ban them from ranked?

how to ban yo and vivi and all top Chinese players. they helped expanding the aoe2 community I don’t think ms wanted to ban them.

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exactly, banning them would make so many people angry, including me

I wrote that several times but people keep saying “MEEEEEH i want to be able to play with my friend” obviously not understanding the system of ranked. Maybe just teach your friend this game then there won’t be a problem…

And now with their behaviour they are driving people away from this game so(Microsoft) tell them (chinese pros) to stop this and punish them if they won’t listen.

Where is the line? Can they also start cheating in the future just because they helped growing the community in the past?

I mean… a team Multiplayer game where you cant play with your friends is objectively garbage, there is simply no other way to put it.


What makes me angry is : we already suggested a way to compute the elo rating of the team to make this smurfing meaningless (or at least much less problematic) …
It has been suggested in another topic, and explained a lot of times, even before the last fix.

if we use the exponential average with delta = 500,
a team with 3k,3k,1k,1k will have a team rating above 2k5 instead of 2k.
a team with 4k,1k,1k,1k will have a team rating above 3k instead of 1750.
(we can even make it harder with delta lower than 500)

That way, if a team has 4 players around 2k, they will not play against a team with a 3k5 player in it.

This should anyway be combined with banning smurfs …

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Who said you can’t play with ur friend? Use quickplay or open a lobby. If he is bad you enjoy funmades probably more anyway.

Otherwise teach him the damn game. It’s pretty unlikely that people in this forum are all viper 2.0 and therefore having issues to get friends around the same level.

If you teach somebody the basics of the game he should improve enough to get a level CLOSE to you. Let’s not forget there isn’t even a number in this room, yet people like you complain about it.

But yeah let multiplay die, because people like you enjoy watching vivi stomp every game with their 1k elo buddys.

I’m seriously tired of argueing with people like you. I wouldn’t even be surprised if 90% of the people defending this or not realising how bad this is for the game barely play multiplayer.


Try joining a lobby with a high 1v1 elo. Or getting others to join it. Good luck, let me know how that went.

I’m not the one complaining. I have ran into pro smurfs. So what. I won’t run into them every game, so no need to cry about it.

Then play vs freaking AI? Why do you need to destroy the system of ranked games?

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Thanks for proving that you have no understanding of community building and maintenance.

Yeah sure, i’m the one who doesn’t understand it. Probably 90% of games with elosystem do something to prevent smurfing or at least punish obvious smurfing for a reason.

You see people complaining about this in this forum a lot as well but let’s not do sth. against it, so you can play with ur 500 elo buddy :smile:

There are days where you pretty much run every game into them, if you are unlucky…but sure, just because u don’t run into them so often it isn’t an issue.

Lets talk about egoism here

What kind of suggestion even is this? Might as well tell people to f off.

This suggestion makes it clear that you don’t use the lobby, ever.

If you bump into pro players sooooooooooo often that you need to cry about it here, why don’t you just git gud and get to a level CLOSE to pro players?

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Please read the other suggested solutions.

The system should NOT prevent friends to play together.

The issues are :
(1) some players have a low rating ON PURPOSE and these accounts should be taken care of.
(2) the calculation of the team rating is badly designed when there is high rating difference.

The solution we suggested solves completely (2) and lowers the effect of (1).


Is there even a point to answer this question? You can’t be that ignorant, lol

It helps sb. to improve a lot. People usually train vs AI before playing multiplayer anyway.

I haven’t used it that much, thats true. The time i used it, it worked out for me. If it’s so bad, then it needs an improvement.

I’m not talking about playing with friends together in general. I’m supporting the suggestion of having a limit between 2 elo players. Let’s say 1k elo for example, which is still a LOT but could still help. No 2.5k elo player needs to queue up with a 500 elo player. That is just bs.