Please add ranked soon or a more competent MMR system

I think almost every single game I’ve played so far. around 60ish.
It was always a stomp. never close.
I’ve only had like 6 good games where I managed to win by microing/macroing better.
The other 54 were hard stomps.

I want to play people my skill level. It’s really no fun just curb stomping people.
I actually get bored after 5 games of the same stomp.

It’s so hard to find a game where everyone is equal skill level.

edit: stomp in both directions. Either I get stomped or I stomp them.

Damn you must be like 55-3 or something then right? That would make you easily the best player on the ladder. You should stream you hard stomping Hera and Daut and Vortix and TheMista. You’d easily get tons of viewers playing like that. Oh yeah remember to sign up for the tourny too, ez $20k for you.

The game’s been out for 3 days dawg, MMR systems need time to adjust. It’s a process that takes weeks.

I mean, I’m a Plat-Diamond SC2 player so I’m probably better than the average rts player.

I just want a good game, with good back and forth.
Not. They harass me with 3 horsemen if they harass me at all, go 2 tc boom into no army. while they allow me to 3-4 tc boom into fast imperial with 0 harass, and when I do a timing push, they have no army, or can’t macro well enough to stop my first push.

I never said I’m the best, just that I want to play against plat-diamond level players. Not iron/bronze or actual pros.

Idk. SC2 had ranked and a decent mmr system from release. I never felt like there was a major skill differential after 10 games, because the mmr system put me into the slot where I belonged.

But in aoe4, I’ve basically gone on a 40game win streak, because my opponents literally don’t know how to play.

It’s not fun at all. I can’t even get better, because Idk where I went wrong, because I’m basically playing against bots.

Ok I find that very hard to believe. Post your match history. I’ve played SC2 at a Masters/Grand Master level for over 6 years and I went on a 6 game winning streak in AOE4 at which point I was being placed against players that were so insanely above my level that I couldn’t manage to compete. It took a 3 game loss streak before I won another game.

The MMR system overly-adjusted and inflated my MMR due to the that streak.

Furthermore, I’ve played Wings of Liberty on release, it was a mess, for the first month you would see old Brood War players in Bronze and Silver climbing through the rank shitting on brand new players like me. I would have my banelings kited by marines in Bronze.

I think there aren’t enough people playing with MMR long enough yet.

Other games like SC2 had more players on release and had a much longer beta.

Also the simple reason why there is no real ranked yet is because the game is not balanced yet.
They will make some major balance changes before the first season
And than they promised major balance changes for every following season.

The fact that you immediately went to masters/gm. Kind of sounds like a load of bs. lmfao.

Here’s a ss, too lazy to get the rest.
Granted I just play on all settings, but even in 1v1s or 2v2s It’s a stomp.

And sorry. I was probably one of those SC:BW players that stomped in Sc2.

I just want to play a close game. I should not have this many victories.

Dude come on those are 4v4s and 3v3s. Post your 40 match winstreaks in 1v1.

I feel like they don’t even have an MMR system.

And oof. I think they should still release a ranked mode with some semblance of equal skill regardless of how unbalanced things are.

I just want to grind a rank and get better and have some actual fun, But as it is atm, I’m so bored.

Maybe if you post your SC2 GM rank lmfao

Is this just shitposting at this point? I’ve never said I was GM. I’ve been Masters for over 9 seasons though but I regularly got matched against GMs.

You make an outrageous claim that you have a 40 match winstreak but you don’t even show up on the leaderboards. Age of Empires IV Leaderboards - Age of Empires


Post your masters then.

Give me a minute UKlguFE

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I Can’t believe you actually won 40 match.

I’d formally like to invite you to choke on my b…


Now post your 40 match 1v1 winstreak that somehow doesn’t show up on the leaderboards.


Guy, friend, bro, the game just came out. People are still figuring the game out. I’ve been stomped many times because I keep trying weird stuff; asking myself, huh, will this work? Some civs are much harder to properly play in 1v1.

play 10 automatch 1vs1, after that tell me if you stomp every game xD

Custom games doesn’t have MMR

He went from replying every 2 minutes to going completely silent :slight_smile: I wonder why.