Please buff Russia, the win rate is extremely poor at all levels

In 1800elo, the civilization score of Russia is only F, and the winning rate is very low. Russia should be strengthened


I mained them and then they made villagers spawn slower and removed eco theory. They’ve added eco theory back in but Russia is still sub-par, they simply need to revert the spawn rate nerf, keep the late-game buffs, and slightly nerf some of the stronger civs to fix balance for good.


“Ok we will nerf Russia again next patch.”

I main Russia before but I only use them for fun now.

I don’t understand what you based that graph on, the last nerf they did to Russia was fair, it could easily stay at age 2 by harassing its rival, practically the boyars’ card was almost to pass their units to veterans, really yes Russia wants to boom villagers in Team games had it too easy with “Medicine” and the 3 TCs

I just think they should keep 15% of the boyars in the oprichniki even improve it a bit by giving it 1 + range which is base without the card



It is updated every day and contains a lot of elo winning percentages。

Last year, people complained that Russia was too oppressive in teamgame. Do you know what was the argument for that ?

Russia definively needs a buff, but if we do not account for what made them oppressive in teamgame, they will probably get nerfed back right afterward.

At present, in 1400+elo, Malta, Russia, and Ethiopia’s winning percentages are all lower than 45%, and they must be changed. Secondly, the Inca, Portugal, and the Netherlands also have a very close to 45% winning percentage. They are also worthy of attention.


What I don’t understand is something were existed since vanilla AOE3 without any problem, but needed to be nerfed after DE, such as Oprichniks siege attack, card eco theory, card Boyars.

Seems no matter how hard dev is nerfing this bottom civ, some people are still not satisfying and complaining why do they remain bonus.


A big problem is in how frustrating Russia is to play against late game, because of Oprichniki. If you don’t look for one second as you’re dealing with the swarm of Streltsy or musketeers, a group of Oprichniki is swarming your base and killing your eco in no time at all, while youre scrambling to assemble a defence against it.

It used to be even worse, when cav box was a thing and you would have a tiny running nuke that nearly oneshots buildings. God, that was dreadful.


I wouldn’t trust that 1800+ elo stats just yet. Need another week of data at least. Your point will probably still stand though.

So people didn’t have Oprichniks problem for 18 years but only DE.

People after 18 years later don’t know how to solve a unit that existed from vanilla after DE created so many OP stuffs.


not didnt have a problem but cant do anything about it since the game wasnt updated for all that time

Thats like saying haud and otto was fine before DE

Tbh what russia just kinda need is a way to pivot after an age 2 attack, currently their win con is outright rush, drawn out age 2 or FI.

If their opponent manages to age then russia has a hard time catching up

Hunts being better also doesnt serve russia well

Bring back low hunt maps and russia will be back in a heart beat (thar dessert)

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Do we have Russia on Aoe3DE? I had never noticed

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I don’t think russia need much of a buff if at all, it’s worth noting that in the sunbros stats it’s mainly high elo or at least not showing low elo games IIRC and the devs balance for all levels. Maybe if we see 800-1100 elo range russia is S tier? Certainly lower level players have always struggled vs any civ which rushes and/or raids.

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this graph is a small part of a huge grid and data spreadsheet from the SUNBROS discord server that pulls ranked games directly from the game files and inputs the results into the grid. it only adds games that last longer than 4 minutes and from people who are within 100 elo of each other and over at least 1100 elo. this particular screenshot was taken from a grid that only allows 1800+ elo matches, not 1100. this graph in the photo combines win-rates with matchups and a couple other formulas and assigns civilizations a score out of 100 where 75 points is an average perfectly 50/50 balanced civilization. russia ranks low on pretty much all the graphs it has across every elo range, but not SUPER low either


The discussions generally about Russia are always a bit confusing for me.

The one part thinks about Russia that they are ridiculous OP because low elo players cant really create a timing or a solid defense and the other part is just thinking yeah Russia is a solid civ but has a lot of bad match ups and is just not a really good Civilizations for Quick-Search.

Because basically if you complain about Russia then idk, maybe stop playing Multiplayer, get a better scouting on and get a overview how you can beat Russia. The fault is obviously and probably more near to yourself because Russia does not have any gimmicky part in his game play. Its just a legacy civ with effective Units and can scale very good through cheaper and faster vills eco wise. They don’t have an single OP unit, they lack early on Tempo a lot and Russia Strategy’s for an solid FF or Semi-FF are more or less not really existent in the current Meta. Also with Russia at some point you just hardly can win fights because your Units are always weaker compared to other armys or Units. Russia was also hurts a lot compared to Nilla, TAD since Maps got reworked and any player has mostly enough safe hunts and coin mines.


actdually the 1800+ stats were so sparse we just deleted it entirely for lack of usable data. out of 13 thousand games currently in the graph, less than 500 were 1800 elo plus, and there are 253 different civ matchups in this game, with 22 being unusable because they are mirror matches (aztec vs aztec for example)

i will argue again for the 1100 elo range, as we have since discovered that this accounts for roughly 33% of ranked matches, meaning this grid is taking the top 1/3rd of the competitive player base, which seems reasonable enough to me given that we have 13,000 matches of data


where did you get this data?

Have a look here:

Totally agre.
Russia need buff.

Strelez need more range. They are counter of some units but they can not counter becouse no range (for example WW hit & run and win vs stre).

Then the nerf on vills is no sense. It must be fix as it was before.